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The Cast and Crew  performed by Harry Nilsson  1968
Recommended by agnamaracs [profile]

Otto Preminger's "Skidoo," starring Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing, and Groucho Marx, among others, is best described as a psychedelic gangster film. While the film itself is mostly forgotten, Harry Nilsson gave it a memorable soundtrack, including "The Cast and Crew," which was played over the credits.

Wait. Did I say "played over?" This song IS the credits. The COMPLETE credits. Yes, going as far as mentioning the copyright line ("Copyright MCMLXVIII/By Sigma Productions Incorporated/Your seat's on fire") and people such as negative cutters, set directors, etc. And he puts in every little detail:

--"Photographed in Panavision and Technicolor/Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy, A.S.C. Hmph."

--"It's a Paramount (TM) release, a Gulf + Western company." (Yes, he sings "TM" and "plus.")

So, it's the movie credits. But he sings them, and he sings them in an interesting and humorous way. You have to pity the poor guy: he had to take all these names and occupations, fit them into a song, and make it interesting. And he even performed it live on television once, on "Playboy After Dark" in 1968.

from Skidoo (RCA LSO-1152)
available on CD - Skidoo / The Point! (BMG Camden)

Rainmaker  performed by Harry Nilsson  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

A chunky, funky open drum breakbeat opens this supremely catchy song. It sticks in my head and at times I wake up simply having to hear it.

from Harry (RCA LSP-4197)
available on CD - Harry/Nilsson Sings Newman (Camden-RCA)

  06 Dec 02 ·n-jeff: Bobby Gentry does a top version on her LP Fancy. The whole LP is a funky Swamp Pop extravaganza, this is a wonderful tune by a writer that doesn't normally do much for me.
everybodys talking  performed by harry nilsson
Recommended by johnnyweissmueller [profile]

  18 Aug 03 ·chris kane: shame the Beautiful South had to fuckign ruin it!
Everybody’s Talking At Me  performed by Harry Nilsson
Recommended by johnnyweissmueller [profile]

Being a writer and having been one all my life, having studied literature, having written numerous books ... I have to say that Harry Nilssons Everybodys Talking ... has perhaps the best lyrics I have ever come across in music. Musicians who get the music right often make a mess of the lyrics (music and text seem to be a different story) ... this is one of the rare - very rare - occasions, when all is right. All!

  22 May 04 ·camus: Actually Fred Neil wrote Everbody's Talking, and Nielson covered it brilliantly in his own inimitable way.

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