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Teenage Kicks  performed by The Undertones  1979
Composed by ONeill

Early punk from Irland . The vocals sounds as much sixties as they sound punk-ish , a nasal enthusiastic whine that is just bound to put u in a good mood . It also sounds very naive and its full of energy , usually that can be quite irritating (newer bands like The Offspring comes to mind ) but this is just impossible to not like.

from The Undertones, available on CD (Rykodisc)

  18 Aug 03 ·chris kane: wow. impossible not to like. that's just made me think, i've never met anyone who doesn't love that song!
  13 Jul 04 ·mattypenny: A great song, rightly highly rated. But does anybody else prefer the follow-up, '(I just can't) Get over you'?
  04 Feb 05 ·shakeahand: John Peel said it was like being on a roller coaster... and I know what he means. This pure energy, pure pop, simply marvelous.
Hey Man, Nice Shot  performed by Filter  1995
Composed by Patrick

This is an extremely energic song. Heavy drums and distorted guitars seldom sound this good .This is a song to hear late in the night , when the naschspiel is growing dull-crank up the stereo and put this on ,if it doesnt liven up the audience then nothing will.

from Short Bus, available on CD (Reprise)

Not Waving But Drowning  performed by Julian Cope  1991
Composed by Cope\Skinner

Julian Cope was a leader in the post-punk band Teardrop Explodes . This tune is from his finest solo album :Peggy Suicide. The production is very sleek and crystal clear .
The mood of this song is somewhat a mix of mystic and playful-its theatrical and druggy.Its pretty much dragging along in the same tempo from beginning to end , but it never gets close to boring.

from Peggy Suicide, available on CD (Island)

Red  performed by King Crimson  1974
Composed by Fripp

Guitars and more guitars. These are the gods of heavy prog rock. Robert Fripp on lead guitars pounds out an unforgettable growling monster of an instrumental. Its atmospheric,dreamy,nightmarish and kind of taunting in places .Its simply great.

from Red, available on CD (Virgin)

  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: The entire album is a gem of guitars and pounding beats, much harder overall than, say, "Lizard." "One More Red Nightmare" is another hard out rocker featuring the vocal talents of bassist John Wetton, but I find the most haunting song to be the West Side Story-esque "Fallen Angel."
Untitled # 1  performed by Spain  1995
Composed by Haden

Probably the slowest music I have I guess, from an album called The Blue Moods of Spain . Its dream-pop for evenings full of hope, or comforting music for days when all falls apart.The vocalist is not the worlds best , but because hes so natural it just adds to the mood I find. Its hard to pinpoint exactly what I like the most about it ,its just one of those songs u fall in love with and never grow away from.

from The Blue Moods of Spain, available on CD (Restless)

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