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Cuckoo Clock  performed by Rachel Sweet  1978
Recommended by blacktype [profile]

This a wonderful slice of punk-pop quirkiness that just NEEDS to be jumped around to. Rachel's singing voice is wonderfully petulant and even though I have no idea what the lyrics are about the attitude and jadedness come across loud and clear. She's better known for her covers such as B-A-B-Y and New Rose but this is far and away her finest recording,

from Fool Around (Stiff)

  09 Feb 04 ·unathanthium: Rachel was my pin-up.A slightly chubby teenager with a voice that could break rocks.So convincing is this song that I have spent many years breaking into cuckoo clocks in order to liberate the toy singer trapped within.I have yet to find her but the search goes on.
Home  performed by Lene Lovich  1978
Recommended by mattias [profile]

This is the first song I heard by Lene Lovich and I imidietly fell in love. Probably one of the coolest new wave-tracks from that time. Very fast and groovy beat. Lene's voice is icy and deep and really on top. A great song from a great album

from Stateless (Stiff)
available on CD - The Stiff years vol. 1

Whip It  performed by Devo  1980
Recommended by audioadventures [profile]

One of the most underrated mood tracks of the era. An uptempo urgent drumbeat hits manic guitar riff - Crack That Whip! And you're away....

available on CD - Classic Cuts Alternative

Grey Day  performed by Madness  1981
Recommended by geezer [profile]

After two years of insatiable and irresistable clowning around Madness slowed down.Grey Day is an ode to urban drudgery and the terrors of city living distilled into three minutes of downbeat melancholy but with all the Madness trademarks ,melody,humour and acute social observation .Such was their appeal at this time that the public simply moved with them into their new maturity and made this a top 5 hit in 1981

from 7/Seven (Stiff)
available on CD - 7 or Greatest Hits

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