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Member since: Friday 12th March 2004
Based in: norway

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 • Total songs recommended: 80, by 69 different performers, from 31 different years
 • Most recommended performer - serge gainsbourg (5 songs)
 • Most recommended year - 196x (7 songs)
19591959: 2 recommended195?: 1 recommended195x: 4 recommended1960: 1 recommended1962: 1 recommended1963: 1 recommended1966: 2 recommended1967: 1 recommended1968: 2 recommended1969: 3 recommended196?: 3 recommended196x: 7 recommended1970: 1 recommended1973: 1 recommended1976: 1 recommended1978: 1 recommended1979: 2 recommended197x: 2 recommended1981: 1 recommended1984: 1 recommended1987: 2 recommended1988: 1 recommended198x: 1 recommended199?: 1 recommended2000: 2 recommended2001: 6 recommended2002: 4 recommended2003: 3 recommended2004: 5 recommended200x: 1 recommended200x

my name is olli i'm 22, i'm currently studying visual communication, and i like girls, booze, coffee, cigarettes, nice food and unique music. i'm kind of a musical omnivore, though my preferences usually lean towards eclectic and/or groovy easy listening and records from the 50s to the 70s. i also love obscure asian, south american and european psychedelia. some of my favourite performers/ composers are (in no particular order) serge gainsbourg, tom waits, stereo total, yuzo kayama, bruce haack, eartha kitt, peter thomas, alain goraguer, ennio morricone, gert wilden, leslie gore, esquivel, wanda jackson, bappi lahiri, stereolab, jean jaques perrey, beth gibbons, jimmy haskell, charlie feathers, john barry, clara rockmore, cilla black, raymond scott, pierre henry, piero piccioni, johnny cash, dusty springfield, enoch light, erik bye, the cramps, boards of canada, the supremes, los plantronics, os mutantes, barry gray, beth gibbons, the skatalites, plastics, france gall, lee hazlewood, charles bernstein,moldy peaches, sergio mendez, edith piaf, kurt weill, kraftwerk, le tigre, link wray, tennessee ernie ford, white noise, kim hiorth�y, lars horntveth, dean elliot, jimmy namaro, belle and sebastian, karin krog, juliette greco, les baxter, shuggie otis, the stooges, dick dale, dauerfish and kalyanji/anandji plus a whole slew of other fantastic stuff.

i'm quite a compulsive music collector, though the actual music is more important to me than what kind of format it's stored on. i don�t care wether it's on cassette, vinyl, cd, cd-r, minidisc or mp3 as long as it�s accessible to me. (still, i�m always happy to find vinyl records of things i like, though that is fairly rare as i live in norway. our pop history is about as interesting as that of the south pole.)

Most recent recommendations:
   Lee Hazlewood - Bye Babe
   Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation
   michel magne - tabu
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Most recent comments:
   dungen - Du e f�r fin f�r mig
   serge gainsbourg - Requiem pour un con
   the verve - bittersweet symphony
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Favorite links: - threadless t-shirts- i'm very active over there - waxy has the greatest links - chud-movie news - coudal partners-great design bureau - www.x-entertainment- 80s kitch

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