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Ain’t Too Proud To Beg  performed by Ben Harper; The Funk Brothers  1975
Recommended by ajhorse21 [profile]

Very motown- lots of instrumentation. Simplistic but upbeat.

available on CD - Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Animal  performed by Miike Snow
Recommended by jlb316 [profile]

Instrumentation is sort of electronic
The song is upbeat

Are You For Real  performed by Astronaut Wife  2003
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

This is from "Flying Saucer", which for me is the record of the decade. It's electronic synth-pop w/ 2 female vocalists. There's an youthfulness and innocence about the music that makes me think it'd be a good soundtrack for a manga. There's some grown up melancholy there, too, on some of the songs.

from Flying Saucer (Susstones)

Atlas  performed by Emm Gryner  1996
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

Emm Gryner is a Canadian woman now resident in Los Angeles.

Her songs tend to be melancholy and confessional and can become a bit much after a while. Nevertheless, I think she is a great talent who will continue to mature.

'Atlas' is more upbeat than most of her work...if you get a chance to see her perform do so, she's very dynamic.

Here is her website: - you can order CDs directly from her.

from Dead Relatives, available on CD (Dead Daisy Records)

Baby You’ve No Eyes  performed by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra  2006
Recommended by peterbruff [profile]

Available for free download from along with the rest of the album 'Midnight Finger Painter'...

from Midnight Finger Painter (Planet Groucho Records PGR-KF-01)

bad times  performed by the mingles  1970
Recommended by davidk322 [profile]

unreleased master on RCA Canada. would have been this beatle type bands equal to "she loves you"

Beer Song  performed by Mustard Plug  1997
Recommended by SchlazzGraft [profile]

If you haven't heard of this band, they're a ska band that's been around for a little while. This song is incredibly energetic and well written. It makes me happy every time i listen to it!

from Evildoers Beware (Hopeless Records)

Build A Rocket  performed by Chad Rex  2002
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

Chad does country rock. The album is Songs To Fix Angels, which should go down as one of the best records ever to come out of our local scene(Kansas City, MO). The songs on it sound like stuff you grew up hearing on the radio. Build A Rocket is fast & upbeat, kinda punky.

from Songs To Fix Angels (Mars Motors)

C'est Pas De Ma Faute  performed by Brigitte Fontaine
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

Great loungey beat that's dying to be sampled. This is early Brigitte Fontaine and it reminds the folks at Dusty Groove of early Serge Gainsbourg. I agree. Cool upbeat jazzy beat with emotive singing. Wish I spoke French. The only problem with this song is that it's too short.

from 17 Chansons D�cadentes

  jeanette: Ha! If you think this song is too short, you wanna catch the Vous Et Nous album with Areski: millions of songs, most clocking in under 3 mins, many under 1. And they look like primary school teachers on the cover. Good call; brilliant tune.
Call Me Irresponsible  performed by Stephen McCarthy  2006
Recommended by edhurst [profile]

This is the title track from Stephen McCarthy's debut album. It features Piano, Bass, Drums and Sax with Stephen providing the vocals.

It shows the upbeat version of Stephen McCarthy's voice ... he also does some really slow mournful tracks on this album as well.

One of the reasons I like it so much is because Stephen made the album independently of any label.

from Call Me Irresponsible, available on CD (

Catch The Sun  performed by Doves  1999
Recommended by chris kane [profile]

Great summertime song

from Lost Souls, available on CD (Heavenly)

clip clap  performed by kahimi karie  200x
Recommended by olli [profile]

cute little song about a girl stalking someone she's fallen in love with, listening to the "clip clops" of his shoes. the melody in the song is very similar to "cosmonaute" by stereo total, only more upbeat (it was written by brezel g�ring from stereo t., so i guess that's excusable). kahimi's ultra-bright voice fits this song perfectly.

(there's WAY too few sweet and uplifting songs about stalking, by the way.)

available on CD - k.k.k.k.k

Clocks  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by michellegsfl [profile]

great upbeat coldplay song....

from rush of blood to the head, available on CD

  olli: no fan of the original really, but r�yksopp have a pretty great remix version. (r�yksopp's trembling heart mix). the electronic bassline in this version is very similar to the radio mix of "remind me" by the same band. even though i can't exactly say i'm a fan of either bands, this mix works pretty damn well.
Come Back Suzanne  performed by Bill Wyman  1981
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A surprisingly accurate slice of new wave from Wyman,s solo album which contained his only hit "Je Suis un Rock Star" ,this was the follow up.While the Stones moved towards an increasingly stodgy over produced sound at this time ,Wyman was happy to acknowledge the prevalent new wave sounds ."Suzzane" is an upbeat and catchy vignette not a million miles away from Squeeze,s "Cool for Cats".This confirms a lot of peoples opinions that Wyman was always the most quirky and inventive Stone.

from Stone Alone An Anthology
available on CD - Stone Alone

Diffrerent Stories  performed by I Am The World Trade Center  2004
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

Synth-Pop candy. Starts out with strummed clean-tone electric guitar, then the electronic beats come in w/ Amy singing in her languid way. The chorus brings Dan in answering her back. It's one of the best songs on The Cover Up, which was their break-up record. Really good contrast of drama-laden lyrics and happy pop.

from The Cover Up (Gammon)

Don’t Be Cruel  performed by Cheap Trick  198?
Recommended by sallyfosho [profile]

A delightfully poppy cover of Elvis's Don't Be Cruel. Although it is undeniably an 80s tune, it's not dated at all. Just a fun song to sing along to, and a great cover.

