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ominous man  performed by the verve pipe

actually, everything they do is awesome, i guess i'm just listening to this song right now and it's grabbing me... in naughty places... and i like it...

from villains

the rising tide  performed by sunny day real estate

absolutely breathtaking from beginning to end. it's one of those songs that you wait the whole album for.
even if you're not doing anything interesting when you hear it, you'll have good memories associated with it.

from the rising tide

theo b  performed by sunny day real estate  1995
Composed by jeremy engik, dan hoerner, nate mendel and william goldsmith

the song starts out with three crisp hi-hat clicks, the bell of a ride, then the drums and a sweet, warm toned bass lock in for a driving, mid-tempo, beautifully melodic cut time. guitars, once in, are clean-toned and somewhat polyphonically arranged, (that is, they play alot of single-note lines that swirl around each other, harmonizing at spots, and creating counterpoint). the vocals are potentially a little hard to swallow at first, jeremy has a tendency to sing a little through the nose, but it's really quite endearing. i personally find that after a bit of exposure to it, not only does it fit the music perfectly, but i really have grown to love it, (i listen to them ALOT).
this is one of those songs that you put on when you need to feel better- a kind of resolute, "well, time to go on, and hope for the best" feel. it can also easily be listened to when in a great mood. best listened to outside, looking at the sky.
when listening to ANY sunny day real estate, you must be patient. it's patient music, and it requires a certain amount of consideration that keeps it from being good "background music."
i fucking love this stuff.

from lp2 (the pink album) (sub pop sp316b)

it’s a thin line (between love and hate)  performed by annie lennox

i'm not sure if this is a cover, (most of the songs off her album 'medusa" are) but it is the most amazingly beautiful song... it's smooth, sultry, and you can definately get your business going on to it...

  15 Sep 05 ·konsu: It is a cover. Originally by The Persuaders, an R&B group that are still kickin' today! They charted this one I believe in 71'. Also covered by The Prentenders in the 80's... You should seek out the original, because the context of the words changes to a male perspective, which, to me, makes it one of the coolest songs ever.
  22 Mar 06 ·FlyingDutchman1971: The original is great, but I'm partial to The Pretenders cover version. Chrissie Hynde sang this song the best(imho)
the way you make me feel  performed by michael jackson

if you haven't heard this song yet, i highly recommend waiting until you are wearing shoes that are comfortable enough for you to uncontrollably break out into dance!

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