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They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)  performed by Pete Rock and CL Smooth  1992
Recommended by lionson76 [profile]

Pure rhymes and ghetto eloquence: "When I date back I recall the man of the family tree, my right hand, poppa doc I see. Took me from a boy to man so I always had a father when my biological didn't bother..."

from Mecca and the Soul Brother (Elektra), available on CD

  20 Apr 01 ·tinks: i absolutely love this cut, it was one of my favorites back in 11th grade when it came out. good choice!
  31 May 01 ·delicado: and that sampled beat/guitar riff at the beginning is awesome as well - anyone know where that's from?
Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)  performed by Dramarama  1985
Recommended by Vagina Man [profile]

Dramarama never hit it as big as they should have but they still managed to stay around for more or less twelve years. Anything, Anything is one of those skater songs that gets you pumped. Not just because the song is great but becaus eyou can relate to it. It was well known mostly for its appearence in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street 4. It is on during the part when the kid is doing karate. The song is excellent and if you grew up in the eighties and took a liking to skateboarding and things of that nature then you can definitely appreciate this. The words as well as the music has a certain type of familiar energy that hits the spot in each of us, that is if you like metal.

from Cinema Verite (Elektra)

This Moment  performed by Incredible String Band  1970
Recommended by Aquatown [profile]

As any other hippie leaning lad would, I dabbled in the sound of The Incredible String Band in the late 60s. However, I don't remember anything sounding quite this good. "Charming" would be the key word here as the voices intertwine with big a dollop of moaning added for extra atmosphere. "This moment... is different... from any before it".

from I Looked Up (Elektra EKS 7401)
available on CD - The Hannibal Sampler (Rykodisc)

Marquee Moon  performed by Television  1977
Recommended by LawrenceM [profile]

Fusing pyschedelia with Velvets drone, the 10 minute plus "Marquee Moon" is a staggering piece of music from one of the best albums of the NY punk movement. I'm not usually a far of virtuoso guitar heroics, but here it works so well ... with Richard Lloyd & Tom Verlaine's distinctive guitar technique seemingly battling it out for supremacy. Many bands have based their entire career on this song.

from Marquee Moon, available on CD (Elektra)

Orange Skies  performed by Love  1967
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

It's taking me a while to get a handle on Love. Some songs I really like, but some I just can't get engaged in. This song, composed not by Arthur Lee but by bandmate Bryan Maclean, is perhaps my favorite Love song so far. [Turns out my other favorite Love original, "Alone Again Or," is also a Maclean composition. Go figure.] This track's tone is different from what I've heard in the band's other stuff. Softer and poppier, more along the lines of my favorite tracks by Eternity's Children, Free Design, or somebody like that. I love the way the flute just sort of floats over the whole song.

from Da Capo, available on CD (Elektra/Asylum)

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