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"directly from the heart"  performed by the innocents  1982
Recommended by kohl [profile]

rather obscure band. a good intro, sharply delivered lyrics, very catchy chorus. a kind of post-punk vibe.

from the innocents

  jessicajholcombe: I would love to hear more of this song. Do you know where I can purchase the album or download the music?
"feels like heaven"  performed by fiction factory  1984
Recommended by kohl [profile]

great song. uplifting and catchy. the intro itself is sheer new wave goodness. makes you happy, makes you dance. one perfect 80s tune.

available on CD - throw the warped wheel out

  Mike: Nice to see this one here - great piece of 80s Scottish pop. It was recently re-used with comically altered lyrics in a UK tv advert.
"i wanna destroy you"  performed by the soft boys  1980
Recommended by kohl [profile]

genius. from the guitar fueled intro, the clever lyrics and overall catchy tune. it could, but doesn't sound dated at all.

available on CD - underwater moonlight

"make me smile (come up and see me)"  performed by steve harley & cockney reject  1975
Recommended by kohl [profile]

this song is brilliant. lyrics quite catchy and fun and the tune is simply great. a nice combination of a music style you just don't seem to hear anymore with lyrics you could almost laugh at, but don't, because it could happen. simply great.

available on CD - best years of our lives

  plasticsun: This is a great song - especially Steve Harley's ridiculously affected vocals!
  popgoestheculture: I absolutely adore Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel!, I think the song 'Man it Was Mean' is my favourite.
"no-one can hold a candle to you"  performed by raymonde
Recommended by kohl [profile]

immediately catchy--from the intro to the at first lazy, then stronger vocals. the lyrics themselves are quite interesting; could easily be dismissed as a 'nice' song but there certainly is something else in there. all in all, a great little tune. not sure of the year though (early 80s?) so someone might shed some light here.

available on CD - babelogue

"stop killing me"  performed by the primitives  1988
Recommended by kohl [profile]

one step away from twee pop, or whatever it's called these days. lyrics are interesting enough. vocals are tolerable, music is catchy and uplifting. the whole album is, without it becoming extremely sugary.

available on CD - lovely

12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan  performed by Red Meat
Recommended by snoodlededoogans [profile]

country shuffle with fiddles and down-home vocal harmony. short humorous track about summertime heat. catchy, easily repeatable without getting bored/sick of. near the top of my current favorites playlist and has been for weeks. it's available online at dmusic and FREE. if u aint heard it and like broad yourself a favor and download it now. u won't be disappointed. their other tracks are as good!

A Machine To Break Your Heart  performed by Henning Ohlenbusch  2005
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Can't get this song out of my head. The whole album is full of 'em but this is the one that's currently driving me nuts. I thik it's about the end of the world, but I'm not sure.

from Looks Like I'm Tall (Rub Wrongways Records RWOD31)

Aishite Aishite Aishite  performed by Hatsune Miku
Recommended by Hartfairy [profile]

This song sounds a bit chaotic with various instruments and dubstep playing in the background, but the vocals are very nice to listen to and the beat is very catchy.

All Men Play On Ten  performed by Manowar  1985
Recommended by rum [profile]

There is something magic about a song like �All Men Play On Ten� in this post-Spinal Tap Metal world. Such an earnest rock anthem, in such an irony saturated market� You�ve got to have respect for Manowar. Is it a mark of defiance or of ignorance and stupidity? Hard to tell. Maybe both. But then this song is essentially about doing things their own way, and not listening to anybody. So who cares anyway? Well, it�s worth listening to Eric Adams for 4 minutes at least. He has a message for us all. He�s no puritanical, know-it-all, he�s a reformed character preaching a rock�n�roll gospel. Believe it or not brothers, he too has fallen. There was a time when he did it for the money, yes that�s right, he sold his soul to the loud music-hating devil. And the devil said hmmm Mr Adams, for your money I have some things I need you to do for me, adjustments as it were. Eric said, well okay, what do you suggest? The devil demanded that he turn down his amps, �why be proud, don�t play so loud, be like us and get a sound that�s real THIN�. OK, I reckon I could do that, just a bit, said Eric, a little put out. But the demands didn�t end there, Eric was pinched and plucked for his silver dollar, �wear a polyester suit, act happy, look cute, get a haircut and buy small gear.� And inevitably it all got too much. Eric�s no pigeon weaver, and he got real mad, and he turned to the devil and said, �HOLD IT, RIGHT THERE!� And good for him. For this is a great track. Very catchy.

from Sign Of The Hammer

  frmars: Tried your recommandation. Very poor music. Erased it.
  rum: hmmm... such a painfully earnest rock comment, in such an irony saturated market. I think you may have missed the point somewhat. Lighten up kid, and broaden your scope.
alla luce del giorno  performed by ennio morricone  196?
Recommended by olli [profile]

a catchy organ riff and some duh duh's just one of those fun obscure mid sixties soundtrack songs. sounds like a cheesy party sequence, although i've never seen the film it originates from.
good clean fun. Actually i was surprised when i found out morricone originally wrote this, because some cheap dance/pop bill (can't remember who right now)had a hit wich borrowed heavily from this sometime during the mid-to late nineties... why is it that every time something catchy pops in top 40-music, it turns out to be borrowed from one of the old masters?

available on CD - mondo morricone

Always You (Single Version)  performed by The Sundowners  1968
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

To me this is certainly a pinnacle of pure late 60s sunshine pop. Composed by pop genius Roger Nichols the timeless, idealistic lyrics were written by Tony Asher (who wrote most of the lyrics with Brian Wilson on Pet Sounds) not by his regular partner Paul Williams. Sunshine pop hardly gets any sunnier than on this track: great production, strings galore, Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies, great bassline & trumpet and catchy as hell with it's uplifting chord progressions throughout. While the album version (recently included on the highly recommended "The Get Easy! Sunshine Pop Collection") is good already, the single version is just crisper, lusher, just perfect.

from Captain Nemo (Decca)
available on CD - The Get Easy! Sunshine Pop Collection (Universal)

  delicado: I have to agree. What a beautiful track! Very similar to the Small Circle of Friends record, but perhaps even better! I just have the version from the compilation; I'll try and track down the single.
  eftimihn: Delicado, you have the single version already, it's the one on my Roger Nichols compilation, i just somehow forgot to mark it as the single version. The single is clocking in at 2:18, the album version runs 3 minutes.
  delicado: Cool; I'll listen again. This track is sure to make it onto one of my comps; surely it could make a soft pop fan out of anyone!
  tinks: great album, and a horrendously overlooked group..."dear undecided" is the best beatles song that the beatles never recorded.
  Major Minor: I agree this is the best version... I think it's the same one that's on the "Sunshine days" compilation.... The one on Captain Nemo isn't awful or anything, but the orchestral intro does go on a bit...
Anyway  performed by Barbara Lewis  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Barbara Lewis was famous earlier in the sixties for 'Hello Stranger.' This is simple, soulful pop music with a very cool production: crisp drums and nicely orchestrated woodwind on top of rhythmic guitars. Somehow the charm of the recording overrides any feeling that the chord sequence is slightly obvious. Barbara's voice is beautiful here: emotional, yet understated. A small female choir comes in to accompany her at various points. The song is remarkably tight and catchy, with a prominent bass part driving it on. The producer at Stax for this record was Ollie McLaughlin, and I'm now looking out for more stuff that he worked on.

from Many Grooves of Barbara Lewis, available on CD (Stax)

  Arthur: Ollie McLaughlin was a prolific producer. Look out for 45's on the Carla and Karen labels. They where both his labels
At Once You Fall In Love  performed by Birgit Lystager  1970
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Birgit Lystager is incredible, a Danish cross between Astrud Gilberto and Karen Carpenter with really artily written and composed pop songs. It's hard to choose just one tune from this magnificent and scarce album, but I'm often unable to get that "Eyes and hair and legs, oh what a sight/She's a flash of light in darkest night...." chorus out of my head for days at a time. To the above two chanteuses I might also add a dash of Joni Mitchell because of the conversational lyrics and melodic savoir-faire (maybe I should also mention Francoise Hardy right about here as well!). The arrangement is lush and expansive with more than a hint of Bacharach (whose "Another Night" is covered spectacularly on the same album). All this is already more than enough, but lovely Birgit also opted to go the extra mile and pose stark naked on the gatefold LP cover, tastefully exhibiting her considerable assets. (Heh heh, he said "assets.") In any event, this song, and the album it comes from, would be completely brilliant no matter what she looked like. Extremely hard to find, but WELL worth the search. I recommend Soulseek.....

from Ready To Meet You (Artist)

  criz: Yes, we are talking about a real rare album, worth searching for. Filled with unexpected chords and abosutely anti-typical for that era of Danish popular-music, or should I state it: Compromise-lessness. Compared to Bacharach's music, I myself find the pieces on this album more sophisticated - not saying that Bacharach finds the "easy way out!" "I'm Waiting For A Bus", the opening tune of the album is truly my favourite. May I also recommand the Birgit-album "Love's Labyrinth", also worth a search. Here you will find Elton John's break-through "Your Song" in a version of international class, among other fine pieces. Arrangements made in the same style as Ready To Meet You. And yes, also with a nice-looking picture on the cover. Go look for it - but not in my house!
  tempted: You guys share my thoughts on this 100%. A friend of mine from Stockholm made me a copy of Ready To Meet You just at the doorstep of summer '01. That summer I barely spent a day without enjoying that record. I'd been a passionate fan of 60's soft pop and psych (and Bacharach) but had never heard anything like Birgit Lystager. The adventurousness of the compositions and the colour of Birgit's voice are what sets this record totally apart from other stuff from that era. It's great that you guys have found this, too!
  tempted: ...but please guys, if you have until know somehow managed not to get a glimpse of the cover of Ready To Meet You then don't. It will shatter every pretty thought that you may have about the chanteuse. It's totally rude. But this is just my opinion...!
  criz: Latest news...In Denmark a 7-CD-set has just arrived, with 76 Birgit Lystager-tunes, including the two English albums - and very fair priced. Have a look at - and be guided to the places to buy it on the internet (link-page). Just a recommendation from one who knows!
Autostrada per Los Angeles  performed by Bruno Nicolai  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

For me, this perhaps the absolute apex of the much-admired Italian 'Easy Tempo' series of compilations (it's on Volume 8). The formula is similar to other tracks I've recommended - a sexy wordless vocal, a light bossa beat, some strings. But that really doesn't tell the story! The chord sequence is extremely catchy and uplifting. This is a truly incredible three minutes.

from Femme Instabili, available on CD ()

  VataMcPortaltech: ohhhh that is nice the 60s were ruled style wise by scorpio (1958-1972)so its the sexiest musical period.
Baby, what's your plan?  performed by The Electric Shocks  2002
Recommended by lpeditor [profile]

I've got to admit, I'm in this band. It's a throwaway 2 minute punk rock song. Hopefully you'll agree it's got some energy to it and some charm in the many lead line mistakes and catchy chorus. We tried to keep the production as lo-fi and lively as possible - but it's a problem finding a recording studio and engineer that properly understands what's required. It's been likened to the Undertones (down to Dan's voice) and Stiff Little Fingers. I think it's kind of like the Ramones - probably because of the rhythm guitar part I play in the verse. If you like it, find out more about the band at

Baila Chibiquiban  performed by Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc.  197?
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A very catchy and percussive hard funk track by Nico Gomez. Electric guitars, a chanting vocal chorus, and an enormous beat. It's wild and relentless and utterly seductive.

from Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc (Omega)

Best Adventures  performed by THINKMAN aka RUPERT HINE  1986
Recommended by beautifulmutant [profile]

From the 1986 concept album "The Formula" by Rupert Hine, this is an excellent mid-eighties dnace number which received no radio or MTV rotataion but deserved to. Highly dancable, cool, European and memorable. Rupert Hine is famous as a producer for badns such as The Fixx, Howard Jones, Tina Turner, Eight Seconds, Rush, Stevie Nicks and more...
Don;t let that throw you off though. His solo material is ofetntimes very dark, futuristic, apocolyptic and just plain catchy.

from The Formula (Island)

  ntrembat: I loved the song production (if not the lyrics) and, after watching the video over and over on MTV in '86 (black, paramilitary vans racing around for some forgotten reason), raced out to buy the tape. The rest of the album was really bad. Can't find it on iTunes.
big trucks  performed by pedro the lion  1998
Recommended by complacentbasement [profile]

this song is written as a dialogue between father and son. and no, it's not actually about big trucks (or tonka trucks, which is too bad, because a song about tonka truks would be pretty damn sweet). the words are phenominal. any son of a father will be able to relate to this song. maybe even girls too.

from it's hard to find a friend (jade tree jt1063)

Blown a Wish  performed by My Bloody Valentine  1991
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Considering how much I like this track, I'm surpised I didn't recommend it earlier. To me this is the standout from the band's seminal 1991 album 'Loveless'. To MBV fans, this track might seem an obvious one to recommend, but I think it sums up their appeal very well, with its beautiful ambient noises and simple but catchy melody. MBV's trademark use of weird echoey effects on the vocals and guitars is in full effect, and it's quite beautiful.

from Loveless, available on CD (Creation)

  Genza: Agreed. My Bloody Valentine are a funny band. A lot of their (undoubtedly too short) back catalogue is either over-rated, unlistenable or over-rated. And this is from a confirmed 'fan'. Still, most of the bands I adore wouldn't have turned on the digital delay pedals without Kevin Shields, so I have something to be eternally grateful for. And Blown a Wish remains my closest call with pop perfection. Slightly warped and ill-at-ease, it is an almost unspeakably beautiful track. It still makes me ache in the pit of my stomach when I hear it.
  sinister: the sonic approximation of a kiss. i don't know. that's what this song gives me. the thrill of a first kiss. every time i hear it.
By Design  performed by Big Sky  2003
Recommended by deese411 [profile]

Guitar-driven original pop-rock single with intellegent lyrics and catchy hooks.

from By Design

California Waiting  performed by Kings of Leon  2003
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song grabs you and doesn't let go. Catchy, melodic and flowing... It's very hard not to listen to this song without bobbing your head along with it. The slurred southern drawl of the lead singer, and the sparkly melody really put you in a specific place and time. A very cool track, and one that's perfect for drinking to.

from Youth and Young Manhood (RCA)

cannibal  performed by ke$ha
Recommended by ashley14 [profile]

this song is weird but so catchy! and it can mean something else if u know what i mean haha

Caravan  performed by Husky Rescue
Recommended by urbangee [profile]

Groovy, sexy, catchy--give it try.

available on CD - Ghost is not Real (Catskills UK)

Carcara  performed by Nancy Ames  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A great track, sung in spanish by Nancy Ames. It opens with pulsating horns, a wall of strings and an insistent latin beat. Everything quietens down in the middle, and Nancy sings accapella before the song explodes into action again. The way the brass, strings, flute, bossa guitar and fiery pop vocals are all crammed into two minutes is pretty cool. The whole thing is extremely catchy and intoxicating.

In 2004 this album, along with Spiced with Brasil, finally made it onto CD.

from Latin Pulse (Epic)
available on CD - Latin Pulse/Spiced With Brasil (Collectables)

Casino Royale  performed by 18th Century Corporation  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is a rather ridiculous but super–catchy take on this theme to the 1967 spoof Bond movie. Performed by German session musicians, it ends up being a rather groovy mix, with viola d’amore, flute, female wordless vocals, harpsichord, and that other staple of the Baroque era, funky drums. It’s short and sweet and really very cool. The late sixties were cool for many reasons, but one of them is that they could accomodate TWO albums called 'Bacharach Baroque' - this one, and the other great Snuff Garrett-produced one by 'The Renaissance'. Both are superb.

from Bacharach Baroque (United Artists)

  leonthedog: I found the entire "Bacharach Baroque" album superb! The "baroque" is not overdone. The arrangements are very pleasing - better than most of the hundreds of instrumental takes on Bacharach that surfaced in the 60's and early 70's. So where can I find more by the ephemeral "18th Century Corporation"?
Catolé  performed by Orquestra Jean Kelson  1965
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is a jazzy, haunting track from an LP I bought in Brazil last year. I've tried hard to find information about Jean Kelson, but the only mention I've found (other than those I've made myself) is in one of Ed Motta's excellent archived radio shows at his official site ( Ed plays a different track from this album, Munganga.

Catolé sounds musically like a variation of Baden Powell's classic 'Berimbau', and opens with an incredibly catchy refrain featuring piano, percussion and trumpet. Gentle male voices then come in and flesh out the melody. The entire album is great. I wonder what the chances are of it coming out on CD...

from Berimbau e Bigorrilho (Copacabana CLPS 21012)

Cavaleiro Andante  performed by Abilio Manoel  1970
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

This song is simply unreal. It starts out in a kind of 4/4 samba groove with a highly prominent cuica and a funky strummed acoustic guitar chord progression before the super-catchy pizzicato-violins riff comes in, and Abilio's mellow voice singing the melody. It's sunshiney and catchy, with a bit of a haunting aftertaste, very Brazilian. I can never hear this song enough times!! Abilio Manoel is a Sao Paulo-based singer-songwriter from the late-60s-70s (still active) who wrote a few moderate hits without attaining even a Marcos Valle level of popularity. Good for Marcos, since Abilio's work would have caused me a few sleepless nights if I were him. And both on the same label, too! Abilio's stuff is hard to find, but very worth the effort.....I've already given Dusty Groove the heads-up about the CD....

from Pena Verde (Odeon)
available on CD - 20 Sucessos (EMI Brazil)

  delicado: sounds great; I look forward to checking it out!
Charlotte Anne  performed by Julian Cope  1988
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I heard this again today for the first time in a while; I still think it's one of the best pop songs written in the 80s. The production is smooth and slightly spooky, and the repetitive tune which continues in the background throughout the song makes it even more catchy. The words are rather stirring, and Julian is as enchanting a vocalist as ever.

from My Nation Underground (Island)
available on CD - Floored Genius (Island)

Cola Bottle Baby  performed by Edwin Birdsong  1979
Recommended by olli [profile]

Great weirdofunk song, it demonstrates best aspects of the sound of the seventies turning into the eighties. The insanely catchy bloop-twang bassline was sampled by Daft Punk for HarderBetterFasterStronger, but this is a gem in its own right. Five minutes and ten seconds go by amazingly fast when i'm listening to this baby.

available on CD - sampled vol 3

Come Back Suzanne  performed by Bill Wyman  1981
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A surprisingly accurate slice of new wave from Wyman,s solo album which contained his only hit "Je Suis un Rock Star" ,this was the follow up.While the Stones moved towards an increasingly stodgy over produced sound at this time ,Wyman was happy to acknowledge the prevalent new wave sounds ."Suzzane" is an upbeat and catchy vignette not a million miles away from Squeeze,s "Cool for Cats".This confirms a lot of peoples opinions that Wyman was always the most quirky and inventive Stone.

from Stone Alone An Anthology
available on CD - Stone Alone

Comes And Goes (In Waves)  performed by Greg Laswell  2008
Recommended by ProfoundManifesto [profile]

This is a really catchy and kind of sad song.

available on CD - Three Flights From Alto Nido (Vanguard)

Dansero  performed by Richard Hayman  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

The album that this track is taken from was one of those strange albums that acquired mythical status in my mind. Based on a mixture of rumor and personal imagination (I could never actually find a copy), I convinced myself that this must be the coolest album ever made, a perfect fusion of moog, latin and mod sounds. A few years later I picked up the album very cheaply on ebay. Beautiful and interesting as it is, many of the tracks go slightly over the line for me.

'Dansero' is the only track on the LP that captures the blend that I was looking for. It's nice and short at under 3 minutes, and features a delightfully kooky introduction that sounds like the Jean-Jacques Perrey moog flourishes that the group Stereolab sampled on their 'Transient Random Noise Bursts...' album. The drums and moog then join up for a nice pop instrumental, catchy and bouncy. Different moog effects are piled on, but always quite effectively, making this one of the most enduringly successful moog-pop tracks in my collection.

from Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine (Command)

Daybreak  performed by Best Of Friends  1970
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Had it been released under different circumstances, this song might have been one of the enduring soft-rock classics of the early 70s. It's got a catchy, haunting melody and one can easily imagine it charting alongside Bread or Seals And Crofts or whoever.

Best Of Friends were essentially the East Coast-based songwriting/guitar duo of Bing Bingham and Joe Knowlton. I'm not sure how, but Eumir Deodato and legendary bossa nova producer Roberto Quartin took a shine to them and recorded this album for Brazilian release on Quartin's eponymous experimental label of the early 70s. The album even features Dom Um Romao on drums. It's actually a straight-forward pop-rock album of its era, with little to no Brazilian overtones. This same duo would later make an album on RCA as "Joe And Bing."

This title track was also covered by Astrud Gilberto on her 1972 "Now" LP, arranged by (coincidence?) Mr. Deodato himself....

from Daybreak (Quartin)

Daymaker  performed by Bob  1990
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Absolutely cracking track. I was nuts for this back in 1990 when it came out and recently rediscovered it. A really nice mix of guitar driven pop, excellent Beach Boys influenced vocals and catchy, shuffling beat. Just a great track. Bob are a hard band to track down stuff by because their name is so generic. But you can listen to it (and all their releases actually) at their site -

from Stride up EP (House of Teeth)

Deceptacon  performed by Le Tigre  1999
Recommended by dedismo [profile]

Melds punk, new wave and hip hop into a seemingly cute package. Although I'm not all into riot girl, or angry girl music, this is an exception. Bikini Kill's frontwoman Kathleen Hanna has very well written lyrics. The whole album is something to check out. So... check it out.

from Le Tigre (Mr. Lady)

  daidai: aren't deceptacon the 'evil' transformers? i have to agree with you, this song is wonderful.
  umbrellasfollowrain: If I hear this song on the dancefloor, I go nuts. Absolutely nuts. The only other song that can make me reach that height of sweaty bliss is Blur's "Girls and Boys".
Deep Down  performed by Christy  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I'm surprised to find I haven't recommended this song before. An enchanting piece of futuristic pop written by Ennio Morricone, this great tune was part of the score for the wonderfully stylish Mario Bava movie 'Danger: Diabolik'. Christy, who also sung on some Piero Piccioni scores, was (is?) a heartfelt 'belter', and here she sings the italian lyrics, which are peppered with English phrases, especially passionately. There is a cool echoey effect on her voice, giving the whole affair an other-worldly, underwater feel. Musically, it's a very catchy psych-pop track, with a twangy, rocky guitar. It's quite short, but extremely powerful.

