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I Put A Spell On You  performed by Alan Price  1966
Recommended by Swinging London [profile]

Alan Price left The Animals in 1965 and began his career as as the lead singer of The Alan Price Set in 1966.

Their first single was a flop. This, their second, made the Top Ten, in England.

It's my personal favourite rendition of this much covered, Screamin' Jay Hawkins song. The most famous version is probably by Nina Simone, which I also rate very highly.

Alan's version is tremendously powerful, helped by his skilful, echoey use of the Hammond Organ.

Price never 'made it' in the USA as a solo performer. He was terrified of flying, so the necessary promotion of his work, stateside, suffered. He also gave this as his reason for leaving the Animals, who needed to spend a lot of time in the USA, as they had a huge following there.

He's one of my favourite British artists, solo & otherwise, of the '60's & I think this is my favourite of his songs.

from The Price To Play (Repetoire)
available on CD - yes

Poor People  performed by Alan Price  1973
Recommended by brightdayler [profile]

I heard this, weirdly enough, at some random film festival in Rotterdam? In a short film, at that! Pretentious! Luckily I remembered to memorize some lyrics so I could search for them when I got back to the USA and my computer. This song is perfect for listening to while strolling an English park, preferably with an umbrella that is subbing as your walking stick (because you're the kind of person who needs one). You're just checking out a park that you've never been to before. If you then come home and eat some yogurt for lunch...I think you know what I'm talking about here: mood.

from O Lucky Man! (Wea International)

City Lights   performed by Alan Price   1974
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A relection on the cycle of drudge associated with being poor and ordinary .Its musical setting is not a million miles away from a post beatles McCartney,great chorus and strings back up this plaintive non sentimantal ballad.

from Between Today and Yesterday
available on CD - Between Today and yesterday

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