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What You Want  performed by My Bloody Valentine  1991
Composed by Kevin Shields

I must confess, I don't really get My Bloody Valentine. Their music is a little too hot and sexual for me, a veritable ice queen. Like this's so crowded, with Shields' voice trying to push its way through. But then, at exactly 4.20, the dust settles--the storm clears! All of the steamy static cools down and cleans up, like a hand smearing away condensation on a car window, and it's so beautiful. It sounds like a revelation. Yeah, it sounds like somebody who has been stuck in limbo for about a million years but finally earns their right to go to heaven. It's just great.

from Loveless (Sire/London/Rhino)

Poor People  performed by Alan Price  1973
Composed by Alan Price

I heard this, weirdly enough, at some random film festival in Rotterdam? In a short film, at that! Pretentious! Luckily I remembered to memorize some lyrics so I could search for them when I got back to the USA and my computer. This song is perfect for listening to while strolling an English park, preferably with an umbrella that is subbing as your walking stick (because you're the kind of person who needs one). You're just checking out a park that you've never been to before. If you then come home and eat some yogurt for lunch...I think you know what I'm talking about here: mood.

from O Lucky Man! (Wea International)

All My Little Words  performed by The Magnetic Fields  1999
Composed by Stephen Merritt

"Unboyfriendable?" You've got to be kidding me. "You are a splendid butterfly." Seriously? Even still this song is completely awesome. You've got to hear it, because then you'll see!

from 69 Love Songs (Merge Records)

Tekno Love Song  performed by CocoRosie  2005
Composed by CocoRosie

So I know all 'serious' critics think CocoRosie suck, and yeah--some of their songs kind of do. But I want to know whose writing isn't desperately awesome and incomprehensible some of the time, because I know mine often is. This song sounds like it is broadcast from another planet when the Little Prince is the night DJ!

from Noah's Ark (Touch and Go Records)

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