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Unprepared  performed by Superdrag  2000
Composed by John Davis

A wonderful song you will be unprepared to handle. A peice of pure glam rock meets Beatle like madness, from one of the last (if not the very last) true rock n' roll bands still alive and kicking. *note: 1:39, how beautiful yes?*

Would recommend from this entire album! Other highlighted selections "Gimmie Animosity", "Baby's Waiting", "Bright Pavillions".

from In the Valley of Dying Stars, available on CD (Arena Rock)

Bubblegum Factory  performed by Redd Kross  1990

The best bubblegum pop song ever. Literally.

from Third Eye, available on CD (Atlantic)

Baby Lemonade  performed by Syd Barrett  1970
Composed by Syd Barrett

The best opening to any album ever. Amazing guitar solos, lagging drums, warm organs, and Mr.Barrett himself. It doesn't get any better than this.

from Barrett, available on CD (Capitol)

  09 Mar 03 ·konsu: Yeah. This song has so much ragged beauty. The whole records just a circus of deranged, delightful tracks. I also like "Maisy" ,"Wined & Dined" , & "Dominoes"...
  28 Oct 05 ·n-jeff: I love it too, theres a fantastic version done for one of the John Peel sessions that Strange Fruit put out in the eighties, that is equally wayward, and equally good. Considering how slight it is, and how lacking in obvious "Psychedelic" conventions, it is surprisingly my favourite Barrett song.
Head Full of Pills  performed by The Prima Donnas  2001
Composed by Prima Donnas

Perfect synthesizer punk rock.

"Baby, just don't, 'cause we can't go back
My baby, hold your tongue 'cause it's worse like that
My baby, it was different 'cause we all did junk
Oh baby, lock those photos back inside of your trunk
My bittersweet memories
Remind me how we used to feel
All damn summer with our head full of pills"

from Drugs, Sex & Discotheques, available on CD (Peek-a-Boo)

Life is White  performed by Big Star  1974

This song spits at you with great Chilton guitar and vocal. Great harmonica too.

from Radio City, available on CD (Ardent)

  13 Jul 05 ·kkkerplunkkk: Cool stuff, and check out Chris Bell's solo album and hear the other great songwriting genius from Big Star.
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