Don’t Change  performed by INXS  1980
Recommended by Hypnotic33Rocker [profile]

Upbeat and you can rock out to it, great lyrics!

from Shabooh Shoobah

Dragonfly  performed by Ziggy Marley
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Basically any song off his album Dragonfly is good...but I especially liked this one. Upbeat and mellow, like any Ziggy Marley song. Very cool.

"We're on a ride that never stops..."

Dragostea Din Tei  performed by O-Zone
Recommended by ladyfelicity [profile]

Romanian pop. Very catchy, upbeat, with trendy romantic lyrics.

Drops of Jupiter  performed by Train  20??
Recommended by kayteecat [profile]

I love how upbeat but still soft this song is! The lyrics are incredible!

from Drops of Jupiter

Dungeon Master  performed by Mr. Quintron  1997
Recommended by Kriswell [profile]

Mr. Quintron has been performing/ inventing for 20 years or so. He currently resides in the 9th ward of New Orleans, LA. His "one man band" sound does not really fit into any genre that I know of. If I had to describe it, I would say it's as if a mad scientist, a Hammond organ, early 80's techno and your favourite Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis song met somewhere deep in the murky swamps of Louisiana. The song "Dungeon Master" is a geeky, upbeat, yet dark, tongue in cheek, seemingly blatant, but possibly unintentional theme song for anyone who has either played or is aware of the board game, "Dungeons & Dragons". *I've never played, but am familiar with it from my ..."less social" classmates from grade school. The song begins with a very techno-esque, oddly-timed organ solo that swells and then abruptly breaks as Quintron belts out, "DUNGEON MASTER, MAKE ME GO FASTER!!!", only to be followed by quirky Hammond and Vocoder sounds as Miss Pussycat chants along in her cheerleader style back-up vocals. After you think you've figured out the gimmick, "Q" channels Elvis Presley as he reaches the climax..."Comma, Comma, Comma, Come On" and erupts in other indecipherable grunts and yelps. Check it out.

available on CD - yes (Rhinestone or Skin Graft records)

Elias  performed by Dispatch
Recommended by Reina [profile]

This song is a song everyone should hear. Beginning with African drum beats and chants, it has a tribal feel to it. Really cool, upbeat...great to listen to while driving. Check out the live version too.

"I think you could answer all the questions of the world in just one word..."

Falling and Loving (Xmas Lounge)  performed by Hideki Kaji  1999
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This short, upbeat little instrumental is terrific! The organ playing sounds like Walter Wanderley on speed!

from The Fireworks, Candy & Puppydog Store, available on CD (Trattoria/Polystar Japan)

fell down the stairs  performed by tilly and the wall  2004
Recommended by lexie [profile]

geeetars, synthesizers and tap dancers + pop-ish happy sound=amazing. what more is there to say? this song was lovely live, as well.

from Wild Like children

Get In Line  performed by I’m From Barcelona  2011
Recommended by Livy19 [profile]

Indie Pop feel. More than one singer (big group of people singing this song) fun and upbeat!
- I like this because its good to dance to when your with your friends and the lyrics are quick to learn.
- Electric guitar, keyboards,

from Forever Today
available on CD - Yes (yes)

good music  performed by the roots  1993
Recommended by ricoeva27 [profile]

jazz-like instrumentals. I like it because it's laid back, yet upbeat. Fun, yet fluid lyrics

from organix

Good to Me  performed by Brendan Benson  2002
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

A really fun, upbeat song about the little things that you can rely on in life. An absolute gem.

from Lapalco (StarTime)

Gypsy Rose Lee  performed by The Distillers
Recommended by ladyfelicity [profile]

Hardcore, with Brodie's raspy voice, but she's singing, not yelling in this song. I especially like the phrase "you were Marilyn Monroe."

