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On The Way To Cape May  performed by Big Mess Orchestra  1996
Recommended by m.ace [profile]

The regional goin'-to-the-shore chestnut gets remodeled as a Ziggy-era Mick Ronson production, captured in a wildly live performance. Good, silly, genre-smearing fun.

from A Little Trash Goes A Long Way, available on CD (Plungerboy Music)

Almost Arms  performed by The Minders  1996
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

'Back to the Almost Arms again.' One minute, 29 seconds of pure heaven. Clapping hands, sugary-sweet bass, warm acoustic guitar, and perfectly stylized harmony demonstrate the greatness of this band. The Minders' ability to streamline their brit-pop sound into short cuts such as this says volumes of their talent. They have grasped the art of the rock strip-tease as we sit and drool and demand more of their form. A thousand and a half listens later 'I am hungry but still smiling' rings truer than ever, this is but the appetizer for their more developed works; taste this and you too will be The Minders' biggest fan!

from Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends (spinART / Elephant 6 spart 76 / E6-021)

me japanese boy  performed by Pizzicato Five  1996
Recommended by king8egg [profile]

pizzicato five have recorded several versions of this bacharach composition in both japanese and english. i like all of them but prefer this version from great white wonder. i believe it comes from a rehearsal. this version has a more traditional or lounge feel. almost as if you were in a club witnessing the rehearsal for yourself. because of this it also feels more intimate and carries a greater emotional impact than some of the other versions.

from great white wonder, available on CD

  19 Apr 01 ·delicado: I enjoy this song very much as well, although I think I've only heard P5's more dancey versions. I would recommend an obscure version by 'The Young Generation', a group of English children recording in the early 70s.
  10 May 01 ·tinks: the only version of this i know is the one on the "five by five" ep, which i believe is earlier? great song nonetheless.
  11 May 01 ·delicado: I just found out that my 'Young Generation' LP containing this song is a notorious ebay rarity, selling for around $100. Damn - I gave the record away to a thrift store after taping the songs I liked...!
Perpetual Blues Machine  performed by Keb Mo  1996
Recommended by jwmoz [profile]

This song is like buttered corn bread. So smooth, mildy, sweet,and homey, you'll want a porch, a rocking chair, a piece of wheat to chew on and a sunset in the south to listen to it.

available on CD - Just Like You (Sony/Columbia)

The Reflecting God  performed by Marilyn Manson  1996
Recommended by lionson76 [profile]

We all need a little EVIL in our lives. Hey, "evil" is "live" spelled backwards. So when you feel the Prince of Darkness invading your soul, when depravity oozes from your pores, when the sweet smell of brimstone tickles your nose hairs, put on this track and throw yourself into the arms of Beelzebub. Paradise be damned!!

from Antichrist Superstar, available on CD

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