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The day the earth stood still  performed by David Essex  1969

THE perfect popsong ? Not sure, but it comes close to it. The tune has that typical late 60s "sound". Bombastically orchestrated in the "Barry Ryan style"... it's a melodrama with lots of
catchy hooks... IF you can find it, you will love it ... I usually rate a song not higher than
8/10, but this one... well, what can I say... 11/10 !!!

She touched me  performed by Love Generation  1967
Composed by John Bahler

A song that moved and still moves me deeply... like a breath of fresh air... a feel-good song with a lot of tenderness... I would say a typical exponent of the Summer of Love ... a great
underrated song...which moves me to tears (mind you I am a straight male, but music can
play your emotions to the fullest... this is such a song).

from The Love Generation

American Scene  performed by American Scene

A breezy popsong, produced by Anita Kerr... a grrrrrrrreat slice of uptempo sunshine pop...a tune that makes you feel good... isn't that what music is all about ???

  24 Jun 09 ·Major Minor: What album is this available on?
Never mind it's only love  performed by David Essex

Sorry folks, I am not a real David Essex fan, but this guy could sure record a great orchestrated popsong... it has all the right stuff (for me that is). The drive, the energy,
the passion and a thumping orchestration, cracking like a whip on the melody...

If paradise is half as nice  performed by Dave Clark Five  1969

Let it be known that I HATE covers... I like originals, but there is the odd exception and this is one of them. Amen Corner had a hit version with the song, but when you hear the 1969 Dave Clark Five version you will immediately forget the Amen Corner one. DC5 started out as a beat group and I don't like 1963-1966 beat. But like many groups they tried to survive in the music business and adapted to the new "sound" of the decade. They gave this song the late 60s treatment the way it should have sounded in the first place. Dramatic, musicall over-produced and full of power. If you like a strong orchestrated poptune, this is one of them. DC5 deserved the hit... not the Amen Corner.

  18 Jun 02 ·n-jeff: I was always quite fond of the version by Clive Langer and the Boxes from about 82. Sung in a terrible fake South London accent. If Parodice woz alf as naice as evven wen oym kissin yew. But I've not heard the DC5 version. Must say, I'm intrigued.
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