Hawaiian Cowboy  performed by Sol K. Bright & his Holywaiians  1936
Recommended by HoboTech [profile]

Have you ever wanted to find that quintessential Hawaiian twangy song from the 30s that you dream you heard when you were 2 years old? This is the one! Frantic hawaiian vocals (which were supposedly made up on the spot) paired with twangy steel guitar make this song unforgettable.

from Hawaiian Music (Honolulu - Hollywood - Nashville 1927-1944)

Hollywood  performed by Cute is What We Aim For  2008
Recommended by samlikesboyss [profile]

from Rotation (Fueled by Ramen)

I am music  performed by Common
Recommended by MauMau [profile]

A jazzy upbeat song. Just a little hip-hop to add to the mix.

from Electric Circus

I believe  performed by jackson sisters  1973
Recommended by psguy1969 [profile]

Oldrer but with an upbeat fun pace. A personel friend of mine is Gennine great singer and performer!!! Love her!!

I Belong To You - Mon CÅ�ur S’ouvre Ã� Ta Voix  performed by Muse
Recommended by wonderlandfalling [profile]

It's an interesting and refreshing track from their latest album; very upbeat and powerful with its array of instrumentation, (piano, oboe, especially)
The lyrics are those of one professing their undying love for another. The band manages to keep up their tradition with providing something new to the table by adding a verse from a popular French opera as well as an oboe solo instead of the usual generic guitar.
It's a great listen :)

from The Resistance

I Didn�t Get Where I Am Today  performed by Pet Shop Boys  2004
Recommended by dyfl [profile]

An uncharacteristically rock 'n' roll oriented song for the PSB, this is undoubtedly one of their biggest-sounding anthems -- shame they squandered it on a b-side! Johnny Marr of The Smiths fame plays guitar. Available on the "Flamboyant" two-track single (the one with Neil Tennant's blurred face on it).

available on CD - Flamboyant (Pt. 1) (Parlophone)

I Hope I Die Before You Do  performed by John Hoskinson  2004
Recommended by hendricks2007 [profile]

Quirky, upbeat -- and a little bit dark & twisted. And very, very melodic.

from Miscellaneous Heathen, available on CD

I’m a Terrible Person  performed by Rooney  2003
Recommended by spinner303 [profile]

This is a great poppy song. Its got neat backup tunes.

Trivia: Jason Schwartzman's (Rushmore/Phantom Planet) younger brother.

from Rooney, available on CD

Idol  performed by Amanda Ghost
Recommended by 37piecesflair [profile]

Haunting, and upbeat all the same time.

from Ghost Stories

Im in love   performed by Alex guadino
Recommended by aebbea [profile]

dance beats
Eurodance vibe

I�m Hip  performed by Blossom Dearie  1979
Recommended by missewon [profile]

This has been recorded by several others, including versions by both Dave Frishberg and Bob Dorough, the composers, but Blossom's version is the best! It swings!

fave part:
I dig! I'm in step.
When it was hip to be hep, I was hep.
I don't blow but I'm a fan.
Look at me swing. Ring a ding ding.
I even call my girlfriend "man," I'm so hip.

from Needlepoint Magic, Vol. 5 (Daffodil)
available on CD - The Diva Series - Blossom Dearie (Verve)

  mattias: yes, she's hip. There is a great version of this song on Blossoms album simply called 1975 (Daffodil, vol. II),, unfortunally not reissued on CD.
Just Allow  performed by Fishbone
Recommended by Gimpsters [profile]

This song has always grabbed me. The whole album (The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx) is a favorite of mine, but this is my favorite track.
The thing that gets me every time is the harmonies sung over the guitar solo in the bridge.

from The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx, available on CD

Long Live the King  performed by Gary McFarland  1967
Recommended by delicado [profile]

It's hard to pick a particular Gary McFarland song to recommend: although I love almost all of them, there aren't that many that particularly stand out. Most have some of the same trademarks: whistling or wordless vocals, brass, guitar, and a gentle bossa nova beat. They're slightly wistful, and make me feel like it's summer whenever I hear them. McFarland also worked with some outstanding musicians, including Gabor Szabo and Kenny Burrell on guitar, Grady Tate on drums, and Willie Bobo on percussion.

Long live the king is actually slightly different - it's a simple, upbeat number with a rock beat, bacharach-style trumpet, and picked guitar; a boogaloo-style saxophone also makes an occasional appearance, as does a hammond organ. The German 'Latin Lounge' CD showcases his work on the Verve label, and it's all excellent.

from Scorpio and other signs (Verve V-8738)
available on CD - Latin Lounge (Motor)

  tinks: i'm glad to hear that mcfarland has finally been put on cd in some sort. i absolutely love him, just because he's so ridiculous. if you like this, you should check out the album he produced for cal tjader entitled "tjader sounds out burt bacharach".
  b. toklas: There actually is at least one album that�s standing out a bit. It�s called "Butterscotch Rum" (1971) and has a guy called Peter Smith accompanying Gary McFarland. He sings and wrote the lyrics and even illustrated the cover! I suppose he�s an Englishman, because his voice has a kind of Robert Wyatt-ish timbre. It�s a very good album with a slightly melancholic mood, and with that special laid-back and somewhat loose instrumentation that is characteristic for a lot of McFarlands later work. Very cool and heartwarming at the same time. Would like to have met him and have little chat sitting in rocking chairs. (Oh I forgot: some of the songs on "Butterscotch Rum" are Seventies Rock�n�Roll. They are not too bad, but usually I skip them.)
Long Shadow  performed by Joe Strummer  200?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

A sad situation but a fine, positive song. Joe Strummer recorded this as a demo for Johnny Cash, I guess with a view to it being recorded for one of the 'American' records.

