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things we said today  performed by sandpipers  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

i'm really starting to get into the sandpipers nowadays because of their amazingly clear, fluid sound. great 60s vocal pop song, this. flute, soft strings and some sweet understated harpsichord (or some electronic instrument) playing in the background. the bassline and percussion gives it a slight italian 60's soundtrack vibe. i love how it seems to constantly change its mood, epecially when it returns to form after the first flute part. there's even a bit in there that sounds like syd barret...

cry a little longer  performed by the grodes  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

pretty straightforward mid-sixties garage tune.
what really grabs me about this is the ambience created by the organ/ drum combo in the refrain, wich gives it a kind of mideval/ primal feel. (feel free to arrest me on this one as i know virtually nothing about those genres. it's just the description that sprung to mind:)
don't know too much about the band, as this was a random file sharing find.

is there any kind of music that fits better into a compilation format than the countless garage one hit- or no hit- wonders of the sixties? didn't think so.

available on CD - let's talk about girls

petrol pop  performed by michel magne & jean yanne  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

ultra-trippy middle east-influenced song celebrating the joys of gasoline, from french avantgarde easy listening composer/arranger michel magne. very heavy in the strings department.
it sounds like it was written for a commercial or something, what with the moany female vocals and all, but my french is pretty goddamn terrible, so i wouldn't know:)

available on CD - shake sauvage

look at your game girl  performed by charles manson  196x
Recommended by olli [profile]

checked it out for the novelty value, stayed with it because it's simply a beautiful song. wouldn't have guessed this insane bastard had something as good as this inside of him. reminds me a bit of a starker, less musically developed townes van zandt actually.

White Horses Theme  performed by Jacky  196x
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

This is a sixties kids show theme tune. Its a dreamy, girl song. It sometimes reminds me of Walking in the Air, and maybe Nancy Sinatra. Who said 'writing about music' is like 'dancing about architecture'? I think I'd be better at the latter

available on CD - Cult Fiction Returns ?

  27 Nov 04 ·kohl: elvis costello?
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