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Iíll keep it with mine  performed by Nico
Composed by Bob Dylan

I believe this song was written in the late 60's by Bob Dylan, however it was performed by Nico, whose original band was The Velvet Underground before she went solo. This track has a lovely up-beat combination of piano and violin to acompany Nico's deep, melodic voice. I love it because of it's artistic without being depressing or too complex.

from Chelsea Girl

Vicious  performed by Lou Reed  1971

This happy-tuned song has that up-beat sound of the late sixties/ early seventies. Although Lou Reed doesnt have the best singing voice, he makes up for it with quality lyrics... much like Bob Dylan. Great guitar in this one.

from The Best of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground

  29 Nov 05 ·n-jeff: It's on Lou Reed's "Transformer" LP so that would be 1971, I think. Not that it probably wasn't written before then. And possibly the coolest LP Rick Wakeman played on. If you only know this song from the greatest hits you should check out Transformer itself, a quality record. In fact all the Velvets LP's individually, including 1969 and everything Reed did solo up to, say, 1975.
  11 Dec 05 ·Mike: The coolest LP Rick Wakeman played on (apart from the Six Wives of Henry VIII and the Yes oevre, of course) - Hunky Dory.
  20 Dec 11 ·schlick: Transformer was released in 1972, and Rick Wakeman played on Lou\'s first solo album released earlier in that year, not on Transformer, just wanted to clear things up.
Soma  performed by Smashing Pumpkins  1993

I just love this song. The first time I heard was while I was in high school... My english class was studying A Brave New World and my teacher played this song. It's so peaceful at the beginning and takes a lovely turn at the end when the peace is shattered.

from Siamese Dream

Post Modern Sleaze  performed by Sneaker Pimps  1996

"She looks ahead/ she paints her toenails red/ She's wet and wild/ a typical 90s child" I listen to this song when I walk to class early in the morning. It makes me feel like such a girl, but a bad-ass girl. This song and "Wasted Early Sunday Morning" make my life complete.

from Becoming X

Even If You Dont  performed by Ween  2000

This is such a fun song.. the lyrics outline this crazy relationship "I was happy this mornin/ you finally got yourself dressed/ eating raw bacon/ it's okay I was still impressed" It's got a happy beat w/ piano in the background. Love it.

from White Pepper

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