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Our Day Will Come  performed by Roger Nichols Trio  1966
Composed by M.Garson-B.Hillard

This is a cover song of a famous tune by Ruby & the Romantics but it's a totally different type of music from the original. Its orchestration and chorus are outstanding and dreamy. Though Roger Nichols is famous now among Japanese pops fan, I don't think many people know him outside Japan. So I want more people to know his tremendous works!!

from only single(A&M 801) (A&M)
available on CD - The Complete Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends (POCM-2 (A&M)

  29 May 02 ·scrubbles: You're right, this is an excellent arrangement of this song. Where the original was yearning and romantic, this one is bright and perky. A gem!
  10 Feb 03 ·konsu: Yeah! Also check out the Chris Montez version with the same kind of "perky" quality!
Meet Me At The Love-In  performed by Love Generation  1967
Composed by T. Bahler & K. Colley

Everytime I listen to their songs, I feel something pressing on my chest. Ahh, I can't express my feeling very well... The boys and girls mixed choirs on fantastic melodies always make me happy. I love " Meet Me At The Love In" so much, especially whisper on their choirs, horn on the bridge, etc. They were actually a follower of The Mamas & The Papas but their tunes are more cheerful and energetic!

from The Love Generation (Imperial 12351)

Rumors  performed by Eternity’s Children  1967
Composed by B. Blackman & K. Olsen

So surprised that the composer, Mr. Bruce Blackman wrote a comment on Mrs. Bluebird's recommendation of this site! And this song "Rumor" ,their first single, was also written by him and Keith Olsen. Beautifully pop melody, intertwined harmony and good sense of guitar arrangement...It's like a comfortable summer breeze. Though I do love "The Other Side of Me", "I Wanna Be With You" and "Mrs. Bluebird" as well, this is the best track in me.

from Single only (A&M 866)
available on CD - The Melody Goes On #Soft Rock Vol.2 (M&M MMCD-1013)

  16 Jun 02 ·Ron1967-1970: this song was on one of the two LP's
  07 Sep 02 ·deltadoodah: yea, bruce was there in the very beginning, but he was not there when we recorded the second lp or the last single we recorded in tyler, texas with robin hood bryant. he wrote NO songs on the "timeless" album and you HAVE NOT heard the TRUE story about "eternity's children." I thank you for your time...but I am not impressed by what Mr. Blackmon is writing. If you would like the REAL story, please let me, Roy Whitaker, Linda Lawley or Mike McClain hear from you. Thanks a lot and keep on rockin'. Charlie Ross
  08 Sep 02 ·masayo: wow.... are you Mr. Charlie Ross??? I'd really like to hear the REAL story!! Actually I can't get just a little information about Eternity's Children while it's my favorite group...
  06 Jan 07 ·trainman5561: charlie, hope you remember me.Iworked with you as your road man in 66.I've often wondered where you and johnny walker went to. I'm still in B'ham Al. If you remember me send a phone no.I can reach you at.Would like to ask some questions about old times and friends.Those were good times in my life. Your old friend Jimmy [email protected]
Sunshine Among Us  performed by Eternity’s Children  1968
Composed by Bruce Blackman

Ahh, how much I love Eternity's Children's sounds...
A week ago, I bought their CD where 25 songs in, as my bootleg's mix was terrible and no main vocal on Lifetime Day! Anyway, now I enjoy its perfect tracks, especially Lifetime Day, Your World and this song Sunshine Among Us. I do love Sunshine..'s catchy melody, beautifully thick effected harmonies and groovy backing rythm section including keyboards.
By the way, the liner notes says " However, each year, on the day before Thanksgiving, Bruce Blackman leads members of various Eternity's Children lineups at a benefit in Greenville, Mississippi featuring reunions of the area's best-loved acts" wow...this year also?!?!...I really wanna join the event!!

from Eternity's Children (Tower)