from the single Deep Down
available on CD - Canto Morricone Vol. 1 (Bear Family)

  leonthedog: This "Canto Morricone" volume sent me on a frantic chase for so many things; most rewarding was the "Danger: Diabolik" soundtrack. (The movie is a hoot and quite a bargain, too.) Mina... Spaak... Miranda Martino... Rita Monico... and what about Ken Colman? "Trio Junior"??? This CD will infect you, so you'd better just go get it!
  delicado: I realize it has been almost 10 years since I wrote this - but just to throw it out there - this track really is absolutely amazing!
Distant Shores  performed by Chad and Jeremy  1966
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A beautiful piece of soft pop. Ok, it's corny - the chord sequence is kind of soppy and the lyrics are kind of obvious, but the arrangement and singing are so lovely that I can listen to this song again and again. Opening with a catchy picked acoustic guitar riff, the arrangement soon thickens with with a full orchestra. The singing is deadly serious and amusingly precious throughout the song, and the orchestral arrangement, heavy on oboes and flutes as well as strings, is anything but hip. Still, the song’s simplicity and innocence are really quite charming. I never really got into any of Chad and Jeremy's other songs nearly so much as this one, so any recommendations for similar songs would be welcome. Do me a favor and listen to this and tell me if I’m crazy to love it so much.

from Distant Shores, available on CD (Columbia)

  tempted: Oh yes, it is pure gold. I can recommend anything by The Left Banke, Scott Walker, Margo Guryan, New Colony Six, Sagittarius, The Millennium... Gary Usher from the last two mentioned was the producer on many of C & J's songs.
Do I Scare You  performed by Shakespear’s Sister  1996
Recommended by OneCharmingBastard [profile]

One of the finest moments of she-glam ever, Siobhan Fahey's long-buried-but-about-to-be-unearthed-for-reconsideration third Shakespear's Sister record has many harrowing moments of brilliance, but none moreso than "Do I Scare You". Opening with a swirl of Eastern-cum-goth keyboards, boasting "there goes the year/in doctors bills and sleeping pills", Fahey's voice squeaks, snipes, and snarls throughout, ultimately climaxing on the verge of pumping lyrical lead into a deserving partner (and listener) by the final bridge. I can't think of a celebrity meltdown on disc that was ever this catchy.

from Shakespear's Sister (SF)
available on CD - The Best Of Shakespear's Sister (London/Warner)

Don’t Let Me Down  performed by The Chainsmokers
Recommended by sarahggates [profile]

It's catchy af

Don’t Let Me Down  performed by The Chainsmokers
Recommended by sarahggates [profile]

It's catchy af

Dragostea Din Tei  performed by O-Zone
Recommended by ladyfelicity [profile]

Romanian pop. Very catchy, upbeat, with trendy romantic lyrics.

Duel  performed by Propaganda  1984
Recommended by Mike [profile]

More first rate synthesizer music from the 1980s. The album also features a remixed/re-recorded version "Jewel". Catchy. Unfortunately this line-up only recorded this one "proper" album plus an album of remixes before splitting up. The album is excellent almost throughout, the band's slightly artsy aesthetic conveyed lyrically and through mixing atmospheric chordal writing, inventive instrumentation/production and some almost industrial-sounding beats. Kraftwerk were never remotely this musically interesting. Propaganda were also better looking...

from A Secret Wish, available on CD (ZTT)

  audioadventures: Another one of my all time favourites. The extended 12" is outstanding.
Eloise  performed by The Damned
Recommended by elfslut [profile]

Here is a song that was done better when it was covered. This is a non-lp track, that the damned did in the mid 80's. Not only is it catchy, but you can't help but love the haunting voice of Dave Vanian.

from Light at the End of the Tunnel

  inbloom44: The Damned at their best.
Et si en plus y’a personne  performed by Alain Souchon  2005
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Corny, repetitive (as Souchon/Voulzy music always is), yet very good.

Atmospheric, thoughtful, catchy.

Execution Song  performed by Johnossi
Recommended by botulismthebrat [profile]

Catchy post-grunge tune, with a unique tone.

from S/T

Extraordinary Machine  performed by Fiona Apple  2003
Recommended by Don_Los [profile]

This is the title track from Fiona Apple's unreleased album, "Extraordinary Machine." This song does not sound like anything I have heard from her before. To best describe the music, I would say that it sounds like a soundtrack to a children's bed time story. The lyrics are creative and the melody is very catchy. Sadly, since Sony won't release this album, pick up this track (and the rest of the album) from the net. Sorry that I could not describe this song better (I don't know the names of the exact instruments used in the song), but trust me, this is a very interesting listen and a really good song.

from Extraordinary Machine
available on CD - No.... (Sony)

  anakinskywalker: i like how you described it as soundin like a "soundtrack to a children's bed time story"..... when my brotherwas trying to desribe this song, he said that it sounds like a five year old girl should be singing it.
Five Colours in her Hair  performed by McFly  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

It's funny. It's quite catchy. It's, um, loud and happy.

  jeanette: Yeah, you gotta love a bit of McFly. And the single came out on 7" picture disc too, which shows a bit of effort.
  olli: no offense, but it sounds pretty bland to me. then again, i'm not really into that blink 182 "happy teen sunshine punk" kind of thing.
  Mike: The chord sequence is very Pet Shop Boys.
Floods  performed by Pantera  1996
Recommended by King Charles [profile]

Starting off with the haunting echoing of steel string suspended minor chords, and quickly moving into the feeling of darkness, Floods reigns as one of the greatest metal balladry songs of all time. With a time of 6:59 (minutes and seconds), Floods deals with the internal struggle, elements of corruption, and dissolution of troubles (wash away man/ take him with the floods), that is not dismissed or watered down into a three-minute wad of sound. Pantera's pervasive composing abilities are seen not only in the length of this track, but it its bridges and structured solo set ups. Phil Anselmo delivers this song on the back of Dimebag Darrell's mighty 'steel' guitar effect, and of course the trademark bass drums and top-hat kicks of Vinnie Paul that have made Pantera so famous. The bridge perhaps extracts the greatest meaning from the song; it epitomizes itself on the power chord riff solos and Anselmo's godly muttering of "floods" (in which we can picture a Goliath or force of destruction coming in to obliterate all existence), which echoes throughout the solo. A rather dark song, Floods is characterized by its catchy guitar work (which contains a spectrum of minor and suspended shapes), and staircase wit/reflective backdrop mumbling vocals about the cold, harsh realities of life. Recommended to anyone who doubts this band's ability to do other than scream and wax metallic, Floods will not be a disappointing track. The bleak acceptance of moving onto new horizons or ways of life, leaving the old and dead behind and walking on down the road, is embodied in the ending solo, with the subtle sound of rainfall calming the listener in the end. 5 out of 5 stars for its genre.

from The Great Southern Trendkill

Ford Capri II  performed by Christian Bruhn  1973
Recommended by heinmukk [profile]

actually, this is a german advertising-song from 1973. i wonder how advertising was in those days, since this track lasts 2:56min.
found on popshopping, a compilation with old funky german advertising-songs issued by the lable crippled hot dick wax, where you can find many of those obscure old recordings. for example shake sauvage. a compilation with old french film soundtracks. great catchy tunes in there, too!
anyway, christian bruhn is rather known here in germany. he wrote a lot of hits and a great soundtrack for the 70s/80s cartoon/anime series captain future.
this one is funky and catchy, with female "aaaaah" singings and great brass hits (which i like more and more....)

from Pop Shopping (Crippled Hot Dick Wax)

  n-jeff: Yeah man! Brash horns on the intro, a nice mellow bit in the middle and out with a bang. Remixed by Ursula1000 on a 12, which although it seems redundant, isn't bad at all. Sounds nice when driving around my own Ford Capri MkII. Lovely!
Fortress  performed by Pinback  2004
Recommended by belly [profile]

quite song with a catchy chorus. revolves around 2 or 3 riffs. deffinately worth a listen

available on CD - Summer in Abaddon (Touch and Go Records)

Freak  performed by Days of the New  1997
Recommended by falicon [profile]

The deep and catchy voice kinda cool lyrics...check it out. The beat is a bit more of a dark and repetative type sound, really the vocals in this are what the song is all about. Plan to have them get old really fast though as they do repeat the same thing over and over many times.

from Days of the New, available on CD

friends of mine  performed by adam green  2002
Recommended by olli [profile]

uplifting, string-laden, lyrically abstract modern indie-pop. i think adam green`s strenght as a songwriter lies in his ability to combine bizarre random lines of text and catchy, but sophisticated melodies to something that`s bigger than the sum of its parts. that`s why i prefer his latest work to what he did back in the moldy peaches, the more well-produced sound really helps to balance out things. the strings on this song, for instance, is what makes it a slice of near-perfect sunshine pop. i really need to get around to actually buying this album soon..

from friends of mine

Genesis 3:23  performed by The Mountain Goats  2009
Recommended by ghosttomost [profile]

The Mountain Goats are an indie alt country band that are a bit of an acquired taste but they are so talented. this song is totally catchy and the lyrics are superb. the lyrics truly paint a vivd picture for the listener and you feel like you are trapped within the sing.

from the life of the world to come

Get With You  performed by DMX Krew  1999
Recommended by StinkyMarco [profile]

This is a song by a one-man band, the DMX Krew. He's from England, and he uses only recording equipment and instruments that predate 1985. As you might guess, this guy has an affinity for a trademark 80s synth sound...but this song somewhat deviates from his normal style.
This song is fast, catchy as all get out, and features some of the most striking robot vocals I've ever heard in a song. There's a catchy guitar riff throughout, with a jet distortion sound that makes you feel like you're on an airplane, with a driving electronic beat under it that will make you want to move your head about. This song is just utterly fantastic. I work in a record store and have reccommended it to many people, and I've yet to meet a person who already knew this song...or that didn't instantly LOVE this song. I've gotten hoards of people hooked on this band.

from We Are DMX, available on CD

  frmars: Sigh... How dishonest one can be... Tempted � allured � by the short text above, I spent some time looking for this ignored genius that "hoards of people" got hooked on. I found myself with an extremely shallow new-wave, something half way between a tasteless copy of human league and a gross imitation of Howard Jones, with sometimes a talentless allusion to New order... Alas, the whole album is just a piece of... very very bad music.
  StinkyMarco: Sorry you didn't like it...I enjoyed it because its a cheesy synth setting that has somewhat desperate lyrics (simple and yet better than anything Human League could come up with)...But "dishonest" is hardly the case. It's a matter of taste, my discerning friend. If I were dishonest I would tell you to listen to this even though I personally think its crap (not the case--this is a reccomendatio, after all)...And yes, "hoards of people" is not an exagerration.
  delicado: Don't worry about it Marco - if you check out mr. frmars's other comments you'll see that he's basically Marvin the paranoid android.
  StinkyMarco: Wow, couldn't agree more.
  frmars: which might be a compliment from biffa bacon and son...
  sinferno: frmars, you dont know what you are talking about... dmx krew took generic dance music and perfected it. everything ed dmx does is classic. this shit is catchy and yeah its dancy, but its composed so well. new order? human league? give me a break.
ha ha  performed by mates of state  2003
Recommended by catch_her [profile]

" It's difficult to place MOS in a genre as the song structures are unique, often complex. At the same time there are always the pop elements of catchy melodies and loads of harmony. Even though there are only two of them, they fill up the space with the monster, bass-heavy organ, creative drumming, and constant dueling vocals. The music can be sweet. At other times it's spastic, but either way, you leave MOS shows with a warm feeling.

