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Without Her  performed by Herb Alpert  1968
Composed by Harry Nilsson

This is a cover of Harry Nilssons song with the same name. Herb Alpert and the tijuana brass makes a wonderfull representation of the song, with very spare instrumentation. This is a song i can listen to on repeat for hours.
The song is really just this guy singing about how he cant live without her, and a guitar silently and spare playing along in the background, until the song explodes into lots of brass and horns playing with him.

Beatles were also fans by Harry Nilsson btw.

  08 Jul 03 ·johnnyweissmueller: This is perhaps one of the greatest songs of all time! I can say without a doubt that I have spent days listening to this one; it got me addicted. I just couldn't keep my finger away from the repeat button. I recommend the original by Harry Nilsson, who isn't with us anymore.
  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: Yes, great songs & so many people tried to have hits with it...little Lulu springs to mind, but every version failed to dent the charts.
The space track  performed by Cosmic Baby  199?
Composed by Cosmic Baby

Trance/space/electropop when its at best. This track really gives you an impression about being in space, seeing colored nebulas, and pulsars.
This is the kraftwerk of the 90ies.
Starts with lots of spacesounds, and choirlike chords. Evolves with a snappy bass, and fast drums. Great chillout music.

Cosmic Baby also worked with Paul Van Dyk, and got Paul interest into music.

available on CD - TransEuropeExpress

Alone again or  performed by Love & Arthur Lee  196?

Very different sounding song for me. It sounds like a mix of late 60ies pop with arabic/turkish influences. A bit sad sounding, but still there is hope :)
I love it cause its got great harmonies, and a mix of guitars, violins, and spanish guitars.

  17 May 03 ·callgirlscene: Most of Loves material for me is not that great. I don't choose to listen to it - except for this song. It has this 'Summer of Love' dreamy hippie wistful feel. And, yes, wonderful harmonies. In it's way, it captures the mood of that time.
  21 May 03 ·john_l: Great song from a great LP, which naturally I hated when I first bought it and didn't re-discover until 1980, after hearing the (very good) UFO cover of "Alone Again Or" from their "Lights Out" LP!
  03 Feb 06 ·leonthedog: My first experience with this song was a cover version by The Damned ... it's actually very true to the original in my opinion - bold acoustic guitars, trumpets and all. Give it a listen!
Mr James Bond  performed by jean jacques perrey  196?
Composed by jean jacques perrey

Wow, never heard of him until recently.
He plays popmusic on Moog-synthesizers, and was one of the early pioneers.
Another fun thing about him, was that he made songs about different IanFleming bondbooks, before the Bond movies were even made. This is probably of later date still very fun sound.

Its sounds like 60ies popmusic with Commodore64 mixed into it.

Palace Station  performed by Melody Club  2002
Composed by Melody Club

David Bowie goes Glamrock. Great song of a new swedish group, who mixes brilliant riffs, with a catchy lyric. I love the small Roland Juno60 riffs they play on the synth :)
Very upbeat and i get happy by listening too it.

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