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 • Total songs recommended: 24, by 22 different performers, from 11 different years
 • Most recommended performer - Felix Da Housecat (2 songs)
 • Most recommended year - 2001 (9 songs)
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I know my AudioGalaxy profile has grown too big for anyone to read it, so I will attempt to condense all that info here. My biggest fear about describing my music background is it makes me appear to be one of those "livin' the lifestyle" type DJ's of Hip-Hop & random electronic genres. I'm not. But yes, I produced Miami Bass from 1989-1993, Jazzy-Progressive Hip-Hop ala Digable Planets though the mid 90's, and Big-Beat ala Chemical Brothers in the late 90's...all under different aliases. With that out of the way, you must understand that the difference between those guys and myself is in a couple of different areas. 1.) I don't just buy vintage records to sample or to have some token "old-school master's" records to gain some sort of credibility. I truly love the evolution of 20th century popular music...all the way from Stephen Foster to Art Van Damme to Chuck Berry to Brian Wilson, etc, etc. 2.) Ignorance and testosterone aren't my guides. I don't disguise getting high with some sort of philisophical experience to ramble off cliched conspiracy theories. 3.) I have no interest in the DJ's pre-fabricated "lifestyle" that goes with music. That so-called "Hip-Hop" clothing store in your local mall has nothing to do with Marly Marl's 1988 beats. There, I've vented. Please allow me to describe who I am ...........................................

I consider myself a "concepteur auditif - an aural designer", not a DJ or a producer. I still feel that "Bossa Nova Tomorrowland" sound in my blood despite the fact that Shibuy-Kei and Space-Age Pop's nostalgia are on their last leg as we know it. I feel the Glamour-Trash of "International Deejay Gigolos", the history of Proto-Punk, and vintage Cosmopolitan-Disco are such an alluring beacons of light to follow. I often take myself way too seriously, which "warrants" my claim to be a music critic and historian. I'd like for you meet me on the monorail at the NY 1964 World's Fair, in a haute ElectroPunkFashion Discoteque, or in print...chronicalling the unknown history of Miami Bass. My photography, graphic art (including CD covers), original music, and mixed CD's can all be found at

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   The Pleasure Seekers - Never Thought You'd Leave Me
   The Pharcyde - Devil Music
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