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Georges V  performed by Les Georges Leningrad  2003
Composed by Les Georges Leningrad

A band who specialise in "petrochemical sounds", burning up every musical regulation on their sole album (thus far). Their sound ranges from very off-kilter semi-melodic noise, of which this song is a good example, and, well, a din. I love it all. Although I know not much about them, this is the best new-release album I have bought this year. Enough to make even the most jaded "music offers no surprises anymore" type rush back to the turntable.

from Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou (Alien 8 Recordings ALIENCD45), available on CD

I Know You  performed by Angela & The Fans  1966
Composed by Western / Forest

Think bouncy, 60's brit-girl classic. Makes me tingle all over with happiness. This was on the flip on a Man From UNCLE novelty, Love Ya Illya, and is actually by that queen of opulence Alma Cogan in disguise.

from the single I Know You (Pye 7N.17108)
available on CD - Here Come The Girls 6 (Sequel)

Hotel Voulez-Vous  performed by Miranda July  1997
Composed by Miranda July

This is like a favourite film. A spoken word track, with backing by a scratchy American Red Cross WWII record, it's an epic tale of time travel and family hatred.

Miranda is multi-talented, being a recording artist, film maker, performance artist and writer. Unfortunately she seems to have given up making records: a real loss.

from 10 Million Hours A Mile (Kill Rock Stars KRS 281), available on CD

  03 Feb 04 ·barrythejackal: Quite right. Mesmerising stuff from this really interesting performer and Kill Rock Stars affiliate, with as much balls as any of the seminal riot grrl bands on that label. Essential listening!
Break Fool  performed by Rah Digga  2000
Composed by Rashia Fisher

The first lady of the Flipmode Squad. Amazing. Her voice is deep and rasping, tough and hard. She doesn't fall into the traps set for so many other female MCs - "looking pretty in the video", to quote another of her songs - or coming across uber-sexed, or singing any bloody ballads.

She rhymes with precision and with more than a dash of humour. Sounds as fresh as it did 4 years ago, and makes me frustrated for that long overdue second album.

from Dirty Harriet (Elektra 7559-62386-2), available on CD

Try To Understand  performed by Lulu  1965
Composed by Sawyer / Burton

Lulu has inflicted on the world many crimes against music, politics and fashion but gets into the pearly gates of musical heaven on the basis of this track. One of her early Decca sides, it's raw and heartfelt, and (despite her tender age at the time) a mature, original view of love.

from the single Try To Understand (Decca F.12214)
available on CD - The Girls' Scene (Deram)

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