Within a couple of years both had passed on.

The song is classic Strummer though - upbeat, with vivid words (as usually laying it on with a trowel), the chorus being 'You cast a long shadow' - I hear it as a tribute to Johnny Cash. It finishes off with the words 'there's always rock and ROLL!', which is kind of fitting.

I've only got this on a freebie with Uncut magazine - I dunno if its commercially available or not.

Major to Minor  performed by The Settlers  1967
Recommended by artlongjr [profile]

The U.K. (or possibly Australian?)group the Settlers do a great job on this Tony Hatch song, sounding somewhat like American contemporaries the Sunshine Company and the Mamas and the Papas. I just love the vocal harmony groups of the mid to late 60's and this is an excellent example of that musical genre. The arrangement is very dramatic and the male-female vocal blend is very well done. This is much more pop than rock, and is definitely one of my favorite Tony Hatch tunes.

from Paisley Pop, available on CD

Mi Querido Amor (My Cherie Amour)  performed by Cristian Castro  1994
Recommended by RCA76 [profile]

I love this Spanish version of the Stevie Wonder classic because it the new instrumentation. It is still very Stevie Wonder with a new, latin flair. The vocals are absolutely amazing, this guy can really sing.

from El Camino Del Alma, available on CD

More Today Than Yesterday  performed by Spiral Starecase  1969
Recommended by fost\'r [profile]

Released in 1969; peaked in the US in 1970. I always thought it was by Stevie Wonder, but as it turns out, it's by a white California group. You've probably heard it: "I love you more today than yesterday / but not as much as tomorrow..."

A great combination of upbeat lyrics and music with a slight tinge of melancholy, as if the singer is recognizing that tomorrow isn't quite here yet and there's always the chance that his plans will be derailed...

Great horns on this and several of their other singles (e.g., "No One For Me To Turn To"), but I read somewhere that the band's lack of a concert horn section led to their demise... apparently Pat Upton (writer of this track and lead singer) has also blamed poor management or record-comany politics. Too bad.

Also check out a cool Ska version by Goldfinger on the WATERBOY (late 90s) soundtrack.

  konsu: Bout' time someone handed this one in. I guess I take it for granted like most americans who still like AM radio... right up there with "Lovin' You" for songs that you can't sing along to without looking like a fool.
  thewilyfilipino: It is indeed one of those unabashedly ecstatic, so-in-love songs that plaster a foolish grin onto your face.
  Arthur: Much covered song - versions by Barbara McNair, Sam Fletcher , Barbara Acklin and Richard 'Groove' Holmes spring to mind. Pat Upton's solo stuff is very similar and if you like this one look out for anything by Robert John too.
  Swinging London: Oh yes, a great song. Reminds me of when I had my first transistor radio. All I've got is a very scratchy 45...time to remedy that. This sort of reminds me of Blood, Sweat & Tears.
Moving  performed by Supergrass  1999
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An acoustic verse,which in any lesser band would have been a great chorus bleeds in to a glammed up sneering chorus,this process is repeated for the rest of the track ,rendering this epic song strangely upbeat/downbeat with no clear winner

from Supergrass, available on CD

N�o Adianta  performed by Leny Andrade  1975
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An absolutely storming upbeat funky Brazilan pop/bossa track. I've never found anything else in the same vein by Leny Andrade, but this one is truly incredible. From the very beginning, this song is quite relentlessly uplifting. It manages to be very hip and funky, yet emotional and warm at the same time. Far more percussive than most Brazilian stuff I've recommended, this is nevertheless one of my absolute favorites.

available on CD - Blue Brazil Vol 3 (EMI UK)

O Pato  performed by Natalia y La Forquetina  2004
Recommended by fiftyfootgirl [profile]

Dreamy, sweet, bossa nova track with a Mexican twist. This cover of the Juao Gilberto song runs during the opening credits for the Mexican film "Duck Season," which is equally charming...

available on CD - Casa (Sony (Mexico))

On Love, In Sadness  performed by Jason Mraz  2002
Recommended by Squince [profile]

from Waiting For My Rocket To Come (Elektra)

Palace Station  performed by Melody Club  2002
Recommended by AndreasNystrom [profile]

David Bowie goes Glamrock. Great song of a new swedish group, who mixes brilliant riffs, with a catchy lyric. I love the small Roland Juno60 riffs they play on the synth :)
Very upbeat and i get happy by listening too it.

Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies  performed by The Association  1967
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This track sounds better to me every time I hear it. Ironically, I had a copy of The Association's Renaissance LP for years, but for some odd reason didn't get as far as listening to this song until recently.

It's a very accessible but powerful late 60s pop song with a psychedelic edge. It can't have taken long to write, but the production is excellent, with a nice effect on the vocals, and a wonderful use of early 70s Beach Boys-style swelling vocal harmonies over the vocal phrase 'and all that's left for me to cry'.

Musically, it's an upbeat track with a slightly claustrophobic arrangement. But it's cool - that's all part of the effect! As well as drums, vocals and upbeat guitars, they employ the koto, which adds an unusual edge to the sound.

from Renaissance, available on CD

  konsu: Again, one of the most underrated of US pop bands. Confined to "Oldies" FM radio forever, except for the occasional DJ who is tempted by the album "filler" which is where their real gems lie. This album is almost never mentioned, even though this tune charted in the top 40. And it being overshadowed by their more popular Curt Boettcher produced LP "And Along Comes...". A great tune, and a record that deserves more attention indeed!
paper cup  performed by the 5th dimension  1968
Recommended by jack kane [profile]

paper cup is about sinking to the lowest rung of society, having been abandoned by a faithless woman. you know when depressed people sometimes have a flash of an idea that they desperately believe will give them a reason to exist? paper cup's like that - the narrator won't have to worry about the things you need for a normal life "cos i don't really want 'em anymore". combine this notion with the 5th dimensions' upbeat, beautiful harmonies and you have a masterwork of melancholic tension.

from the magic garden
available on CD - the best of the 5th dimension

Peace Frog  performed by The Doors
Recommended by Lubi [profile]

From the album Morrison Hotel, Peace Frog is a bouncy toe tapping tune encapsulating funky wah wah with jazzy tones and a hint of country.

What I love about this tune is it's ability to make me get up and dance, head bounce toes tap.

Facinating lyrics, quite contradictory in contrast with the merry, whimsicalness of the music.

"There�s blood in the streets� it�s up to my ankles"

However when your dancing around It has little precedence, the organs and drums take you away and the lyrics are gone.....

from Morrison Hotel, available on CD

Peaceful  performed by Georgie Fame  1969
Recommended by Swinging London [profile]

I'm very surprised there are no other Georgie Fame songs here.

Here's yet another British solo singer of the 1960's who never really made it in America...except, I think, with the song 'Bonnie & Clyde'.

By 1969 Georgie Fame's success as a hit-maker was starting to wind down, before, in the early '70's, he teamed up with Alan Price and had a hit with the forgettable 'Rosetta'.

I think this song has been forgotten, this version anyway, but it's far from forgettable.

A really terrific late '60's chart hit, that only made it to no.16 on the British charts, but should have done so much better.

A really upbeat, summer song.

It was covered by someone else sometime in the '70's, I think, but that version was far inferior to this.

Wondeful gentle arrangement...lots of mellow brass & Georgie's voice at its understated, confident best.

available on CD - yes (Raven)

  konsu: This song was written by Kenny Rankin. A legend in his own right in the US. The Fame version is awesome indeed, i've heard a lot of takes on this one and his takes the prize.
  audioadventures: I agree I re-discovered this song recently and it has been added to my best songs of all time.
Peaches En Regalia  performed by Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention  1969
Recommended by Tangento [profile]

This song was a milestone in Zappa's career.

The "Hot Rats" album really set the notion in motion of FZ as a 'Composer'.

I remember as a child, seeing his band perform this on 'Saturday Night Live',
and how exciting it was to see Frank Zappa in action, and this band of virtuoso musicians tackling this unbelievably complicated musical work.

In my opinion, the use of a horn section in rock music had always added an element of cheesiness, but with this song it is a necessary element.
Besides, "Cheesy" was often Zappa's middle name, and nobody did it better.

He turned it into an art form.

The original version featured multi-instrumentalist Ian Underwood who along with his wife,
the infamous Ruth, became fixtures in Zappa's lineup in the years to come.

A classic and innovative track.

Read more and sample the track:


from Hot Rats, available on CD

Peg  performed by Steely Dan  1977
Recommended by 4StringSweetness [profile]

Classic tune. Chuck Rainey on Bass, Rick Marotta Drums. Don and Walter doing their usual. My all-time favorite rhythm section. Michael McDonald's back-up vocals are interesting. Lyrics you can relate to, as soon as you decode them...

from Aja (MCA 088 112 056-2)
available on CD - same (same)

Percussion Gun  performed by White Rabbits
Recommended by melrose89 [profile]

Personal Jesus  performed by Depeche Mode  1990
Recommended by Ketori [profile]

It's slow but upbeat all at the same time! :D Genre is rock.

available on CD - Violator

Photobooth Curtain  performed by School for the Dead  2004
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Poppy Rocky Indie. This song is kind of funny but also kind of sad. Power-pop instrumentation with lots of harmonies. Great lyrics and melody, very cool arrangement.

from The New You, available on CD

pop princess  performed by the click 5
Recommended by purplepeopleeater [profile]

upbeat, poppy, and fun. i love that it's upbeat and fun. the synthesizer is really unique and adds a nice touch.

