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Wicked Game  performed by Chris Isaak  1991
Recommended by alexr [profile]

A song with style, with passion, with character, that's Wicked Game... Don't miss the chance to listen to it... -a.

from Wicked Game (EMI 1112), available on CD

  16 Jul 04 ·37piecesflair: One of my favorite songs of all time.
Shopper's Paradise  performed by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine  1991
Recommended by mayers [profile]

from 30 Something, available on CD

Jellypop Perky Jean  performed by Julian Cope  1991
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A lovely little pop song, Jellypop perky Jean uses a standard Julian Cope trick - having a nice little repetitive musical phrase running in the background throughout the whole song. He then builds things up with a simple organ sound. The effect is very gentle and ambient and wonderful. At one point late in the song, Julian stunningly stops singing and starts talking. Here the real genius cuts through, and I start wondering why more people don't rant on about this guy as much as I do.

from Droolian
available on CD - Floored Genius (Sony)

Dem No Worry We  performed by Super Cat  1991
Recommended by lionson76 [profile]

Arguably one of the best reggae albums of all time, Super Cat's Don Dada is a fun, FUN, "get on de dance flo', mon!" fiasco of bass and high hats. Super Cat's soft and clear voice complements the music where some other rastas and their gritty voice would detract from it. You really can't lose with this album; every track is spectacular and irresistable. If you've never listened to reggae or just could never get into it, you might be able to appreciate Super Cat.

from Don Dada, available on CD

All I need is the girl  performed by Harry Connick, Jr.  1991
Recommended by jwmoz [profile]

The song is actually a show tune - originally from 'Gypsy'. The only place I know this version exists is off Harry Connick's laser disc - featuring a live performance from '91. Anyway, if you listen to Mel Torme belt out this showtune, it sounds, well, like a showtune. I'm not a big fan. It's kind of dimply cheeked-cheesy. Harry sings it like it's an absolute standard. Slows it down, gets a little soulsy and smooths it out... perfect crooner jazz. Unfortunately there is a good deal of talking and tap dancing breaking up the song.

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