Mates of State has been described by critics as unabashed joy, honesty at its best, a two piece with balls, and a band that you must see live. " (taken from official website)


from team boo

Hate Everything About U  performed by Steve Lukather  1997
Recommended by lexicon [profile]

Not to be confused with that Ugly Kid Joe kindergarten rock song.

No, this is a rock/blues song, almost a ballad, with pretty good lyrics and a fabulous melancholic feel. It's catchy, and yet original in it's melody.

Steve Lukather (Toto, numerous sessions) is considered to be one of the best guitar players - ever, actually. This song, however, isn't just a display of guitar virtuosity (although that one solo in the middle of the song does give me shivers each time and again) - it's a display of how perfect and beautiful a simple song can be, and how it sounds if it's sung and played by someone breathing and living music.

from Luke

He’s So Real  performed by Gena Mason & the Noise  2010
Recommended by thequeen29 [profile]

Danceable stoner rock. Rock instruments (vox, gtr, bass, drums, keys)
Just has a good vibe. It's laid-back but heavy rock, got catchy melodies & a good beat.

from Exile, available on CD

Heart-SHaped Box  performed by Nirvana
Recommended by sharkz [profile]

Grunge Catchy Deep

Heaven knows I’m miserable now  performed by The Smiths
Recommended by kkkerplunkkk [profile]

Witty, melancholic, catchy, beautiful... you won't find many bands as good as this.

  kohl: very true. i still love thing song in spite of its semi-whiney tone. or maybe *because* of it...
Hey! Little Child  performed by Alex Chilton  1980
Recommended by Ricard [profile]

Great garage rock track from Alex Chilton's fantastic "Life flies on sherbert" album. Really simple but infective riff, and a catchy shouty chorus. May be a bit of a surprise to people who've only heard Chilton's work with Big Star, as he'd obviously been heavily influenced by the New York garage bands he's been working with in the late 70's.

from Life Flies on Sherbert (Aura)

Highway 101  performed by social distortion
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

Catchy but still hard and edgy. What a grown up Punk kid should sound like.

Holocaust  performed by Crisis  197?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

Great Lost Punk Single #3

Going all heavy on your arses you might guess from the title this is a serious agit-prop single, but with a great, catchy punk tune. I guess it you like 'Holidays in Cambodia', you'll like this.

Dunno if its available on CD or not to be honest.

from Crisis E.P.

Human Jungle  performed by The Jazz Butcher  1985
Recommended by pmbolt [profile]

Eighties pop with minimalist percussion, quirky lyrics, and jazz-club atmosphere. The organ intro, skillful guitar breaks, spare bass-drum beat, and catchy chorus are my lasting memories of this song which was one of my first "favorite songs." More info on this band at

from Bloody Nonsense (BigTime 10014-1)
available on CD - Draining the Glass (Fire, Nectar Masters)

Hurry to Me  performed by Roy Budd  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A superb recording of a really perfect song. Ennio Morricone's theme to the obscure movie 'metti, una cera a cena' (one night at dinner) is here performed in a classic crisp, clear version by Roy Budd. I'm not sure if I love this recording so much because it was the first version I heard, but I think it may even be better than the Morricone recording. Anyway, if you don't know this song, you will probably recognise it when you hear it. It features an infuriatingly catchy repetitive female wordless-vocal over a gentle bossa beat, with rich strings and piano. Every now and then everything goes quiet and all you hear are the vocals and a faint tremelo guitar. It is really amazingly beautiful. There is also a great italian version of this song by Milva, which sounds amazingly like the group Stereolab.

from Soldier Blue (Pye NSPL 18348)
available on CD - Sound Spectrum (Sequel)

  leonthedog: The Budd version is also available on "Rebirth of the Budd," for those (like myself) wanting an introduction to his work. The Sandpipers' version on "Canto Morricone Vol." is equally nice.
  DickieB: I just wanted to recommend ‘The Sound Spectrum’ which this is on. I’ve had a copy of years but have only just realised that it’s essential listening - if you like this sort of thing, probably drive you mad otherwise.
  delicado: Yes, it\'s a cracking compilation. It\'s so well done that if you listen to the tracks out of context (e.g. on the original LPs), they don\'t sound as thrilling as they do on this mix!
I Believe In a Thing Called Love  performed by The Darkness  2003
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song is fun, and over the top and has a great beat. A perfect first single for the Darkness, and very very catchy.

from Permission to Land (Atlantic)

  olli: edson have a pretty odd acoustic cover of this.
  spinner303: cool song, fun, the video makes the song:
If We Can Land a Man on the Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart  performed by Beulah  1999
Recommended by tman555 [profile]

Just a catchy song. It's from the Bay Area indie scene.
It starts off as sort of a love song, but turns into a conversation with the listener.

from When Your Heartstrings Break (Sugar Free Records)
available on CD - Yes (Yes)

In Bloom  performed by Nirvana  1991
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

Grunge Bliss. A deliberately catchy chorus makes it a song many bands wish they crafted. Of the classic album Nevermind it's well worth a listen

from Nevermind

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It  performed by REM
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

Unbelievably catchy, the most poppy song REM ever did and has to be one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Period

from ?

I�m not saying  performed by Nico  1965
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This magical track is from a 1965 single produced by Rolling Stones impresario Andrew Loog Oldham. It's a folky pop song with a manically strummed acoustic guitar and constant beat. There's some more full orchestration (brass and strings), but it's slightly hidden in the mix. The charm of this song for me lies in both Nico's bittersweet delivery ("I'm not saying that I love you/I'm not saying that I care/If you love me..I'm not saying that I care/I'm not saying I'll be there when you want me") and the catchy chord sequence in the verse. Some of the bridge sections are slightly corny and obvious musically, but Nico's majestic vocal lifts the song and makes me want to hear it again.

from the single I�m not saying (Immediate IM 003)
available on CD - The Classic Years (Polygram)

  Gwendolyn: I love this song, Nico is one of my favorites. Her voice has such a uniqueness. It's very deep and peaceful.
  brightdayler: Oh, wow. This comment is four years old! But I just joined this place and this is one of my favorite songs right now, in 2006. I harbor a little resentment for Delicado, who claims the bridge is corny. I know it's not so insightful to say this since two of Nico's songs were used in another Wes Anderson movie, but the bridge section reminds me a lot of Rushmore, when Max and Blume do a simultaneous jump on bikes at the end, after their reconciliation. I guess that's why I like it. I wish Nico would have done more stuff like this.
  belphegor: i grew up on the gordon lightfoot version--but cripes, leave it to nico to so deliciously catastrophize a perfectly good tune. hers is amazingly well executed in the sentiments conveyed, ...and some catchy, too! love it, love it, love it.
Jack's Broth  performed by The Harmony Kings Orchestra  1939
Recommended by respiro [profile]

A catchy calypso number whose strength lies with its amazing vocals and well used horns.The vocals are crackly and worn with a Cab Calloway-esque charisma.

from West Indian Rhythm - Trinidad Calypsos On World And Local Events Featuring The Censored Recordings 1938-1940

Jealous of Your Cigarette  performed by Hawksley Workman
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Hawksley Workman is pretty quirky and kind of sounds different in every song I've heard by him. This one is just kinda fun and catchy.

"I'm jealous of your cigarette...and how you want to suck on it..."

Jesus Calling  performed by The Triffids  1984
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

For a start we need more in the Australia section than Nick Cave and his assorted Combo's. Although I think the bass player from the Triffids now plays with him. And then I can't believe I've not recommended the Triffids before. This is quite an early one from when they were still playing London pubs. I don't know what its about (blood on my thighs and milk on my knees the sign outside says vacancies), theres lots of violin without it being folky or too countrified, and the chorus is insanely catchy with lines alternated between the late David McComb and Jill Birt the keybboard player. They were a big part of my musical life in the eighties, and 'In the pines' is still a great LP 15 years on.

from Raining Pleasure

Juliana  performed by Antonio Adolfo & A Brazuca  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Adolfo and Gaspar strike again with one of their biggest hits, this time performed by their own band, a sort of home-grown space-age answer to Brasil '66, with an early Fender Rhodes providing counterpoint to the two female vocalists' ethereal and spacy tones. Irresistibly catchy and with an intriguing overall sound, this sounds like the music the Jetsons would be listening to if they were Brazilian.

from Antonio Adolfo & A Brazuca (Odeon)

King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1  performed by Neutral Milk Hotel  1998
Recommended by sinister [profile]

backed by very catchy acoustic guitar strumming and an accordion that 'harmonises' the vocals on every note, jeff mangum sings about childhood innocence. i love this song.

from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, available on CD

Kites Are Fun  performed by The Free Design  1967
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

Well, i guess musicaltaste is a rather safe place to recommend some Free Design without getting laughed at. It always strikes me they haven't been more popular back in the late sixties. "Kites Are Fun" is one of their more popular and one of their best tracks for sure. Uber-jolly, playfull, catchy with superb vocal harmonies, gentle guitar, flute, bass and drums and some keyboards.

from Kites Are Fun, available on CD

  nighteye: This is great song! Sunshine pop at its best, how can you not feel happy listening to this song? I like kites!
  Festy: I really dig "My Brother Woody" from the same album. Whoever the drummer is, he really cooks on this track.
  konsu: The drummer's name is Bill LaVorgna. He has an unmistakable touch on the drums. He's also on some of Pat Williams Verve LP's.
Lay It On Me  performed by Heatwave  1976
Recommended by ambassador [profile]

Heatwave's first two albums can almost be seen as prototypes for Michael Jackson's breakthrough album "Off the Wall." With Rod Temperton, future Quincy Jones and MJ collaborator, driving this album the sound is both funky and catchy, sophisticated and accessible. "Lay It On Me" is an overlooked album track that bubbles and gurgles under the surface of the groove until the chorus arrives with strings soaring for the ectasy of Johnnie Wilder's sweet vocals, "lay it on me, lay your sweet love on me!" Beautifully arranged and excellently executed and just one of many classics of their debut album.

from Too Hot to Handle, available on CD

Let It Out  performed by The Hombres
Recommended by CaitlinSpelledWrong [profile]

It's a very simple song, but I think it's the simplicity that I love. It's odd but it's very catchy.
"Hangin' from a pine tree by my knees
Sun is shinin' through the shade
Nobody knows what its all about
It's too much, man, let it all hang out"

available on CD - Elizabethtown soundtrack

Losin Yo Head  performed by Monsters of Folk  2009
Recommended by vinnyshades [profile]

Jim James from My Morning Jacket sings this rock masterpiece with his new super-group side project Monsters of Folk (with M. Ward, Conor Oberst, and Mike Mogis). Totally catchy with a brilliant theme. Not too "hooky," but very melodic and catchy. Jim's voice will MAKE you sing along to this song every time.

from Monsters of Folk

lost summer love  performed by lorraine silver  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

60's piece of female vocals wall-of-sound power pop.
it's got handclaps, it's got tambourine, it's catchy as hell. it's just the wrong side of kitch.
I love it.

