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Baby, what's your plan?  performed by The Electric Shocks  2002
Composed by The Electric Shocks

I've got to admit, I'm in this band. It's a throwaway 2 minute punk rock song. Hopefully you'll agree it's got some energy to it and some charm in the many lead line mistakes and catchy chorus. We tried to keep the production as lo-fi and lively as possible - but it's a problem finding a recording studio and engineer that properly understands what's required. It's been likened to the Undertones (down to Dan's voice) and Stiff Little Fingers. I think it's kind of like the Ramones - probably because of the rhythm guitar part I play in the verse. If you like it, find out more about the band at

Out on the side  performed by Dillard and Clark  1969

A friend told me about this band around Christmas time, and knowing my particular musical taste, couldn't understand why I hadn't heard of them before. The LP 'The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark' is superb. Soulful country music with some stunning harmonies and mellow, warm production.

from The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark

Mystery Girl  performed by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs  2001

Amazing stripped down rock and roll. With just guitar, drums and vocals they manage to build some great dynamics into this tune. The Link Wray style reverby guitar and handclaps work a treat too. They recorded a session for Radio 1 in the UK which is still available from Steve Lamaq's page on the BBC Radio 1 website.

available on CD - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP (Wichita)

  05 Jun 02 ·Stian______: Very very nice , thx for the recomendation , it totally rocks ,very much energy and enthusiasm , and simple but clever arrangement ,what more can one want from a rock tune eh .
Look What The Wind Blew In  performed by Thin Lizzy  1971
Composed by Phil Lynott

This, unbelievably, sounds like The Strokes. Especially when the song moves from verse to chorus. Infact, it sounds more like the Strokes than any other band I've heard. Which suprised me. Which is why I recommended it.

available on CD - Whiskey in the jar (Spectrum music)

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