Porque Te Vas  performed by Jeanette  1974
Recommended by mika2k1 [profile]

Jeanette has a voice that is forever sixteen. Porque Te Vas, is an upbeat Spanish pop tune layered in big beat and horns. Beautifully meshed with Jeanette's delicate voice, the result is stunning sweetness.

The song appears the 1976 Carlos Saura film, titled Cria Cuervos (Raise Ravens), aka Cria!

Premonitions  performed by Townhall
Recommended by Reina [profile]

This song will probably be very hard to find. They are kind of a local band and not that well known. But they are really cool--unique, passionate, free spirited. Basically hippies. In Premonitions they express concern over the state of the planet but remain upbeat and optimistic.

"Let's be creative with our destinies..."

Right Down the Line  performed by Bonnie Raitt  2012
Recommended by schlick [profile]

Outstanding, upbeat reggae-like cover of the Gerry Rafferty hit song.

from ( )
available on CD - Slipstream (Redwing)

Round the Bend  performed by The Beta Band  1998
Recommended by sunexplodes [profile]

this is just a ridiculously upbeat song about social ineptitude, more or less. has a very creative, brian wilson-ish sound to it, and is very playful.

"i can't even go to the supermarket, let alone go to egypt, to see my favorite pyramid."

from The Beta Band

Saiupa  performed by Bossa Rio  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A storming upbeat bossa on the A & M label, produced by Sergio Mendes. It's a short track which sounds essentially like Mendes's Brasil '66 only better. Walter Wanderley or someone who sounds very like him adds some great touches on the organ, and the singers steal a refrain from Bacharach's then-current 'Casino Royale' movie theme 'Bond Street' and work it into the chorus. Really great stuff, written by a genius: Jorge Ben.

from Bossa Rio, available on CD

  tinks: hey, bossa rio!! i have their "alegria!" lp on blue thumb, which was also produced by sergio mendes. really great covers of "spinning wheel", "blackbird", "girl talk", and a few more jorge ben tunes.
  tinks: ...including the ben song "zazueira", which, coincidentally, i have recommended astrud gilberto & stanley turrentine's version of!
  cambo: I was interested to note that the bass line from Jorge Ben's Saiupa as played by Bossa Rio (1969)(listen for break after long chorus) sounds remarkably like Gordon Gano's "Gone Daddy Gone" (1980). Is there any aknowledgement from GG on the Violent Femmes album?
Scar  performed by Missy Higgins  2004
Recommended by Circusfreak [profile]

Sounds like Australian Folk music that center's around her piano playing (though she also plays guitar). It's quite upbeat and has lyrics I think we can all relate to. It's a beautiful song.

available on CD - Sound Of White (Warner Bros)

  BrSoccerChic89: True, the upbeat instruments do give a nice touch. Her voice fits so well in it!
  MoeShinola: I love this song, too! It was on a Paste Magazine comp.
Section 22 (Running Away)  performed by The Polyphonic Spree  2007
Recommended by mattishere [profile]

wonderful song. happy. upbeat. makes me smile. hopefully it does the same to you.

Sem Essa #5  performed by Jorge Ben  1975
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

I own pretty much every Jorge Ben album, and I can say that this song is easily in my all-time top 5 Ben tracks. Only that it isn't on any of them!! An updated (and much-improved) version of a song he wrote for Gilberto Gil in 1968 called "Queremos Guerra," this is two minutes and 53 seconds of pure, propulsive joy. Charging, upbeat rhythm, an infectious hook, Jorge at his rocking best.

from Maximo De Sucessos No. 13 (Fontana)

Silly Stuff  performed by Zen Fuse Box  2010
Recommended by TomkatzBB [profile]

This is a fun sort of light ska tune. It's a fun song because it is a song about a song that the songwriter is having trouble writing - sort of an anti-song!

from Zero Down Time, available on CD

Sleepyhead  performed by Passion Pit  2010
Recommended by sydtoler [profile]

More of a trance song that goes from slow to upbeat. Great transitions. Listening to this song puts me into a better mood and makes me feel more energetic.

