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This Side of Brightness  performed by Thursday  1998
Composed by Thursday

The song is one of the best songs I've heard from the genre of emo. For people that don't know emo is a rather new style of alternative, mixing both soft melodies with hard riffs, and compromising of both soft singing and ferocious screams. Thursday is a small group from N.J. Their sound is pretty original, well original in the sense that just about all emo bands are too small to be recognized. Both of Thursday's albums are excellent but if you want to get a taste of them check out This Side of Brightness.

from Waiting

Breathe Out  performed by Nothingface  1998
Composed by Nothingface

Breathe Out is one of those songs that no matter how many times you listen to it it still rocks. If you a metal head then you will appreciate the quality of music Nothingface throws at you. They are very heavy but melodic. The lead singer has a unique talent in which he can reach high notes as well as growl so deep he will make you shit yourself. Every time I hear this song all I can do is bang my head and scream along to the insanity that flows within my head.

from An Audio Guide to Everday Atrocity (Mayhem Records)

Villains  performed by Nothingface  1998
Composed by Nothingface

Villians is another one of those songs that sticks in your mind and has you bobbing your head without even realizing it. The hard crunching guitars sink to the bottom of your soul, and just as you feel yourself grooving the crazy vocals come together with the unbelievable drum beat and form a rythm that just screams MOSH!!! Although the song is amazing the mixing is what brings out its strength. At each second you feel yourself connected to the song then it changes up and goes slow, and in a few seconds builds up to a beat that gets you so pumped you feel like fliping tables. If you ever need a song to get out some aggresiion I definitely recommend this one.

from An Audio Guide to Everday Atrocity (Mayhem Records)

I Won't Lie Down  performed by Face to Face  1996
Composed by Face to Face

I Won't Lie Down isn't just a punk song. It is more of a melodic punk song, then just punk. Face to Face originated in Southern Claifornia but has spread there wonder sound throughout the U.S. I Won't Lie Down isn't jus a song you can rock out to but a song you can groove to. I Won't Lie Down was also remixed (techno version) and put on the Mortal Combat souindtrack. Although the remix is good, it isn't as good as the original, but what is?

Head Up  performed by Deftones  1998
Composed by Deftones

Deftones are a band that needs no introduction. They have been rockin the world for 7 years now, straight out of Cali. They have played with just about every band out there and have even been in a movie, The Crow 2. They are also known for covering the song Wicked by Ice Cube with another California band called Korn. Head Up rocks you from the moment it satrts till the time it finishes, if you want heavy this is it. Its not too crazy but at no point does it ever give off the immpression that it won't kick your ass. The song also has Max Cavalera (former lead singer of Sepultura and new lead singer and founder of Soulfly)singing backup vocals. If you play a sport and need a little bbost to get you in the mood to kick some ass, put this to your ears and let loose.

from Around the Fur (Columbia)

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