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Lark’s tongues in aspic parts 1 & 2  performed by King Crimson  1974
Recommended by Maximum_Bygraves [profile]

ok, so it's two tracks, and can't really be called a song, very prog in its construction, real whisper to a scream stuff and some of Robert Fripps finest work, lyrical and savage. Fantasticaly clean production as well. Reminds me of slint. the marimba intro to the first track's a bit unneccesary though.

from Larks tongues in aspic

Moonchild  performed by King Crimson  1969
Recommended by Mike [profile]

The first two or so minutes of this track are very beautifully languorous as well as being very clearly related to the early work of Genesis in terms of instrumentation and musical materials. Unfortunately the song becomes bogged down under the weight of repetition of an altogether less attractive secondary figure that is introduced, filling most of the rest of the many minutes it goes on for.

from In the Court of the Crimson King, available on CD

21st Century Schizoid Man  performed by King Crimson  1969
Recommended by SolarLuna96 [profile]

Nice and heavy, love the solo, the distorted vocals, everything.

from In the Court of the Crimson King

  21 Oct 10 ·Mike: I always liked Moonchild, also from the first album, and felt it influenced the early seventies Genesis sound.
Red  performed by King Crimson  1974
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

Guitars and more guitars. These are the gods of heavy prog rock. Robert Fripp on lead guitars pounds out an unforgettable growling monster of an instrumental. Its atmospheric,dreamy,nightmarish and kind of taunting in places .Its simply great.

from Red, available on CD (Virgin)

  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: The entire album is a gem of guitars and pounding beats, much harder overall than, say, "Lizard." "One More Red Nightmare" is another hard out rocker featuring the vocal talents of bassist John Wetton, but I find the most haunting song to be the West Side Story-esque "Fallen Angel."
Easy Money  performed by King Crimson  1973
Recommended by mardikas [profile]

Has a heavy sound, ethereal and complex rhythm. Guitar, bass guitar, violin, 2 drummers. I like it because it is insanely groovy.

from Larks' Tongues in Aspic

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