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No Children  performed by The Mountain Goats
Recommended by Sulku [profile]

Itzcuintli-Totzli Days  performed by the Mountain Goats  1994
Recommended by agnamaracs [profile]

"Itzcuintli-Totzli Days" is one of the many Mountain Goats songs that displays John Darnielle's fixation on ancient Aztec culture: "Itzcuintli" (or "Itzquintli," the dog) is the tenth day of the Aztec calendar, and "Totzli" (or "Tochtli," the rabbit) is the eighth. Apparently, Tochtli symbolized drunkenness, something looked down upon by the Aztecs. So when Darnielle sings "I know he's coming, let him come / Let the big, big rabbit come out," he's singing a good old-fashioned drinking song, albeit with Aztec imagery. It can never be said that Darnielle writes straightforwardly.

(It also makes me think of the film "Harvey," and the relationship between the alcoholic Elwood P. Dowd and an invisible rabbit; the line "Let him cast his shadow on the bright face of our little house" brings to mind the promotional artwork.)

Like many Mountain Goats songs, every element comes together: the words, the melody, the vocals (lead and harmony), and the guitar playing. (I emphasize the guitar playing because a friend of mine says that Darnielle's not a particularly good guitar player. He's wrong.) it's only 1:24, so there's not much to it, but it's (short and) sharp. And at the end, there's applause. where it's coming from, I don't know, but it just as well might be coming from us.

from Beautiful Rat Sunset, available on CD

Genesis 3:23  performed by The Mountain Goats  2009
Recommended by ghosttomost [profile]

The Mountain Goats are an indie alt country band that are a bit of an acquired taste but they are so talented. this song is totally catchy and the lyrics are superb. the lyrics truly paint a vivd picture for the listener and you feel like you are trapped within the sing.

from the life of the world to come

No Children  performed by The Mountain Goats
Recommended by lhirsch92 [profile]

No Children  performed by the Mountain Goats
Recommended by zector1981 [profile]

Wonderfull song about a husband and wife who hate each other.
The Mountain Goats are ussualy very lo-fi but this release gave them a newfound hi-fi multi-instrumented sound.
This song is a whimsical hate fest
"i hope the rising black smoke carries me away
and i never come back to this town again
in my life i hope i lie
and tell everyone you were a good wife
and i hope you die
i hope we both die"

from Tallahassee (4ad)

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