Smell Memory  performed by M�m  2000
Recommended by dedismo [profile]

Like children's music with break-beatish percussion, melodious and warm with a haunting ending. Elements of Aphex Twin, Autechre. I like how the ending keeps you wanting more. Each of the band's four members was in their late teens when the record was released.

from Yesterday was dramatic, today is ok, available on CD

Some Sing, Some Dance  performed by Michel Pagliaro  1971
Recommended by prufrock68 [profile]

One of a handful of Quebec artist Michel Pagliaro's (unsuccessful) stabs at the American charts, "Some Sing, Some Dance" is a breezy, acoustic-led pop trifle, lighter than air, with rudimentary lyrics apparently provided by William Finkelberg. A sample:

Ooh you
How would I know just to hold you
How could I show that I want to
'Cause I do wanna hold you
Yes I do

And the following verses expand ever so slightly on that very simplistic base, except by the 3rd terse verse, Michel has sped along from desiring the girl to doubting she could be true, to realizing she, in fact, WAS untrue. Nothing profound here lyrically (and one wonders how comfortable Pagliaro was in 1971 with the English language to keep things this simple), but no matter: The whole package is wrapped in an upbeat, spare but energetic arrangement featuring Pagliaro's acoustic guitar chording, and nice little touches sprinkled throughout, like castanets, shaken tambourine, echoey hand claps, an elegant string arrangement (by Ben McPeak)providing a wonderful counterpoint, and a flamenco-like guitar figure finishing out the brief chorus:

Some sing, some dance
Some like-a romance
I love lovin'

So, even though Michel's been chastened by his lover, he's still coming back for more and longing to still hold this woman...and he loves lovin'...obviously, the magic's in the music here, instead of the lyrics, and it's a little gem of a song. Listen and see if you aren't charmed as well.

from Pagliaro (OOP) (Much)
available on CD - Hit Parade (D.E.P.)

Spacebeach  performed by Arling & Cameron  1999
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A stunning instrumental from the Dutch duo Arling & Cameron, whose tunes are often more jaunty and upbeat than this one, which is a more moody, atmospheric number. Using similar synth sounds to some of Massive Attack's best work, live strings, a wordless female vocal and a nicely picked acoustic guitar sound, they weave together an intoxicatingly brilliant blanket of sound.

from Music for Imaginary Films, available on CD

  robert[o]: great track - best song on the LP
Stickshifts and Safety Belts  performed by Cake
Recommended by alanajo [profile]

for those lucky enough to have someone to drive with. enough upbeat to kill you if not.

Suzy  performed by Caravan Palace
Recommended by Gimpsters [profile]

I just found Caravan Palace a while ago. They're amazing! They play a mix of gypsy swing and dance techno with some jazz thrown in there and a little bit of hip hop sprinkled over top.
This track is great because it showcases all their influences. Also the guy scatting over the song is awesome!

from Caravan Palace, available on CD

Telling Stories  performed by The Argonauts  2004
Recommended by chris kane [profile]

Acoustic summery song. Very 60's sounding with great harmonys and really odd guitar out of one of the speakers. A must hear for fans of Teenage Fanclub

The Cast and Crew  performed by Harry Nilsson  1968
Recommended by agnamaracs [profile]

Otto Preminger's "Skidoo," starring Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing, and Groucho Marx, among others, is best described as a psychedelic gangster film. While the film itself is mostly forgotten, Harry Nilsson gave it a memorable soundtrack, including "The Cast and Crew," which was played over the credits.

Wait. Did I say "played over?" This song IS the credits. The COMPLETE credits. Yes, going as far as mentioning the copyright line ("Copyright MCMLXVIII/By Sigma Productions Incorporated/Your seat's on fire") and people such as negative cutters, set directors, etc. And he puts in every little detail:

--"Photographed in Panavision and Technicolor/Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy, A.S.C. Hmph."

--"It's a Paramount (TM) release, a Gulf + Western company." (Yes, he sings "TM" and "plus.")

So, it's the movie credits. But he sings them, and he sings them in an interesting and humorous way. You have to pity the poor guy: he had to take all these names and occupations, fit them into a song, and make it interesting. And he even performed it live on television once, on "Playboy After Dark" in 1968.

from Skidoo (RCA LSO-1152)
available on CD - Skidoo / The Point! (BMG Camden)

The Days of Anger  performed by Leroy Holmes  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is taken from an album of spaghetti western themes that came out on United Artists records in the late 1960s. It has a similar sound to other releases of the era on that label, probably because Leroy Holmes was a staff arranger. I can definitely hear Al Caiola's guitar playing.

To my ears, the arrangement also has a hint of Quincy Jones's work on 'The Italian Job'. It's an upbeat, jerky track with a bassline so percussive that it almost sounds like part of the beat. The melody is carried by guitar, horns, and also some nice wordless vocals (right near the end there's an incredible descending vocal swell that's really something).

