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&  performed by Tally Hall
Recommended by willowtree [profile]

The crazy, nonsensical lyrics are probably the best part of this song. I also like the trippy melody and beat.

...The Collapse of Detective Dullight  performed by Of Montreal  2001
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

'The Events Leading up to the Collapse of Detective Dullight' is not a song but a narrative story, and it’s funny as hell. The off-kilter character voices of the already brilliant stream-of-consciousness plot are cartoonish enough for their own Saturday morning series. When the detectives start their investigation nothing makes sense. There’s Jell-O, serenading butterflies, file cabinets, murder, catacombs, and all the seasonings for a hilarious dream. I am usually brought to tears when Detective Slots reads from his revered exercise in free verse titled ‘The Cause of Gauze’. I will supply you with a sample:
"Oh, the cause of gauze. The Manuels have fondled many memories from my lap though each memory has its own lap and swimmers swim laps. Even swimmers have laps however and while in that condition many require a delicate gauze."
If you hear this without purchasing the actual album, 'Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimisical Verse,' then you are being cheated. The dreams of this band are as colorful as the illustrations they provide us in their album sleeves. The 'Where's Waldo' pictorial representations enrich the listening experience by engaging us in a journey deep into the frying-pan brains of these madmen. In fact, this is a perfect introduction into a very strange world of psychedelicado. Think the Beach Boy's 'Smile.' The reaction of my friends after hearing this have been harmoniously the same, 'they have to be on drugs.' The truth is Of Montreal are not on drugs, they are drugs.

from Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse (Kindercore KC064)

16 Toneladas (Sixteen Tons)  performed by Noriel Vilela  1971
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

This, friends, is the swingingest and most bizarre version of this chestnut you will ever hear. Having recently left the Cantores De Ebano (Ebony Singers), sort of a 60s Brazilian version of Sounds Of Blackness, Noriel Vilela, possessor of an impossibly deep, rumbling basso profundo capable of blowing your speakers, embarked on a brief yet fondly-remembered solo career. This witty reworking of the Tennessee Ernie Ford original replaces the country-western-pop of the original with a rollicking samba-rock rhythm and Portuguese lyrics extolling how much fun samba is, sung by a voice from deep in the crypt that swings like crazy. It stops everybody who hears it dead in their tracks and is the guaranteed highlight of any party. What Messrs. Ford and Travis would have made of it is anybody's guess, but this version refuses to die, having recently become a hit in Brazil all over again, 30 years after its first release. I've heard many, many versions of "Sixteen Tons," but believe me, this one truly runs away with the prize!!

from 7 (Copacabana)
available on CD - Samba Rock (Compilation)

  konsu: I stand corrected. It's just a matter of getting in line for some of this stuff , ya'know? Soo much music, so little time...sigh...
  Festy: São Paulo group "Funk Como Le Gusta" have a wonderful version of this also from their 1999 album "Roda de Funk". It's in the same style that Noriel Vilela did, but tighter.
  sodapop650: If you get a chance - try and track down a copy of Juarez Sant'ana's first LP it has a super-cool version of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" to complete the bizarre brazilian western covers.
6060-842  performed by The B-52s  1979
Recommended by rum [profile]

The lyrical theme of ‘6060-842’ seems pretty mundane for the B-52s. Tina goes to the ladies room, sees a phone number scrawled on the wall, and so decides to ring it. Hmm… doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be a tale the measure of “the time our car was hijacked by the devil” and the like. Still this IS the B-52s, and recognisably so, “if you’d like a very nice time, just give this number a call” reads the unlikely graffiti. So something must happen. The band are optimistic too, bouncing along excitedly on a jumpy new wave rhythm. Tina, we reckon, is much like the band. She lives for wild parties and crazy adventures. This 6060-842 could be just the ticket. “Oh my gawd! I’m gonna give that there number a ring. You see if I don’t!” So she drops a dime in the phone slot and, “prays she gets the line.” She’s biting her lip, stabbing her nails into her finger tips, “come on… come ON!!!”