available on CD - casino classics

Love so fine  performed by Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

It's hard not to smile when you hear this lovely, rousing late 60s number. Roger Nichols is the composer (along with Paul Williams) of many late 60s and 70s hits for, amongst others, The Carpenters. He wrote this song with 'Pet Sounds' lyricist Tony Asher, and they created a beautiful combination of sunny soft pop sounds (handclaps, brass, group harmonies) and pleasing, happy words. Musically, it is superior and extra-catchy, with nice Bacharach-esque touches and great instrumentation. The lead vocal also deserves a mention for sounding almost supernaturally brilliant (far better than it sounds in the sound sample). The singer is Melinda Macleod; her voice is lovely anyway, but here it sounds as if 3 perfect takes have been somehow overlaid on top of each other to produce an incredibly rich, soothing effect. It's over quickly - in just over two minutes. At which point I normally listen to it again a few times.

from Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends (A&M)
available on CD - Complete (Polydor Japan)

  PappaWheelie: I couldn't agree more. This is the epitome of what Pizzicato Five were trying to recreate in the early 90's.
  klatu: I didn't realize someone had picked this one already! I spelled it "&" instead of "and". Excellent choice!
Love’s Secert Domain  performed by Coil  1993
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

A moment of silence, (and/or eardrum-shredding noise), please folks, for the memory of the late, great Mr. John Balance of Coil who passed earlier this month. This track is one of my favorite �songs� by this organization, the title track from their sardonic exploration of club culture in the early 1990�s. Coil were never an �industrial� band � though they could create tracks of brutal, grinding sound. They were always too musical, too playful, too smart. On this tune � and there is a really catchy tune here � Balance does his best Christopher Lee impression, growling/singing of love as sickness, mixing quotes from William Blake and Roy Orbison, over a backing track that sounds like H. P. Lovercaft does Esquivel. Brilliant stuff from a brilliant man, who will be missed.

from Love's Secert Domain

Lying is the most fun  performed by Panic at the Disco  2005
Recommended by sparkling.inferno [profile]

it's not the most beautifully written song -or the most appropriate, for that matter- but i love it for the way it was performed, the way Brendon's sometimes high-pitched vocals harmonize so well with the instruments, and its memorability. this song stuck with me for a very long time, however i am also very attached to it on account of more personal reasons.
the intellectual aspects are also what struck me as being meaningful- how often do you hear the word 'harlequin' or 'testosterone' in a song? i enjoy listening to tunes with at least some signs of intellect, rather than hearing a string of curses or slang in an entire three minutes. although there are some profanities in Lying, it's not as bad as many other songs out there, that's for sure.

however, there is a sad aspect to the song as well. apparently, it was inspired by guitarist Ryan Ross' recent breakup with his girlfriend on account of her cheating. he stated:
"At the time it felt like the world had ended. I hated everything. It affected that whole album. I guess it's good that I wrote it down. I might have stabbed somebody."

overall, i think it's a great composition, with an enjoyable melody and a catchy chorus, despite its melancholy roots.

from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Mahahbalipuram  performed by Stu Phillips  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An exotic, atmospheric and unique masterpiece, this is taken from the portion of surfer flick 'Follow Me' in which the surfers visit India. The tune drifts along with some sitar and spooky vocals before exploding into life with a furiously catchy and groovy segment with piano and plucked strings.

from Follow Me (soundtrack) (Universal City 73056)

  chukelley: Great taste!
  bsgkr: Thank you "delicado" for your wonderful review of "Mahabalipuram." I'm only three years late in thanking you, so please forgive me. Stu Phillips
mashin' on the motorway  performed by dj shadow  2002
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

From DJ Shadows latest CD, a cool driving tune, that's really catchy. I'm a sucker for spoken word over beats. This sounds a bit like theme music for a driving video game - complete with other motorists cursing at you.

available on CD - The Private Press

maybe  performed by emma bunton  2005
Recommended by heinmukk [profile]

surprisingly super catchy song. i heard it first when emma performed the song at the eurovision song contest pre-show in german tv. it was pure coincidence that i zapped in when the song started. lucky me!
musically: a bit bossa beat, a lot of "aaah" and "uuuuh" and so on (loving it), the brass sounds a little bit too synthetic. refrain very stock/aitken/waterman-like. but i'm loving those guys too.
does anybody know how the album sounds like?

from free me

Mother we just can't get enough  performed by New Radicals  1998
Recommended by LateBirdsInMay [profile]

A really really great pop song by dint of the fact it just refuses any categorisation other than 'Ace'. But I'd better give it a go. 'Mother' is a very nineties mix of genres; Gospel-ey piano, driving pop beat, terrible vocals, and great pop lyrics that soars, taking in scat, madchester, falsetto and more before exhausting itself - I can't think of any other song that could conceivably have worked as a blueprint for 90's pop - if we'd worked from this instead of 'Baby one more time' things could have been much different. Re. the song - two things then - 1. it's a fantastically catchy 'choon' with guts and attitude, 2. it's a bit revolutionary, as all good pop should be.

from Maybe you've been Brainwashed Too

Move ya body  performed by Nina Sky  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

Good track. Quite catchy actually.

Mr Peacock  performed by Orange Colored Sky  1969
Recommended by Ron1967-1970 [profile]

A non-lp track... I went nuts where I first played this. If you want a song that will stuck in your mind for the rest of the week, then play this one :) Very very catchy and lyrics that will put a smile on your face "Mr Peacock, Mr Peacock, no one else can be so groovy". A song full of surprising hooks, building to a harmony climax. Man oh man ... this IS music ... makes you wonder how it all turned sour in the mid 70s... when orchestras and catchy melodies were replaced by synthesizers and drum-pads ...

  moe: Based on your enthusiastic description, I tracked this song down (it wasn't an easy task!), and I can't say I was disappointed. Very groovy indeed! The best song ever written about peacocks.
  deathshadow: For those who don't know - the song is from the movie "The Love God" starring Don Knotts.
Never Win  performed by Fischerspooner  2005
Recommended by Ketori [profile]

Extremely catchy. And cool lyrics.

Nice music video, too. xD

available on CD - Odyssey

No Heaven  performed by DJ Champion
Recommended by iangray [profile]

Really good song not a genre i usually listen to found it on the soundtrack for a game called "borderlands"

Not A Pretty Girl  performed by Ani Difranco  1995
Recommended by hopefully86 [profile]

I notice a few of her songs are on here, appropriately, because she is an amazing singer/songwriter/musician. Her lyrics are quirky and edgy, but also catchy. "Not a Pretty Girl" is basically saying 'hey, i don't need to be rescued, so get lost little boy".

available on CD - Not a Pretty Girl

O Ganso  performed by Ed Lincoln  1968
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

Ed Lincoln is a Samba Organist and this was probably his best known song at the time, its on all his greatest hits LP's. Its a pretty wild number, with lots of silly organ tricks, a kazoo (!), some Mexican style trumpets and lah, lah vocals. It stops and starts, is groovy, is damn catchy and makes every day a sunny day. (very useful if you live in the UK).

from Ed Lincoln, available on CD

  sodapop650: Pick up the LP its on Cochise. Get the mono copy not the stereo copy. Its always on ebay.
obviously  performed by Mcfly  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

I love this song, its so catchy and its such a great song to listen to at any time!!!

  jeanette: At the risk of repeating myself, I do think McFly make some very high quality pop music, certainly when you compare it to the rest of the charts. To my mind, they're far better than Busted, to whom they are often compared. Issie, I like your enthusiasm for all things pop and long may you retain it. And thank you for your kind e-mail to which I have attempted to reply but it keeps getting shunted back to me...
  dannysgirl: i love this song sooooo much!!!!
Oh  performed by Sleater-Kinney
Recommended by RosalynPaige [profile]

Extremely catchy. Makes me wanna dance.

Oh, Alberta  performed by Elliott Brood  2003
Recommended by gopeeinafridge [profile]

I live in Alberta, and seeing as not a lot of people would want to come here, I'm a bit sentimental toward songs that mention the place I'm from. This song really reminds me of home, and is the kind of top quality rootsier alt-country-ish music that hides around these parts. It's catchy and features a banjo.

from Tin Type (Weewerk)

One Week  performed by Barenaked Ladies
Recommended by ajhorse21 [profile]

So fun and quick- you just want to learn the words. It's almost rap, but not quite. It proves that Canadian white guys do indeed have rhythm. Who knew? :-)

Osmijeh  performed by Grupa 220  1968
Recommended by Mirko [profile]

This is early (1968) Yugoslav (Croatian) pop psychedelia from a first concept rock LP in our country.Drago Mlinarec is the composer/singer.
Very catchy song.

from Grupa 220 (Jugoton)
available on CD - yes

Out of this World  performed by Buddy Merrill  1966
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Ok, I feel kind of lame for recommending two tracks called 'out of this world' in one sitting, but as soon as I remembered this one, I felt compelled to recommend it. Before I became completely obsessed with the kind of smooth bossa-influenced stuff I've been recommending, my big thing in music was that it had to be twangy. This is quite twangy, but in a very tasteful way. An incredibly haunting song whoever it is performed by, 'out of this world' here gets its other-worldliness from Buddy's incredible multitracked guitars - the main tune is played on the slide guitar, while several other parts relentlessly pick out accompaniments. It's hard to categorize this track really - it's not remotely funky or particularly rocking, yet it's very catchy and undeniably compelling.

from Latin Festival (Accent)

Palace Station  performed by Melody Club  2002
Recommended by AndreasNystrom [profile]

David Bowie goes Glamrock. Great song of a new swedish group, who mixes brilliant riffs, with a catchy lyric. I love the small Roland Juno60 riffs they play on the synth :)
Very upbeat and i get happy by listening too it.

Party Up  performed by DMX  1999
Recommended by Betto_Colombia [profile]

If you're into hardcore rap from the clubs you are gonna love it. Very commercial. Nice mixes and dirty lyrics.

The chorus is petty catchy: Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here...

available on CD - And Then There Was X

Perfect Kiss  performed by New Order  198?
Recommended by Limebass [profile]

Just by saying the name of the band some bells should ring. I really like the song, has a very catchy beat and some good lyrics as well. Should wacth the performance of the song in Glasgow so you know what I mean.

Phone Tap  performed by The Firm  1997
Recommended by lionson76 [profile]

Gangsta rap hit its peak in the early 90's on the West Coast with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dee Oh Double Gee. Since then, it's been all downhill for the genre and it's playas. However, while some may say gangsta rap is dead, Dr. Dre and his disciples have managed to keep it alive since the foundation of Deathrow Records began to crumble. For "Phone Tap", Dre laid down yet another phat track this time for the lyrical stylings of Nas Escobar, AZ, and Nature. He even does the vocals for a mad catchy hook: "We got cho' phone tapped. Whachu gon' do? Cuz sooner or lata, we'll have your whole crew. All we need now is the right word or two... To make it all stick like glue, then you through."

from The Firm - The Album, available on CD

Photobooth Curtain  performed by School for the Dead  2004
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Poppy Rocky Indie. This song is kind of funny but also kind of sad. Power-pop instrumentation with lots of harmonies. Great lyrics and melody, very cool arrangement.

from The New You, available on CD

Plantation  performed by The Young Hookers
Recommended by ZeldaPeach [profile]

energetic and super catchy

from Happy Birthday

Presidential Suite  performed by Super Furry Animals  2001
Recommended by delicado [profile]

To be honest, I have little idea of what this song is about, but it certainly sets an intoxicating mood - rather intense and dramatic, but very cool. It's a sprawling, majestic pop song, opening gently with a faint trumpet solo and a picked guitar, and then building up nicely with strings soon after the vocals come in. The chorus is simple and catchy, and the orchestration is lush and beautiful, and the vocals are tender. There is a nice cinematic instrumental section in the middle, with some nods to Burt Bacharach. I don't get the impression this is the most coherent song ever, but there are poignant moments lyrically, such as 'You know that when we met, there were fireworks in the sky...sparkling like dragonflies', set against the moody chorus. It feels kind of nice to be really enjoying a new, 2001 song for once. The new album is really quite good. There are some duff songs, but overall I'd say it deserved better reviews than it received.

