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 • Most recommended year - 1968 (36 songs)
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My name is Jonny.

I recently got rid of all of the jewel cases for my CDs. Those things take up a lot of space. Bought little bags to put the discs and inlays in. Far better that way I think.

I've had a bit more time recently to listen to music and make compilations. I love to make compilations.

I don't tend to make much time for new music. I'm just too interested in older music. But I expect its time will come.

Here's some ways I could describe what I like to listen to.

I'm obsessed with lush strings. It's great if they have a nice percussive late 60s or early 70s setting, but I like them on their own as well.

A lot of the time I can find these on soundtrack and easy listening records. Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Quincy Jones, Les Baxter, Lalo Schifrin; that kind of thing.

I'm very big on Brazilian pop, bossa nova and MPB. Although I did go there recently and pick up some more obscure stuff, I'm totally into people like Marcos Valle, Elis Regina, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Joao Gilberto. Joao Donato is pretty incredible as well, as is Jorge Ben.

Julie London remains my absolute favorite singer. There are lots of other female singers I really like, including Hildegard Knef, Caterina Valente, Nancy Ames, June Christy, and Frances Faye.

In terms of male singers, the big ones for me are probably Scott Walker and Lee Hazlewood. I'm very happy to have just picked up all my Lee LPs from where they were being stored.

I become obsessed by particular songs, and collect different versions of them. Everyone has their own favorite standards I guess (well, not everyone). My favorite is probably 'Laura', but I also have a soft spot for 'Miserlou', 'Baia', 'Frenesi', 'Taboo', 'Whispering', 'Smoke Rings', 'Georgia on my mind', 'Stardust', 'The end of a love affair', and yes, 'Delicado.'

Without intending to, I have amassed a small collection of 'soft porn' LPs and 45s from the 60s and 70s.

I'm bigger on 'soft pop' though - mostly late-60s American bands like Eternity's Children, Free Design, The Beach Boys.

No, I didn't listen to all this music when I was a teenager. Then, I listened almost exclusively to The Smiths, New Order, and Joy Division. I still like these bands, along with other stuff from the time: Cocteau Twins, Julian Cope etc...

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