  29 Aug 03 ·luna: Bruce Blackman comes to The Krakerjacks Annual re-union. He is an invited guest, it is an event every nite-b4-thanksgiving that we;The Krackerjacks, have a big throw down in own,and Bruce's hometown. Charlie Ross is our Bassist; nothing what-so-ever to do with the children or Starbuck.We're all seasoned musicians, and have been together since 1981.
  29 Aug 03 ·luna: PS Now that I'm fully awake,let me state that Bruce is a very good friend of ours,as we've all been around him, or played in groups with him since the 60's. He is a musical genius. He is also a very talented writer. The best keyboard player I've ever known. The Biloxi days seem like a dream now, man, we had some fun! Just wanted to clear that up! We all love ya, Bruce.
  02 Sep 03 ·493440: Bruce: I don't know who you are Luna but I appreciate the nice comments. By the way, that crap in the Eternity's Children liner notes about me leading you guys in G'ville is totally bogus. I have no idea where that came from at all, certainly not from me. The whole Biloxi/Children thing is a vague memory to me as well. And by the way, the Krackerjacks kick ass!
  07 Sep 03 ·luna: You know me, Bruce; I'll tell you when I see you again. You've always amzed me, and I admired you from a distance. I was the one yall left behind when The Omen started at the Fiesta. See ya soon!
  22 Mar 05 ·cks6: Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of the Krackerjack's CD entitled "Rockin in the Delta"? Please email me at [email protected] if you have any information. Thanks!
  02 Jan 07 ·Andelyn: Hi everyone. Had to jump in here. I spent many of my 'growing up' years in Greenville, MS. My brother, Allen Graves, was a member of the Lancers mentioned here. I recognize a lot of the names surfacing in the posts here.
  06 May 08 ·eyazoo: Looking for a Krackerjack CD...any one would do. I love them and would especially like to get one with that "green grass" song. I grew up in Yazoo county and my step-dad actually played with them for a I had a CD, but it has disappeared (I think someone took it). Anyway, It would be great if the Krackerjacks could post something on their myspace page about purchasing CDs.
An Angel Is Love  performed by The Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra  1968
Composed by Bob Crewe & Charles Fox

The song I have been eager to get since I saw a movie "Barbarella" about 6 years ago. Finally I got the soundtrack CD. I do love the theme tune, Barbarella, too, but this somehow makes me feel "America", the place I have been longing for.
What mekes me feel so? Bob Crewe's sexy and gorgeous vocal? Cool horn and brass arrangements? widely spreading atomosphere? Everything is attracting reminding me of the scene where Pygar is flying after getting his new wings!

from Barbarella Original Soundtrack, available on CD ()

  23 Oct 02 ·n-jeff: Its hard to pick just one track off an LP thats this good. It took me ten years to track down my copy, and I had to pay full collectors price for it, but it was worth every penny. By the way, I don't think thats Bob singing, is it? He sings on one of his other LP's and its not too, er, memorable.
  24 Oct 02 ·masayo: According to the liner notes, "Bob Crew was persuaded by producer Dino de Laurentiis to sing on the wonderful end cue, 'An Angel is Love'." But I haven't listened to his other songs, so I can't say it's definitely his voice, though...
  24 Oct 02 ·n-jeff: Liner notes, blimey. Top song even so.
  19 Oct 03 ·heinmukk: truly great song. but i have to say, that i like the theme tune more. but it's maybe because i only listen to it while watching the intro with jane fonda undressing. best intro scene of a movie ever! and jane is supersexy, isn't she?! candy!!
  11 Mar 04 ·skooba: Does anyone know where could download mp3s of the Babarella soundtrack? Any other recomendations welcome.
  11 Mar 04 ·delicado: It's in print on Harkit Records. Here's one of many places you can buy it:
  12 Mar 04 ·olli: probably my favourite soundtrack ever. has to agree with heinmukk though, the title tune is better. the version in the actual movie is a bit different from the soundtrack version, probably worth ripping from the dvd if you can get your hands on it. I also love the track "fight in flight", it probably has one of the coolest combos of funk guitars and string arrangements there is.... there�s a rerelease of the album with some bonus tracks by the young lovers out, (some pretty standard easy listening cover versions of existing tracks, nice if you're a completist though.) dont remember wich label it�s on though.

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