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pissing in a river  performed by the patti smith group  1976

a passionate, rough-voiced rock legend begging for a lover to return. crying guitar, wailing background singers...what more can i say?

from "all over me" soundtrack (TVT records)

  06 Nov 02 ·modadelic: patti was totally out there back when this track was happening. those first two albums were brilliant, esspecially the radio ethiopia track on same name album. sadly for her early supporters it was not listening heaven after she had a fluke hit and commercialism raised its tired and ugly head and patti was somehow lead to believe she only wrote songs that were as good as other 70's songwriters when in reality she used to write songs that were way above any other writers.the songs on the first two albums have incredible atmosphere and that was all lost after because the night hit mainstream ears. the first two albums and any bootlegs from 75/76 are worth anyones time and money.
i left you (?)--hidden track  performed by rx bandits  1999

a pop/ska/punk band taking a break. it's a touching song about a regretted breakup,involving only a singer and a dirty guitar.

from halfway between here and there (drive-thru records)

just watch the fireworks  performed by jimmy eat world  1999

i'm too tone deaf to fully describe why this song is so good. it's melodic and melancholic without being too depressing. vocals and production are outstanding.

from clarity (captal records)

sell my old clothes, i'm off to heaven  performed by saves the day

it's catchy without being too cute. poppy emo punk. lyrics concern trying to figure out why a lover left you for another--great lyrics.

from another year on the streets (compilation) (vagrant records)

the end of the reign of terror is soon near  performed by the anniversary

i don't know much about this band... three singers, killer melodies, fairly depressing but thoughtful and insightful lyrics. this song is loooong and worth it. (oh yeah, and add "i believe that" to the beginning of the song title--it wouldn't all fit)

from another year on the streets (compilation) (vagrant records)

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