Overall, this has a slightly menacing, very hip sound. It might even work on the dancefloor!

from Once Upon a Time in the West (United Artists UAS 6710)

The Happy Phantom  performed by Tori Amos
Recommended by xicanti [profile]

I always want to dance to this song, and it's great to sing along to. It reminds me of "Wednesday" in a lot of ways; I just love how the tone changes from upbeat and cheerful to somewhat dark, then back again.

from Little Earthquakes

The Past and Pending  performed by The Shins  2001
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

A beautiful ballad, with minimal vocals and sparse acoustic guitar. A departure from the Shin's normal upbeat pop.

from Oh, Inverted World (subpop)

The Show  performed by Lenka  2008
Recommended by weaselohs [profile]

Upbeat, poppy, piano-driven

from Lenka

This Corrosion  performed by The Sisters of Mercy  1987
Recommended by straitjacket [profile]

Gothic standard. I've recently found myself listening to it quite a bit more. It's not a complex song, but just grabbed me the first time I heard it. Lyrics are not complex so it's easy to sing along with.

from Floodland (East West (Part of Warner Music Group))

Today  performed by Smashing Pumpkins
Recommended by brooksyinc [profile]

Wow! What a song! It starts off with the mock ice-cream jingle then Billy And The Guys craft a brilliant song. But dont be fulled with the lyric "Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life" it seems to be upbeat and poppy but it has some dark lyrics

from Siamese Dream

Too Much Tenderness  performed by Stark Reality  1969
Recommended by trivia [profile]

This song was ravaged by critics in reviews of the Stark Reality 2003 reissue (it was previously-unreleased and included as a bonus track), but I think it's frickin' great. It's apparently from a somewhat different incarnation of the group and is a Monty Stark composition - not one of the Hoagy Carmichael reinterpretations that made up the original version of the album. It has a naive, off-kilter, beautiful, and bizarre sound that I just love.

It's upbeat psych-jazz with extremely awkward cheery lead vocals. Stark's phrasing is kinda off (and his voice is WAY off) - it basically sounds like an easy listening number gone terribly wrong - but in a really good way.

available on CD - Now (Stones Throw)

  monty stark: ha! thanks, m
Walk The City Streets  performed by Mary Wells  1992
Recommended by Arthur [profile]

Disco thumper ala Pet Shop Boys.
This is actually a remix of the song and as far as I know only came out on this CD. Recorded as part of the massive Motorcity project, Mary was unwell at the time of recording and sadly died a few years later. It was the last thing she ever recorded.

from The Best Of Motorcity (Motorcity/ Hot HTCD7701)

Washington Bullets  performed by The Clash
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

Upbeat and very catchy. extremely idealistic!

Winter Warm  performed by Bob Crewe Generation  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A great, spacey, upbeat track by music business impresario Bob Crewe. This is basically just very nicely dressed up brassy easy listening instrumental music. The arrangement has a cool 'Barbarella' sheen to it, with spacey sounds alongside the bouncy strings. A nice track from a great album.

ps. the inside gatefold sleeve of this album uses the same photo as the cover of The Smiths's 'Rank.'

from Music to Watch Birds by (Dynovoice)

World Spins Madly On  performed by The Weepies
Recommended by softindierocker [profile]

I love this song! So sweetly depressing. However, it is surprisingly upbeat for a depressing song! You've just gotta love those paradoxes!! :)

Wow oh Wow  performed by Jedward  2011
Recommended by rosemaryswf [profile]

Dance, slightly pop, up beat. I know people dismiss jedward, but this is really worth a listen to if you enjoy good pop music. It was writen by Ortise' of JLS fame and is a good all round pop song, very well performed, you will be suprised.

from victory (Universal music Ireland)

  delicado: Thanks for the recommendation. I always like to see suggestions that are unexpected, which this definitely was!
You are the best thing  performed by Ray LaMontagne
Recommended by soccergalmex [profile]

An upbeat, Sunday morning kind of song.

No matter how many times you hear it, you will never get sick of it. With LaMontagnes silky soothing raspy voice, you feel like the day just got better.

you were the last high  performed by the dandy warhols  2003
Recommended by angelica [profile]

the dandy warhols are particularly skilled at making songs that are simultaneously moody and dance-y, so you can listen to most of their output no matter what direction your mood is swinging in. this song is a perfect example of just this skill, being both tinged with melancholy and yet resolutely upbeat. in my mind, this is the best song off their last album (which was produced by nick rhodes of duran duran). like the other tracks, it has more of a synth-y electro feel than much of their previous output, but unlike the rest of the album, this is a strong song very much in character.

from Welcome to the Monkey House, available on CD

  olli: i really like the dandy warhols. too bad only about 1/3 of the songs on each of their albums are worth paying attention to. An eventual "best of" album released in about ten years time is going to be absolutely essential.
Zazueira  performed by Elis Regina  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An incredible, stomping brazilian pop number, taken from Elis Regina's legendary album 'Elis Regina in London', recorded in England in 1969. Here she takes on the Jorge Ben classic 'zazueira', a seductive, hip, upbeat stomper of a track which just makes you smile every time you hear it. Wonderful stuff.

from Elis Regina in London (Odeon)

  heinmukk: you're right. this one makes you smile. i knew this song before from the mtv unplugged album from jorge ben jor. but this old cut is much more nicer,, maybe because it's older. :)

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