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Where is my mind?  performed by Pixies  1988
Composed by Francis

The 'Best Of' album, 'Death to the Pixies' is full of classics, but if I had to choose one it would be Track 14 'Where is my Mind?'. Its haunting and uplifting at the same time, its got that epic feel to it which makes it seem like more than just a song, plus it kicks arse simply as a rock song! Not sure if I understand entirely what its about, but heh, music is also just about an emotional experience.

available on CD - Death to the Pixies

Werewolves of London  performed by Warren Zevon  1977

Although nothing to do with the film 'An American Werewolf In London' this song reminds me of it for fairly obvious reasons. I watched the film on video when I must have been about 10 and it scared the pants off me, so much so that I couldn't watch the end. Its a great track, a bit cheesy but generally quite a good rocky, funky sing-a-long number. No idea who Mr. Zevon is, but what a great name! By the way, also on the ridiculously named album is the theme from the Cantina in Star Wars!

available on CD - Super Hits of the 70's: Have a Nice Day, Vol. 21

  24 Dec 04 ·bloozshooz: You really should check out more Zevon, Groucho_75. One of America's greatest songwriters who sadly passed last year. Who else could write moving rock songs about topics as diverse as mercenaries in Africa (Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner), eternal Middle East tension (The Envoy), and toxic pollution by organic chemicals (Run Straight Down)?
Comfort of Strangers  performed by Skin  2000
Composed by Skin or Mike Figgis?

Off the brillaint soundtrack for 'Timecode' by Mike Figgis and Anthony Marinelli, not sure who actually wrote this song but the whole album is really good. The film's pretty good as well. Skin has a great voice and this is a really moody, atmospheric song that makes me feel both warm and lonely at the same time. The Main Title track is great as well.

from Timecode Soundtrack

Appels + Oranjes  performed by Smashing Pumpkins  1998
Composed by Billy Corgan

Apart from their hit songs, I have only recently got into The Smashing Pumpkins and this track stands out for me as brilliant. Great lyrics and a steady pumping beat make this difficult to not listen to over and over again. I think you need to invest time in their songs before you start to like them. That was definately the case with this song, on first listening it didn't really stand out, but now I would put it alongside 'Ava Adore' as one of the best tracks on the album 'Adore'. Also listening to 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' at the moment, another album that grows on you once you put the time in.

from Adore, available on CD (Virgin)

  27 Jul 03 ·yesihk: Agreed. This is my favorite track off of Adore. I'm normally not one for the pulsing techno-esque sound, but this is just so different from anything like that that I've ever heard. It has a certain understated ambience that I think makes this song so listenable. Really evokes a specific mood. Like most of the tracks on this cd, it takes a few listens to really appreciate it to its full extent. Some advice: don't dismiss Adore as "bland" or "folky" after your first listen as I did. Don't have any previous expectations, either, (i.e. it's not going to be another Mellon Collie, okay?) or disappointment is inevitable. You just need to hear it for what it is, and not just as another Smashing Pumpkins album. Give it a few thorough listens, and I promise it will grow on you. Or else you can go running back to Zero. :)

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