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3 tracks from 1969 have been recommended by olli.
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your hidden dreams  performed by white noise  1969
Recommended by olli [profile]

great electronic effects-laden psychedelia from their 1969 album "an electric storm". a spooky and beautiful track with lots of echo and spacy non-melodic digressions. oddly, it stays quite coherent despite all the insane stuff going on in the background. Female singer, beautyful breathy voice, kind of a "nico light-" thing going on.
the track "firebird" from the same album is also highly recommended.

by the way, im pretty sure each member of broadcast have their own copy of this album. The song "marooned" on wire's 1978 album "chairs missing" shares some melodic qualities with this track. would probably sound great if mixed together..

(if you're interested in aquiring the whole album, its pretty hard to come by, at least in vinyl form. i think it's been reissued on cd by some obscure label, but as i only have a cd-r copy, i'm not sure. side a is very good, but from what i heard they ran out of studio time, forcing them to make side b a bit more...shall we say, "experimental" in order to make it lp lenghth...)

from an electric storm

  31 Aug 05 ·standish: My dad's prog-rock friend brought this album over when my dad got his first proper stereo in 1972 and played us the scary side... These days, I love "Firebird" and "Here Come The Fleas". Quirky UK electronica by (BBC Radiophonic Workshop) Delia Derbyshire and David Vorhaus.
karma sitar  performed by 101 strings  1969
Recommended by olli [profile]

The standout track on the otherwise pretty dull lp "the exotic sounds of love". The title says it all really, it`s a mighty fine psychsploitation/middle east -style track. Love the swirling strings.

from the exotic sounds of love (astor)
available on CD - astro sounds from beyond the year 2000 (scamp)

wan’drin’ star  performed by lee marvin  1969
Recommended by olli [profile]

lee marvin sings! i really like the simplistic string arrangements here, especially in the intro and chorus. lee marvin's unbelievably gruff voice fits the song well. wish he'd done some more musical work, he'd be fun for an even kitchier easy listening album.

"do i know where hell is? hell is in hello.
heaven is goodbye forever, it's time for me to go.
i was born under a wan'drin' star...."

"when i get to heaven, tie me to a tree
or i'll begin to roam and soon you'll know where i will be"
classic kitch.

from paint your wagon ost

  08 Nov 04 ·n-jeff: heh, and for the hit single the flip was Clint Eastwoods ultra weedy version of "I talk to the trees". Great for starting conversations while DJing in clubs.
"Whats this sh***!?"
"Clint Eastwood"
"Really?, No! what?"

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