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5 tracks from 1963 have been recommended by delicado.
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The end of a love affair  performed by Julie London  1963
Recommended by delicado [profile]

'do they know, do they care, that it's only/that I'm lonely and low as can be.../And the smile on my face...isn't really a smile at all...'
This is a brilliant, devastating recording. Julie's gentle, heartfelt vocal, the lush background... I'm speechless!

from Love on the Rocks (Liberty)
available on CD - The Liberty Years (EMI)

  28 Feb 02 ·G400 Custom: Julie London's version of 'Fly Me To The Moon' is the best I've ever heard.
  12 Nov 02 ·followyourbliss: I love Julie London - I agree with G400. Her Fly Me To The Moon is on Ultralounge's Bossanovaville and it's even better than Sinatra's
  09 Jan 04 ·rio: great choice; the whole album is one of my favorites by julie.. how about "guess who i saw today"?
  21 Aug 04 ·masten: I am looking for a CD of Julie London titled "Love on the Rocks". Does anyone know if this exists?
  17 Dec 05 ·vanguard77: It will be released on Feb 6 by EMI-UK, coupled with "Julie." :)
Requiem Pour Un Twisteur  performed by Serge Gainsbourg  1963
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A super cool french vocal with an excellent organ sound running through it. Serge's jazzier output (showcased on the excellent 'du jazz dans le ravin' CD compilation) really blew me away when I first heard it, and this track is probably my favorite from this period.

from No. 4
available on CD - Du jazz dans le ravin (Philips)

  24 Jul 01 ·tinks: i absolutely love this song, especially how serge just sounds so very...FRENCH! the way he draws out the word "twisteur" cracks me up every single time i hear it.
(What's your story) Morning Glory  performed by Milt Jackson  1963
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An excellent cut, with wailing big band brass and cool vibes. The song is quite familiar - musically it is an early draft of the standard 'Black coffee', sounding similar, but slightly sped-up. The percussion is also excellent - lots of bongos. Overall, the sound recalls some of Mancini's best 50s work, but somehow sounds even more vital and brilliant to me. Milt's work on the vibes also seems to have influenced Angelo Badalamenti (his David Lynch soundtrack work, anyway), and the solo work of Barry Adamson.

from For someone I love, available on CD (Riverside)

Royal Blue  performed by Henry Mancini  1963
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A beautiful Mancini piece from one of his best-known soundtracks that I had somehow managed to neglect completely. The Pink Panther was never at the top of my wish-list, but after picking up the CD last week for a mere 50p, I was very impressed. The score utilizes the accordian slightly more than I would have liked, but has some fantastic textured tracks, such as this one.

The track opens with a 'Blues in the night' style riff on the piano. The lead is then taken by a blistering muted trumpet sound. I've always thought of Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks work as being heavily Mancini-influenced, but that link has never been more clear to me than on this track, which has a similar moody tone to some of the best tracks on the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. The classic Mancini string sound is also in evidence, as well as a gentle wordless chorus. About half-way through, legendary tenor saxophonist Plas Johnson takes up the melody. The dreaded accordian gets a brief look-in before the track concludes with some more riffing on the trumpet. Fantastic stuff; Mancini really was an inspirational arranger.

from The Pink Panther, available on CD (RCA)

  06 Dec 04 ·Issie: I like Pink Panther so I bet I like this song!
Sol Da Meia-Note  performed by Sylvia Telles  1963
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is a really stunning Brazilian take on 'Midnight Sun' - a really haunting song written by Lionel Hampton. It starts with a creepy, ornate string arrangement and Sylvia's vocal in Portuguese is stunning. The whole album is great.

from Bossa Balanco Balada, available on CD

  23 Jul 08 ·shida: Hi, I think have a mistake in the name of the track. The real name is "Sol da meia noite". Cheers
  23 Jul 08 ·delicado: Very good point shida - thanks for that. I've updated it now.

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