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Man With The Hex  performed by Atomic Fireballs  1999

This Neo-Swing Song from the American Pie soundtrack. Kinda blues, kinda rock... Pretty cool. And John Bunkley's voice!! Wow it's really something. This song cheers me up a lot.

from Torch This Place, available on CD

Black Horse and The Cherry Tree  performed by KT Tunstall  2006

I love how this scottish girl spice up her pop songs with a little blues. This song gives me a lot of energy. Makes me dance in the streets!!

available on CD - Eye To The Telescope

  26 Oct 06 ·Issie: Yeah i like this song a lot too!
La Princesa y El Soldado  performed by Carlos Vives  2004

What can I say. You are not going to find a colombian who doesn't like Vives. He just took folk vallenato music and made it rock!! This tropical sounds of thumbs, pipes and acordion mixed with some rock are brilliant. This is really "The Rock of My Town". Ay hombeeeeeeee!! From Vives I would reccomend every single song, but this one is very special cause he dedicated it to his daughter and son. The lyrics is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

P.S. Now a little of General Culture: It's Colombia, not Columbia!!

available on CD - El Rock de Mi Pueblo

Party Up  performed by DMX  1999

If you're into hardcore rap from the clubs you are gonna love it. Very commercial. Nice mixes and dirty lyrics.

The chorus is petty catchy: Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here...

available on CD - And Then There Was X

It’s Oh So Quiet  performed by Björk  1995

This song of this crazy girl's is really cool. She's like playing during the whole song. Very soft song but at the same time full of energy. Very eclectic, very original, very surreal, very Björk!!

available on CD - Post

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