Update, ok, I've now figured out this is about the Clinton/Lewinsky furore. I guess I'm just not primarily a lyrics person...

from Rings around the World, available on CD

Put Your Hands On The Screen  performed by Martin Briley  1985
Recommended by gypsy36 [profile]

Martin Briley is the same guy who did that catchy 80's song "The Salt in My Tears," which is the only one of his songs that got much airplay. It's a shame because Briley is such a talented artist.

"Put Your Hands On The Screen" begins with a solo bass drum beat that immediately gets your attention, followed by Briley's moody guitar riffs (the style reminds me of The Eagles "Those Shoes"). As a whole, the song is melodic with a slow, strong beat. It's also timeless. You can't tell whether it was a song from the 80's or a song from 2004.

It's all about TV evangelists and I love the lyrics:

...The choir is singing
And everybody's feeling good
The phones are ringing
From Bethlehem to Hollywood
So move in closer
Let your faces feel the glow
There's a holy presence
Right here in the studio...

The album is now considered rare, but you can google and find a copy.

from Dangerous Moments

Que é isso menina  performed by The Pops  196?
Recommended by DJ Markinho [profile]

This is definitely the best song you never heard. An (so far) impossible track for me to find on vinyl. Its a catchy up tempo Samba Rock song that will keep you moving. For sure! After an organ and drum intro and a break, the song continues with singing and handclapping. I don't know why, but I think almost every song with handclapping in it is outstanding. It is something I like in Flamenco as well.

Rainmaker  performed by Harry Nilsson  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

A chunky, funky open drum breakbeat opens this supremely catchy song. It sticks in my head and at times I wake up simply having to hear it.

from Harry (RCA LSP-4197)
available on CD - Harry/Nilsson Sings Newman (Camden-RCA)

  n-jeff: Bobby Gentry does a top version on her LP Fancy. The whole LP is a funky Swamp Pop extravaganza, this is a wonderful tune by a writer that doesn't normally do much for me.
Restons Group�s  performed by Alexandre Desplat  1998
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

Does it get any more happier and sunnier than this? This is a true sunshine pop / jet-set lounge piece with a fast paced beat, lush strings, woodwinds and a catchy melody. The style reminds me of Bacherat's 'Pacific Coast Highway' and Alan Hawkshaw's 'Girl in a Sportscar'. Just imagine your self beeing on the French riviera, crusing around in your sportscar with a beautiful girl at your side and you are the king of the world as you drive into the sunset.

I can be very wrong here, but it seams that this is the title song for the movie with the same name, made in 1998. I could have sworn that this was a piece from the 1960s, the sound, the arrangement, the instruments, sound incredibly accurate and realistic. I found this song on the excellent 'Jet Set Society' compilation from our own eftimihn on this site, a brilliant pick.

available on CD - Mondo Lounge Vol.1 - Jet Set Society

  eftimihn: Excellent description, for me the track evokes similar scenes when listening to it. And you're not wrong, the track really is from 1998, but sounds absolutely late 60s/early 70s. Well, the whole compilation ain't that bad either i guess :-) If anyone is interested:
  nighteye: This song alone almost makes me want to see the movie! I wonder if the whole soundtrack is like this? Btw. I almost got a eargasm at 2:15 minutes into the track. :)
Revenge  performed by Mindless Self Indulgence  2008
Recommended by drumandspace [profile]

"Revenge" is a catchy, electro punk song on Mindless Self Indulgence's new CD "If." Besides Jimmy Urine's (the lead singer) hallmark falsetto reeling in the chorus, this song has a certain feel that takes me back to the days of "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy." Listen to the bridge the second time around ( a little after the two minute marker) and you will notice the detail of some perfect timed techno. The tune behind "" is just hypnotic and I wish I could just isolate that part into a song of its own. The introduction is a little annoying but with the help of the "seek" button I have perfected fast forwarding it to the actual song and enjoying two minutes of pure bliss any industrial, jungle, or techno fan will simularily enjoy.

from IF

Ruby  performed by The Apples in Stereo  1997
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

A classic pop gem with the quintessential catchy, sing-along melody. Pristinly written, performed & produced by E6 Godfather Robert Schneider and his Apples in Stereo. With a chorus determined to make you hum in your sleep, or over a dozen pints with your mates, or loud enough for your co-workers to secretly dispise your chummy disposition, this song will never lose its appeal. Piano, guitar, snare and bass bring back the days of 'ole, and they do it in style. This has to be someone's favorite song somewhere!

from Her Wallpaper Reverie
available on CD - Her Wallpaper Reverie, EP

  opl3003: I agree, this is one of the best tracks by The Apples in Stereo! And of of my overall favorite songs! I can listen to it over and over..
Rythm Bandits  performed by Junior Senior  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

A cool, catchy song. i see the junior as the small male and the senior as the large male.

available on CD - Doooo't stop the beat

Sail  performed by AWOLNATION
Recommended by countofbluecars [profile]

Alt-rock, currently popular. It's got a catchy hook but is unique in its sound too. The vocals are especially interesting.

S�o Paulo  performed by Nelson Riddle  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A superbly catchy mood music piece, with a gentle bossa rhythm and Claus Ogerman-arranged strings. Very cool, and from the same album which featured strongly on the superb 'Snowflakes' CD compilation of the best mood music from the German MPS label. This track arrived in my head after I woke up this morning and demanded to be played. Very sleek and cool.

from Colors (MPS/BASF)

Se telefonando  performed by Mina  1966
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A dramatic pop number from the 60s in which Mina passionately belts out the tune. The opening is gentle, with a delicate trumpet melody; it then builds up to a huge climax with full orchestra. The song is infuriatingly catchy and familiar; I'm sure I had heard it many times before I finally identified it about five years ago. Very highly recommended.

available on CD - Canto Morricone, Vol 1 (Bear Family)

  andyjl: This song was covered in a great version by Francoise Hardy (as "Je changerais d'avis"). It's on several compilations of her 60s recordings.
  delicado: Francoise also recorded it in English (the recording is exactly the same apart from the vocals) as 'I will change my life'. Great stuff!
sell my old clothes, i'm off to heaven  performed by saves the day
Recommended by monique [profile]

it's catchy without being too cute. poppy emo punk. lyrics concern trying to figure out why a lover left you for another--great lyrics.

from another year on the streets (compilation) (vagrant records)

Sensational Gravity Boy  performed by Guided By Voices  199?
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

One of my favourite bands .
They play music that is mostly simply produced , sometimes of lazyness i suspect , but most often cause it suits the songs and makes them stand out from the crowd. This is a 2 minute rocker that i totally fell in love with some weeks ago. Its incredibly catchy,rocky and got a lovely distorted vocal on it .

Its found for free on their official homesite too, go check it out :) go to Music section , then mp3 , enjoy..

from non album track

sexy girls  performed by gert wilden  196?
Recommended by olli [profile]

great young girl "lala" vocals, catchy downtempo bassline. some fairly standard sax playing. originally from a series of german "educational" porn films from the sixties, and it�s pretty easy to tell. no moaning though. pretty similar to the more relaxed efforts of peter thomas, this is one good piece of horny sixties kitch.
how come porn music was so much better back then?

available on CD - schulm�dchen report (crippled dick hot wax)

  olli: hmm. that was supposed to read: available on the cd "a very special album" on emperor norton. there�s also a cover by the danish band pornorama. it doesn't add much to the track though, except better recording technology and a dodgier sax line..
Shameless  performed by Human League  2001
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Stunningly catchy and well-constructed number with a starker, more thinly-textured background than a lot of my favourite synth material.

from Secrets, available on CD

Sing Sang Sung  performed by Air  2009
Recommended by mchilds [profile]

Soft melody, breathy female vocals, bells, catchy rhythm.

Watch the music video.

So um amor  performed by Shorty Rogers and his Giants  1961
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A short, but astoundingly catchy instrumental in the bossa nova style. This is led by guitar and bass, with subtle stabs from the horn section. It's hard to put into words how clean, yet edgy and catchy the sound is. Somehow, in spite of all the instrumentation, there is a lot of space in the mix. This is from an LP on reprise called simply 'Bossa Nova', with a generic looking sleeve that is also used for a much less bossa-inspired Barney Kessell LP.

from Bossa Nova (Reprise R-6050)

Some Red-Handed Slight of Hand  performed by Cursive
Recommended by jvspeck [profile]

Extremely catchy, while still unique and instrumentally experimental, with a definite heavy moodiness to it

from Ugly Organ

Something I've Got To Tell You  performed by Glenda Collins  1965
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A classic 60s girl pop vocal, produced by the legendary Joe Meek. It's a heartbreaking tale of infidelity with a typical 60s pop-orchestral backing. Apparently this song never even charted, which is astonishing in view of how catchy and generally wonderful it is.

from the single Something I've Got To Tell You (Pye)
available on CD - It's hard to believe it - The Amazing World Of Joe Meek (Razor & Tie)

  jeanette: One of the most astonishing records ever, simply took my heart when I first heard it.
  leonthedog: An anthem - I love the backing vocals, and listen for the cameo by the horn section! Google for the old WFMU program that will let you hear the whole thing. My 6-year-old daughter loves to dance to this one.
Sorry for laughing  performed by Josef K  1981
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Genius strumming and amazing vocals. I have to confess that the first thing that occurred to me when I heard this, other than how brilliant it is, was the sudden realisation that The Wedding Present were not a very original band. Not only that, but they were vastly inferior to Josef K.

From what I've heard, this is probably the Josef K song that most emphasizes the 'mega-fast strumming' thing that they had going on (sorry - I'm not very eloquent today!). It's just an incredibly catchy, brilliantly executed single that just sounds otherworldly to me.

  Blueboy: Their debut LP 'The Only Fun In Town' on Postcard Records is an absolute gem. Full on 60's garage band production with spiny guitars and frantic beats. Long live 'The Sound Of Young Scotland'!
Steppin� Out  performed by Joe Jackson  1982
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

I grew up listening to Joe Jackson and i still find his venturing into all sorts of musical styles and the eclecticism surrounding his musical work very interesting. Starting as a post-punk, new wave singer/songwriter he released three great albums from 79-81 with his "Joe Jackson Band" before going solo with a string of fine albums in the 80s (musically ranging from jazz, R&B, rock to latin-tinged sophisticated pop) and later writing and arranging soundtracks and even doing classical music. He recently regrouped with his band, produced another album and toured with the original line-up consisting of Gary Sanford, Graham Maby and Dave Houghton and surprisingly it worked as good as in the beginning of his career. "Steppin' Out" was released on probably his best solo offering "Night & Day" in 1982, a highly evocative, melancholic, catchy pop song skillfully mixing a synth sequencer beat and keyboards with piano jazz harmonies and xylophones.

from Night & Day, available on CD

  komodo: I'll second your comments regarding Joe Jackson. I'm surprised that with classic albums such as "I'm the Man", "Look Sharp", "Body & Soul" and the aformentioned "Steppin' Out", Joe Jackson doesn't, in my opinion, recieve the credit he deserves. "Steppin' Out" is a great track, but my favourite version is actually from "Live 1980/86" where he takes a dramatic - perhaps even melodramatic - approach to the song. It shimmers then swells into this wonderful sound, evocative of a kind of fantasy 40's New York, but anchored by JJ's usual lyrical poignancy. Somewhat overblown? Perhaps, but wonderful stuff nonetheless, and definately one to check out if you've not heard it before.
Still is Still Moving To Me  performed by Toots & The Maytals w/ Willie Nelson
Recommended by Steenie [profile]

I'd actually never heard of this band, but after having heard the song over the speakers in a bookstore I was in I went to one of the cashiers and asked her the name of it. She passed me the CD it is one of my favourite tunes (to listen to and to sing!).

