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Yesterday when I was young  performed by Blossom Dearie  1970
Composed by Aznavoir, Charles

This song is just one of the great songs from the Fontana album "Thats just the way I want to be". The song is written by Charles Aznavoir and this is the definitive version of it. Blossom is singing i front of a huge orchestra and her voice is clearer than ever as she sings this sad song to the happy bossa nova arrangements. Very nice!
See my website for more info:

from That's just the way I want to be (Fontana)
available on CD - Whisper for you

  11 Jun 04 ·delicado: I love this version too, but oddly enough I once played it to someone I met on a plane who was a huge Aznavour fan. She felt that Blossom's version deprived the song of its drama. I agree with you that the contrast of the sad song and the light, happy bossa arrangement works very well.
L.O.V.E (Websters definition)  performed by Bob Dorough  1970
Composed by Bob Dorough

A great, very represantive Easy Listening/Bossa Nova song. The lyrics is acctually Websters dictionary's description of love. I know this song has been recorded on some other Dorough album but this is the definitive version. It has a great female choire and a nice bossa groove. Really a must! The record containes a bunch of other grat songs like I'm hip, The stranger and oblai de oblai da.

from To communicate (Laizez Faire), available on CD

Whistle for happiness  performed by Peggy Lee  1969

A selldom heard song from Peggy Lee's most famous album, but probably one of the best. It is a sad song although she sings "whistle for happiness and it will come..." sad, emotional and great

from Is that all there is? (Capitol)
available on CD - Is that all there is/A natural woman

Electronic renaissance  performed by Belle & Sebastian  1996

Very different from the usual sound of Belle & Sebastian. Always gets me in a good mood.

from Tigermilk (Jeepster)

Home  performed by Lene Lovich  1978
Composed by Lovich/Chappell

This is the first song I heard by Lene Lovich and I imidietly fell in love. Probably one of the coolest new wave-tracks from that time. Very fast and groovy beat. Lene's voice is icy and deep and really on top. A great song from a great album

from Stateless (Stiff)
available on CD - The Stiff years vol. 1

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