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Off Night Backstreet  performed by Joni Mitchell  1977
Recommended by mojoto [profile]

If someone would have asked me say ten years ago what artist's oeuvre I would take with me to a desert island, I would with dead certainty have answered: everything by Joni Mitchell, please. I'm not so sure anymore, although it could well be that I, when push comes to shove, would still make that choice. So it may not come as a surprise now that for a long time my all time best album was one of Joni's, Don Juan's Reckless daughter, where her cooperation with Jaco Pastorius really took off, for instance on this song where she's questioning her love for a man who's new sweety has already moved in while still keeping poor Joni (assuming the song is sort of autobiographical) on the side as his Off Night Backstreet. Jaco's warm bass carries the whole song and is almost like a second voice to Joni's singing, it blends marvelously with her cold metal guitar, some nice echoey and spacy flageolets too, great additional vocals - "Backstreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!"- by JD Souther and Glenn Frey, drums by John Guerrin, subtle and tight. PS Be warned that the soundfile is quite big (500 Kb).

from Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (Asylum 701-2)

Sweet Talkin' Woman  performed by Electric Light Orchestra  1977
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

Try to remove this from all the boring "classic rock" trappings its acquired over the years. Appreciate what a fascinatingly strange combination of overheated pop, symphonic grandeur, and rock-ish muscle this is. So 1977, yet so timeless. Thank you.

from Out of the Blue, available on CD (Columbia)

Pinocchio  performed by Mary Roos  1977
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

It's strange hearing a sweet, soothing kiddie tune sung in German, with all its hard syllables. "Pinocchio"'s sugary, synth-based production can best be described as "ABBA lite". Mary Roos is a singer I know little about, except she once entered the Eurovision song contest with "Arizona Man", an early Giorgio Moroder composition. She's so appealing here, though, that I would like to look into her other stuff.

Werewolves of London  performed by Warren Zevon  1977
Recommended by Groucho_75 [profile]

Although nothing to do with the film 'An American Werewolf In London' this song reminds me of it for fairly obvious reasons. I watched the film on video when I must have been about 10 and it scared the pants off me, so much so that I couldn't watch the end. Its a great track, a bit cheesy but generally quite a good rocky, funky sing-a-long number. No idea who Mr. Zevon is, but what a great name! By the way, also on the ridiculously named album is the theme from the Cantina in Star Wars!

available on CD - Super Hits of the 70's: Have a Nice Day, Vol. 21

  24 Dec 04 ·bloozshooz: You really should check out more Zevon, Groucho_75. One of America's greatest songwriters who sadly passed last year. Who else could write moving rock songs about topics as diverse as mercenaries in Africa (Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner), eternal Middle East tension (The Envoy), and toxic pollution by organic chemicals (Run Straight Down)?
Marquee Moon  performed by Television  1977
Recommended by LawrenceM [profile]

Fusing pyschedelia with Velvets drone, the 10 minute plus "Marquee Moon" is a staggering piece of music from one of the best albums of the NY punk movement. I'm not usually a far of virtuoso guitar heroics, but here it works so well ... with Richard Lloyd & Tom Verlaine's distinctive guitar technique seemingly battling it out for supremacy. Many bands have based their entire career on this song.

from Marquee Moon, available on CD (Elektra)

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