Very catchy reggae, simple but meaningful lyrics. And though Willie Nelson has never been tops on my favourite singers/bands list, I veyr much like the way he sings this song...and surprisingly he doesn't sound so out-of-place doing reggae. I'd like to know what other recordings of this song exist. In the meantime, listen to this version!

The percussion is VERY cool.

"Still Is Still Moving To Me"

Still is still moving to me
And I swim like a fish in the sea all the time
But if that's what it takes to be free I don't mind
Still is still moving to me
Still is still moving to me

And it's hard to explain how I feel
It won't go in words but I know that it's real
I can be moving or I can be still
But still is still moving me
Still is still moving to me


from True Love, available on CD

Strength to Dream  performed by Propaganda  1985
Recommended by Mike [profile]

The final track from their superb album "A Secret Wish". Instrumental, apart from a spoken lyric at the end, this reworking of the opening track of the album uses both real strings and synths in combination with some catchy, moody chords to create real atmosphere.

from A Secret Wish (ZTT)

Sunshine Among Us  performed by Eternity’s Children  1968
Recommended by masayo [profile]

Ahh, how much I love Eternity's Children's sounds...
A week ago, I bought their CD where 25 songs in, as my bootleg's mix was terrible and no main vocal on Lifetime Day! Anyway, now I enjoy its perfect tracks, especially Lifetime Day, Your World and this song Sunshine Among Us. I do love Sunshine..'s catchy melody, beautifully thick effected harmonies and groovy backing rythm section including keyboards.
By the way, the liner notes says " However, each year, on the day before Thanksgiving, Bruce Blackman leads members of various Eternity's Children lineups at a benefit in Greenville, Mississippi featuring reunions of the area's best-loved acts" wow...this year also?!?!...I really wanna join the event!!

from Eternity's Children (Tower)

  luna: Bruce Blackman comes to The Krakerjacks Annual re-union. He is an invited guest, it is an event every nite-b4-thanksgiving that we;The Krackerjacks, have a big throw down in own,and Bruce's hometown. Charlie Ross is our Bassist; nothing what-so-ever to do with the children or Starbuck.We're all seasoned musicians, and have been together since 1981.
  luna: PS Now that I'm fully awake,let me state that Bruce is a very good friend of ours,as we've all been around him, or played in groups with him since the 60's. He is a musical genius. He is also a very talented writer. The best keyboard player I've ever known. The Biloxi days seem like a dream now, man, we had some fun! Just wanted to clear that up! We all love ya, Bruce.
  493440: Bruce: I don't know who you are Luna but I appreciate the nice comments. By the way, that crap in the Eternity's Children liner notes about me leading you guys in G'ville is totally bogus. I have no idea where that came from at all, certainly not from me. The whole Biloxi/Children thing is a vague memory to me as well. And by the way, the Krackerjacks kick ass!
  luna: You know me, Bruce; I'll tell you when I see you again. You've always amzed me, and I admired you from a distance. I was the one yall left behind when The Omen started at the Fiesta. See ya soon!
  cks6: Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of the Krackerjack's CD entitled "Rockin in the Delta"? Please email me at [email protected] if you have any information. Thanks!
  Andelyn: Hi everyone. Had to jump in here. I spent many of my 'growing up' years in Greenville, MS. My brother, Allen Graves, was a member of the Lancers mentioned here. I recognize a lot of the names surfacing in the posts here.
  eyazoo: Looking for a Krackerjack CD...any one would do. I love them and would especially like to get one with that "green grass" song. I grew up in Yazoo county and my step-dad actually played with them for a I had a CD, but it has disappeared (I think someone took it). Anyway, It would be great if the Krackerjacks could post something on their myspace page about purchasing CDs.
Swing, Swing  performed by The All-American Rejects  2003
Recommended by izumi [profile]

I love the organ used in this song's intro, and Tyson Ritter has really yummy vocals. :D Okay, well, besides that, it's a soppy, lovey-dovey song about loneliness and heartbreak and losing your girlfriend (I guess). The lyrics may seem a bit tacky but it's still a cool melodic song with lots of catchy hooks and a great sing-along!

from The All-American Rejects (Polydor 4504606)

Take Off Your Sunglasses  performed by Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
Recommended by TimCat [profile]

Lyrics aren't tightly bound by any pattern, but it's still catchy and fresh like the air on a cool summer night.

teach me tiger  performed by april stevens  1959
Recommended by olli [profile]

somewhat of a classic. great little easy listening track..her voice sounds very sexy, and the lyrics are so unbelievably kitchy/catchy i just keep returning to it.

  unathanthium: Great choice Olli.And I thought Norwegians weren't cool.That'll teach me,tiger!
Ten Miles High  performed by David and the Giants   1968
Recommended by geezer [profile]

That rarest of anomalys, psychedelic Northern soul,a strange land where a late sixties slice of psyche pop can run amok with soul legends and funk obscurities in some dingy cellar club in the middle of Blackpool.Innocent and as catchy as hell ,some de riguer flanging and Who style backing vocals cannot deter this song from its righteous melodic path.

from single CAPITOL 1968
available on CD - Talcum Soul 2

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin� Groovy)  performed by Bobby Byrne  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I recently found this LP in a stack that I had bought years ago and stored somewhere without having listened to them. It's on Evolution, which is the Command/Project 3-inspired label that was set up by former Command arranger Bobby Byrne. Many of the standard Command session players are featured, including Dick Hyman. Indeed, it's Hyman's moog playing that is the highlight of the album for me.

This song has never been a particular favorite of mine, but there's something in the mix of brassy, beaty late 60s pop and Hyman's delightful moog sounds that is very catchy in this version. The album also features a cover of 'Barbarella', along with a great 'Respect' and the best version of 'Delilah' that I've ever heard.

from Shades of Brass (Evolution 3003)

The 8.17 Northbound Success Merry-go round  performed by Margo Guryan  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Margo Guryan wrote several quite famous songs in the 60s, the most famous of which are probably 'Sunday Morning' (made famous by Spanky and our Gang; also recorded by Julie London and others) and 'Think of Rain' (recorded by Claudine Longet, among others).

After the incredibly brilliant reissue of Margo's solo LP, 'Take a Picture', Franklin Castle released a compilation of Margo Guryan's demos. This is the standout track on that disc, a very spare and funky number with a cool organ sound, nice drums and catchy vocals. As would be expected from a recording intended only as a demo, this is a little rougher sounding than the studio LP, but it's a brilliant song. I wonder if anyone else ever recorded it...

available on CD - 25 Demos (Franklin Castle)

The Angel’s Share  performed by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  2004
Recommended by snoodlededoogans [profile]

relentlessly catchy powerful guitar-based stomping number. critical of the unelected regime in Washington USA without being didactic in ANY WAY! this is a 'get up, get moving' kinda song. very bouncy. impossible not to move when listening to it. i cannot get enough of this track... (album comes out October 2004)

from Shake the Sheets (Lookout Records)

The Conductor  performed by the faint  2001
Recommended by elvisneedsboats [profile]

arguably one of my favorite faint songs. but they're all good. the faint is all about the eighties synth-pop aesthetic, but they reach out of that style enough to keep it interesting. a lot of their stuff, this song in particular, shows this keen sense of being able to combine the dark("macabre" even, if you will.) synth/drum machine sound and equally dark lyrics with catchy riffs in a way that keeps the pessimistic, shadowy side bubbling at the surface. kinda reminds me of joy division, not so much in the style (even though there are some points where the two sound similar) but in the general tone. 'the conductor' is all about the atmospheric key board drones and 'plunk' sounds, plus the vocoder thing they use on the vocals.

from danse macabre, available on CD

the craftsman  performed by the pussycats  1966
Recommended by olli [profile]

charming, catchy norwegian mid-60's beat pop, complete with heavily accentented vocals, simplistic lyrics and mouth harp solos.
not an important recording in any way, but it kind of rocks my boat right now, so i thought i'd share it:)

  Rendi1968: Please, Could you send me the lyric from the Crafstman?
The Cutter  performed by Echo And The Bunnymen
Recommended by kkkerplunkkk [profile]

glorious piece of alternative pop. Catchy as hell.

from Porcupine, available on CD

  kohl: very true. amazing band.
The day the earth stood still  performed by David Essex  1969
Recommended by Ron1967-1970 [profile]

THE perfect popsong ? Not sure, but it comes close to it. The tune has that typical late 60s "sound". Bombastically orchestrated in the "Barry Ryan style"... it's a melodrama with lots of
catchy hooks... IF you can find it, you will love it ... I usually rate a song not higher than
8/10, but this one... well, what can I say... 11/10 !!!

The Last caress  performed by The Misfit
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

A very catchy song with horrible and demented lyrics.

the long goodbye  performed by a girl called eddy
Recommended by joysoph89 [profile]

catches you immediately with opening chords. chorus is catchy. definite burt bacharach influence

The Only Living Boy in New York  performed by Simon and Garfunkel  1969
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A simple but catchy track with an excellent arrangement which is helped along by a nice slice of organ in the mix. Dreamily atmospheric, and of course beautifully sung.

from Bridge Over Troubled Water, available on CD

The Riviera Affair  performed by Neil Richardson  1969
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

Amazing song from the 1960's blending powerful luscious strings with a fast paced catchy melody. One might think that you have landed in the middle of a international crime affair in the French Riviera. Would work amazingly good as a theme-song for a TV-series (maybe it has been used that way already?)

available on CD - The Sound Gallery (Scamp)

The Shark  performed by Hugo Montenegro  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A stunning soundtrack piece, 'the shark' opens with a catchy bass riff. Montenegro then uses an Ennio Morricone-style instrumentation with harpsichord and strings to build the theme. The tempo changes unsettlingly as the theme continues through an incredibly atmospheric three minutes.

from Lady in Cement
available on CD - Ninfadelica (Irma)

the spider and the fly  performed by London After Midnight
Recommended by silent_wretch [profile]

"Eternal bliss, something I can show you. Spread your arms and let my wings enfold you my love, my love"

Ah! perfectly dark romance...

available on CD - Selected Scenes From The End Of The World

The White Boy is Back  performed by Everlast  1998
Recommended by falicon [profile]

This is a great intro to a CD because it's a direct tribute to the Fat Boys...which I loved as a kid, and have a tough time finding material from. Anyway, the song is a short bit, with great female background and a catchy little clapping type beat.

from Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, available on CD

The world is outside  performed by The Ghosts  2007
Recommended by Issie [profile]

I love this song because its got a good beat to it and this makes it really catchy. I think the verses are a bit boring and repetive, but the chorus is amazing!

