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Colors Bleed  performed by Call And Response  2004
Composed by Call And Response

It's in waltz time, with a strummed electric guitar intro followed by female vocals, bass & drums. There's a short female vocal counterpoint part, then the louder chorus. Towards the end the song changes key with a solo guitar figure, joined then by bass, then the the synth & drums enter in a musical explosion that's really cool.
I did'nt like this song at first, liking the rest of the album("Winds Take No Shape") better but the song has grown into one of my favorites on this record.
The full album is one of my favorites of the decade, second only to "Flying Saucer" by Astronaut Wife.

from Winds Take No Shape (Badman)

Are You For Real  performed by Astronaut Wife  2003
Composed by Christian Erickson

This is from "Flying Saucer", which for me is the record of the decade. It's electronic synth-pop w/ 2 female vocalists. There's an youthfulness and innocence about the music that makes me think it'd be a good soundtrack for a manga. There's some grown up melancholy there, too, on some of the songs.

from Flying Saucer (Susstones)

Which Will  performed by Nick Drake  1972
Composed by Nick Drake

A really quiet song, guitar tuned low, has a more traditionally folksy sound than other Drake tunes, which are pretty unique-sounding for the most part. But with his song it works well, and it's my favorite on this record.

from Pink Moon (Island)

Diffrerent Stories  performed by I Am The World Trade Center  2004
Composed by Geller/Dykes

Synth-Pop candy. Starts out with strummed clean-tone electric guitar, then the electronic beats come in w/ Amy singing in her languid way. The chorus brings Dan in answering her back. It's one of the best songs on The Cover Up, which was their break-up record. Really good contrast of drama-laden lyrics and happy pop.

from The Cover Up (Gammon)

Fine Art Of Friendship  performed by King’s X  1990
Composed by Pinnock/Tabor/Gaskill

King's X is my favorite hard rock band by far. This song is on Faith Hope & Love, a very psychedelic record with a sound different from their others. They must have had the fairy dust going on at the recording sessions for this album because the sound is just beyond bluesy and groovy. The guitar just sounds...slinky! that's the word. Slink and snaky and dark. Their harmonies are a wonder to behold as usual, and the lyrics are mystical and weird.

from Faith Hope & Love (Megaforce UPC)

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