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Bones  performed by BRANDI IFGRAY  1999
Composed by Brandi Ifgray

Kind of like a drole walk through rainy streets in Europe somewhere. Light, jangley echoy guitar reminds me of Ocean Blue, The Smiths and more but in a more mello mood. No one seems to know who Brandi Ifrgray is... he sang for Shadowplay before releasing two very cool CD's "Le Mutant" and "Stargazer".

from Stargazer (Sahko)
available on CD - STargazer

Miles Apart  performed by A,R.Kane  1988
Composed by A.R.Kane

A.R. Knae is a one of a kind outfit. Part trippy alternative band, but with great pop sensibilities. First two albums were on 4AD and a had a slowcore / shoegaze kind of feel. This is but one of many standout tracks.

from "I" (Luaka Bop / WEA / 4AD)

  25 Jan 05 ·n-jeff: I was just extolling A R Kanes virtues to one of my friends, amazing band, for me the first LP "69" just has the edge. But I love them all. I went to see them play once, my ears chirruped for 3 days afterwards....
  26 Jan 05 ·n-jeff: And they were from the UK! Not the US.
Polaire  performed by Lassigue Bendthaus  1994
Composed by Ewe Schmidt

Fans of Kraftwerk and general dark synthetic music fans should seek out this CD "Render" and play it over and over and over. Ewe Schmidt aka "Atom Heart" "Senor Coconut" and who knows who else released four albums under the Lassigue Bendthaus name... Render is the purest and best of the four.

from Render (Restless)

The Evenings Young  performed by YELLO  1981
Composed by Boris Blank, Dieter Meier , Carlos Peron

Dieter Meier is a hero of mine. Some say I resemble him. If only I had as much suave and cool in my whole body as he possesses in one note, I would be happy. This is synthetic underground dance music at it's finest. They kep on producing albums which may tread familiar territory, but which are never stale or old. I first saw the video for "The Evening's Young" on USA Networks "Nite Flite" TV show and was hooked by the throbbing synths and odd vocal delivery. I became hooked on Yello. This is a quintessential song IMO

from Claro Que Si (Polygram / Mercury)

Sweet Lips  performed by MONACO  1997
Composed by Hook Potts

The best New Order song New Order never recorded (bt which features Peter Hook).
Excellent lyrics, sing-along chant / chorus...
I would've though I'd've outgrown this song after 7+ years, but I still get emotional for some reason when I hear this song. It struck a nerve I cannot explain. Beautiful song.

from Music For Pleasure (Polydor)

  25 Jan 05 ·eftimihn: Yeah, i still remember this really hooked (kinda lame pun, i know) me when it came out. At the time the prospect of New Order ever coming together again was very unlikely, so this was a welcome substitute at least for me. The first single off "Music For Pleasure", "What Do You Want From Me", was equally New Order-esque with Potts' voice sounding strikingly similar to Sumners'.
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