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Veleiro  performed by Elis Regina  1966
Recommended by Mr Steal [profile]

What a range of emotion and mood she packs into this song. The fact that I don't speak any Portuguese just doesn't matter. The arrangement, too, is stunning, and combines with Elis's voice to create several heart-stopping moments in under 3 minutes and there's one sublime crescendo where she sings a low, ascending scale that defines why I love music.

from Elis (Philips P765.001P)

Bicho do Mato  performed by Elis Regina
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Many may already be aware of this samba due to Walter Wanderly's space-age tinged organ instrumental version, but Elis's original vocal version is far more powerful with relentless horn blasts. It also demonstrates her range of emotions put into the performance as she goes from delicate to belting.

available on CD - Samba Soul '70! (Six Degrees)

  16 Aug 06 ·ambassador: I believe the original version (by anybody) is on Jorge Ben's "Ben e Samba Bom" on philips from the mid 60s.
Zazueira  performed by Elis Regina  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An incredible, stomping brazilian pop number, taken from Elis Regina's legendary album 'Elis Regina in London', recorded in England in 1969. Here she takes on the Jorge Ben classic 'zazueira', a seductive, hip, upbeat stomper of a track which just makes you smile every time you hear it. Wonderful stuff.

from Elis Regina in London (Odeon)

  21 Oct 03 ·heinmukk: you're right. this one makes you smile. i knew this song before from the mtv unplugged album from jorge ben jor. but this old cut is much more nicer,, maybe because it's older. :)
Giro  performed by Elis Regina  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

The MPB goddess breaks free from her previous samba-jazz orientation towards a more pop vibe in keeping with the Age Of Aquarius, via a short-n-sweet Adolfo-Gaspar composition.

from Elis, Como & Porque (Philips), available on CD (Universal Brazil)

Zazueira  performed by Elis Regina
Recommended by strapshoechris [profile]

Herb Alpert did an instrumental version of the song also.

  02 Dec 03 ·Auriane: I went through a Wilson Simonal phase a while back and his Zazueria is brilliant. Can't get much more Brazilian than this :)

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