The World is Outside  performed by The Ghosts  2007
Recommended by Issie [profile]

I love this song ! I heard of them a little while back now but I never really got into them - until i heard this song! It's catchy and its got a good rhythm to it- I have been looking for a great song like this for ages!! I recommend it to you if you like bands like Keane and Coldplay! its a great song so listen to it its on youtube!

Theme From "Blow Up"  performed by Bobby Hutcherson  1967
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

This whole album is a masterpiece, but "Blow Up" is a track that should definitely be better known. It's a vibes-piano-bass-drums quartet session with Herbie on piano that inexplicably was never released at the time, only in Japan over a decade later. It was available on CD for a while in the early 90s, but has since been deleted. The track builds on a steady, understated 4/4 groove anchored heavy bass and creative drumming courtesy of Joe Chambers. Eight minutes of relaxed heaven, with messrs. Hutcherson and Hancock engaging in sublime vibes/piano dialogue over a very catchy theme. Seek out this album any way you can!

from Oblique (Blue Note)

Theme from the Traitors  performed by Packabeats  1962
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Another superb instrumental track which had vanished from my mind during the last few years, but which I found again yesterday during a self-indulgent marathon record-listening session. This is a very memorable theme, produced by Joe Meek. There's a cool opening with a catchy drum pattern. The rest of the instrumentation is organ, bass, and some very cool twangy guitars, often with some heavy reverb.

available on CD - Joe Meek Presents 304 Holloway Road (Sequel)

This place is a prison  performed by The postal Service
Recommended by realbookfakebook [profile]

Sounds dark and neato and electonic-ish. Super catchy tune

This Way Mary  performed by John Barry  1974
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I love John Barry. Actually he doesn't seem like such a great guy personally, but I love a lot of his music. This track was originally composed for the soundtrack of the 1971 film 'Mary, Queen of Scots'. However, the sound is very modern. The track is built around a recurring piano riff (which incidentally was sampled by the group Chapterhouse on their 1991 indie/shoegazing single 'mesmerize'), and the tune is played by a synthesized, echoey harpsichord. It's a delightfully simple but very catchy track which stands up to repeated listening.

from Play it again (Polydor)
available on CD - The very best of (Polydor Europe)

Through the Yard of Blonde Girls  performed by Jeff Buckley
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

I'm into blonde women, always have been. Perhaps I share a kindship with the late great Jeff Buckley. I can just imagine where he's coming from, standing on stage, electric guitar amped to rock, all that power in his hands, peering out through the crowd into a yard of blonde girls. How wonderfully empowering! Just think of it? A young man in his prime slashing power chords in front of a legion of women, and leaving this song to remind us of what it's like to live this mythical life. I sing along, dreaming of what it would have been like as a rock star, what kind of pleasure could I derive from the world?

Jeff has certainly proven and disproven his own stylings from the seminal album, Grace, to the somewhat obscure and fragile My Sweetheart the Drunk. What could have been still reverberates through my mind when listening to this song in particular. Its compelling simplicity and catchy chorus, "very sexy, very sexy, okay, okay" beckons my blonde girlfriend to break out into song. The slow thrust of crunching guitars, standard rock 4/4 time, heavy drums sitting on every beat - it's almost glam, almost British invasion, almost cock-rock, but Buckley style. And yes, very sexy, very sexy. Trust me guys, girls will love this song!

from My Sweetheart the Drunk, available on CD

  amyliner: Hi, Just to say that Jeff Buckley didn't write Yard of Blonde Girls (not that you'd ever know from the way he performs it. *sigh*) It was written by A.Clark - L.Kramer - I.Lorre. But yes, girls do love this song. Espencially we blonde ones!!!!
  elision: 'yard of blonde girls' seems to be a somewhat pejorative term (the middle-upper class socialites, the 'gold sharks') so while Jeff Buckley may have stood rock god-like and looked upon legions of blonde girls (somehow I doubt that was his main audience) with a sexually approving eye, if the song spoke anything about his truth, he would probably have been looking out for the different one, the pure one who rises above social politicking in her innocence, the Lola.
  ultra-violent romantic: eloquently said elison; i have to agree with you, especially in reference to the "gold sharks glittering." in david browne's dual biography on tim and jeff buckley titled "dream brother," he points out that when jeff recorded this song he made it very apparent that he didn't want any Sony reps to get a hold of it...
Today  performed by Smashing Pumpkins
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

Wow! What a song! It starts off with the mock ice-cream jingle then Billy And The Guys craft a brilliant song. But dont be fulled with the lyric "Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life" it seems to be upbeat and poppy but it has some dark lyrics

from Siamese Dream

Too Young  performed by Phoenix  2000
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

To me this is one of the best pop songs of the last 10 years or so where just everything falls perfectly into place and couldn't be bettered in any way. It's insanely catchy without ever getting annoying, it's immaculately produced with the whole instrumentation blending together perfectly (including extremely lush synths all over the place provided by Daft Punks Thomas Bangalter) and it doesn't wear off even after listening to it for ages. I was glad to see this track finally getting some exposure on the "Lost In Translation" soundtrack recently. If only they would write more songs of that caliber, but instead both albums they released to date are rather patchy.

from United, available on CD

Trippin A Hole In A Paper Heart  performed by Stone Temple Pilots  1996
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

It's very catchy. Along with the song Plush, if you want to get a STP song make it either one. Their both very good. I like the bass in this one as well.

from Thank You: The Best Of...

Triste  performed by Pizzicato Five  1995
Recommended by johannp [profile]

This song has a simple but effective instrumentation; piano, drums and bass for the most part, and brass here and there. It manages to be catchy and interesting because of the melody and chords in my opinion. It's hard to point at something specific, yet the song in its entirety just has a certain, very definitive appeal, especially the ending where it almost has an improvised feel.

This song is from what one could think of as the 'middle period' of Pizzicato Five; they had acquired Maki Nomiya as a singer, and not yet ventured into the experimental things they did in the late 90's. Another, shorter version of it is on "Big Hits & Jet Lags '94-'97'", and that's about the only difference between the two.

from Romantique '96, available on CD

Una Tromba a Dallas  performed by Ennio Morricone  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

"Frontier Psychiatrist" by the Avalanches was built around the �bercool vocal hook from this. catchy and simple tune, the feel lies somewhere in between go-go, epic drama and mariachi music. Dig the way the drums and piano work together. (Is that a harpsichord later on?) Never seen the film this is from, but i'd be dissappointed if this song wasn't used in a great scene.

available on CD - Svegliati E Uccidi & Sacco E Vanzetti

  delicado: Thanks for recommending this! I actually really like the avalanches song, and of course however much Morricone I think I know/have, there's always more!
  dominb: The "Svegliati e Uccidi" s/track is available at,though the best version of Lisa Gastoni singing "Una Stanza Vuota" is not on it only a 7" single version which omits the guitar section which makes the song IMO,the better version of this song features on the "Canto Morricone 60's" record.
Vapour Trail  performed by Ride  1991
Recommended by delicado [profile]

However you look at it, this song is simply too good to have not yet been recommended by me on this site. The final track on Ride's 1991 debut, this is simple, formulaic even, but very nicely executed. It opens with the same nice chord sequence that makes up most of the song, played on a solo guitar. Mark Gardner's vocals are wavering and delicate (ok, they're a little out of tune as well), but charming. The drum beat hints at the indie-dance sensibility of the time, and is extremely catchy without being ridiculous.

The real hook of the song for me lies in the harmonies introduced by the string parts which periodically underlay the chords. As the song builds, these string arrangements become more full. The rest of the band fades away and leaves them at the end. I'm surprised at how much I still enjoy this.

from Nowhere, available on CD

  shaka_klaus: ye-ye! nice one!
  andrew76: first you look so strong then you fade away the sunlight blinds my eyes i love you anyway - pure genius - and then one of them joined Oasis. Bugger.
waiting for a train  performed by Flash in the Pan  1982
Recommended by commonsense [profile]

Flash and the Pan was an Australian New Wave group (essentially an ongoing studio project) formed in the late 1970s by Harry Vanda and George Young, both formerly members of the Easybeats. George Young is also an older brother to Angus Young and Malcolm Young of AC/DC.
The song has an infectious lead that pulls you along to the very end a one off attempt that worked..

from Headlines
available on CD - Best of Flash in the Pan

Walk Away  performed by Kelly Clarkson  2006
Recommended by Izzy [profile]

I love this song because it is so catchy and is really funky, I reckon everyone would like it!

from Breakaway

Washington Bullets  performed by The Clash
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

Upbeat and very catchy. extremely idealistic!

What About Love  performed by Austin Mahone
Recommended by sarahggates [profile]

So catchy

What About Love  performed by Austin Mahone
Recommended by sarahggates [profile]

So catchy

Who Am I  performed by Will Young  2006
Recommended by Izzy [profile]

I like this song because of it's awesome lyrics nad it's catchy tune.

Wishfull Thinking  performed by The Ditty Bops  2004
Recommended by Circusfreak [profile]

Beautiful harmonies, a fun catchy rhythm, and wonderful lyrics that'll be sure to make you giggle. It has some blue-grass influences... but it's not at all country. (if that makes any sense)

from Self Title (the ditty bops) (Warner Bros)
available on CD - The Ditty Bops (Warner Bros)

With My Looks And Your Brains  performed by The Mr T Experience  1997
Recommended by tapler [profile]

This is a really catchy and funny pop song. Dr. Frank is a masterful songwriter and this is among his finest efforts.

from Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You, available on CD

Worst Case Scenario  performed by The Hoosiers  2007
Recommended by Issie [profile]

This song is just so catchy and I love it! Their album is also really good.

from The trick to life

Yoshimi battles the pink robots  performed by The Flamming Lips
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

Bizarre lyrics, but it's so sweet, so enduring and just plain catchy that you have to love it.

You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling  performed by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I put this record on again yesterday for the first time in a while, and was reminded of how utterly astounding this track is. Lee's voice is incredibly low. Both Nancy and Lee add little variations to the tune, and are accompanied by some simple instrumentation: a catchy strummed guitar, drums, bass and occasional piano and strings. At various points, the song just stops as Lee sings 'Woah Woah Woooe'. Very highly recommended.

from Nancy and Lee (Reprise)
available on CD - Fairytales and Fantasies

  Liv: Lee's voice is a bit of an acquired taste(-but too,uh,rusty for me anyway-),but as for Nancy,her best recordings from this period(the 60's)are top quality..she became something of a cult heroine for die-hard 60's collectors..and went into pop history..
  ronin: I'll always remember them for "Some Velvet Morning When I'm Straight," which I never understood, but liked anyway--his rather drawling delivery opposite her more conventional one.
  n-jeff: Post Top Gun this song is remarkably popular in its Righteous Brothers version amongst the local rugby and hockey playing types, so when doing sports parties its always good fun to play the nancy and Lee version for its disturbing "Slowed down" feeling. But at home, its always just good to play it.
Zigarillo  performed by Botho Lucas Singers und die Sound Masters  1972
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This one of the most insanely catchy and infectious tracks I've heard in a long time. Opens with a sparse bongo beat, accompanied by 'mouth percussion'. A German voice sounding slightly like aging British radio DJ Tommy Vance starts talking ('Der man, das Zigarillo'), before a catchy piano riff and jaunty easy listening chorus come in. A fun track - nice that compilations like 'pop shopping 2' come out and save things like this from total obscurity.

available on CD - Pop Shopping 2 (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)

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