But pause a moment. Is she really so naïve? Does she really think a “really nice time” awaits her? In the gnarled and weather beaten hands of a social realist singer-songwriter, the number 6060-842 would lead to abuse, to prostitution, and ultimately, to death. In the hands of the B-52s? I don’t know, you tell me. A debauched toga party in a 1950s vision of the future…? Well, it’s neither. It’s just a brilliant anti-climax. You see Tina and the B-52a might be deranged, but the world they live in is not. It’s bloody typical. She dials 6060-842, and can’t get through! “The number’s been disconnected…” monotones the operator. But Tina won’t accept this, no, and neither will the band. They can’t end the track with Tina accepting the disappointment with a sigh of weary resignation, “ah well, nevermind… maybe next time.” No, no, this anti-climax has worked them up into an angry frenzy. Ricky Wilson vents his frustration with viscious slashes of electric guitar whilst Tina just keeps dialing and dialing, and getting rebuffed and rebuffed, “HELLO!!!” “sorry…” The track probably ends with them all smashing up the phone box. A superb, and much over-looked track.

from The B-52s, available on CD

A "Situation"  performed by Monkeybacon  ????
Recommended by joanzaya [profile]

Ah. This one is for that "special moment", sitting in your favorite sofa, chewing on a pipe and thinking of that long lost tango-crazy one. Oh well, those were the days. What the hell went wrong?

A Cat In The Night  performed by Jacques Perrey  197?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Meeeeoooow!! Geez... This song is mad-mad-mad! Everone makes a big deal about E.V.A., but for my money, this is the track on the album that makes the most of the MOOG. It's just soo wild! It's like somebody gave The Shadows a couple of Mini Moogs and they just jacked-in with this crazy spy-blues groove! People like Perrey & Gershon Kingsley did more with those instruments in the first few years of their existence than anyone else did in the 30 years following.... Barbaric!!

from Moog Indigo, available on CD

Acapulco Gold  performed by Paul Horn Quintet  1966
Recommended by konsu [profile]

This track makes you wish you had some of the title. A crazy mix of marimba, sax, and sitar grooving in a rock-jazz mode. Probably his best work from the period, apart from his great jazz-mass from the previous year with Lalo Schifrin. This album is full of now sound madness, with Oliver Nelson leading most of the set in good form, but the two PH directs himself, this one and "Guv-Gubi" make the record worth seeking out.

from Monday,Monday (RCA LSP 3613)

Afro Mania  performed by Preston Epps  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

An absolutely mind-melting stormer from the king of the bongos, Preston Epps. Epps hit it big in the late 50s with the tune "Bongo Rock" (which was covered to terrific effect by Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band in the early 70s). This tune goes beyond the novelty aspect of the previous hit, though, into some crazy hyper-speed tempos and incredible breaks.

from the single Afro Mania (Jo-Jo 101)

  [email protected]: Hey!! if you own Preston Epps "Afro Mania"!! then you must own the "B" side "Love is The Only Good Thing"? Just seen a mint- copy on JO Jo sell for £150.00 wow!! Best!! Glen.
  tinks: yeah, that's the one!
Call Me  performed by Chris Montez  1966
Recommended by opl3003 [profile]

Okay. I might reveal more about myself than this terrific song in this review, but that's the way it's gotta be.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Chris Montez, and thanks to me - now my girlfriend does, too. We have many theories about Chris Montez, but I'll get to that later.

First of all, on the back of this album, Derek Taylor writes a few paragraphs about the immortal Mr. Montez. In one of them he writes of how he first heard this song.. and he thought the DJ on the radio said "Miss Montez". Ouch. I mean, we all know he sounds like a girl - but that's a cheap shot. I'm sure he's just angry because Chris gets way more bitches. Way more. Look at the front cover of this album. Three girls, one Chris Montez. Hell, the one in the front looks like she could be his mom - but that's besides the point. The point is, Chris Montez is the ultimate playboy. Don't worry, I'll explain.

Now here is where some of my theories about Chris come in. "Call Me" sounds like it's live. Call me crazy, but I think I have the entire song figured out. Chris recorded this song from his bed. In fact, I think he recorded this whole album from his bed. In one take. He belts out smooth songs so effortlessly, I just can't picture him standing in a booth somewhere doing each song over and over. Like I said, this song sounds live. I think they wheeled his bed into a club. You can hear some guy saying "Yeah, Chris" at the end of one of the choruses.. and even glasses tapping together. That's because when Chris Montez comes to town, it's a party. The claps you hear? That's the girls in his bed keeping the beat. Probably the 3 women from the cover of the album, and most likely a few more.

Now, back to the song. Written by Tony Hatch and arranged by Herb Albert - it's a winner. And it's Chris Montez telling you to call him if you need him, because he "can be so warm and tender". Need I say more? Chris Montez: the ulimate playboy.

from The More I See You / Call Me (A&M LP-115)

  Swinging London: 'That's because when Chris Montez comes to town, it's a party' So funny. So true.
  eftimihn: Missed this review the first time 'round. Very funny indeed and a thoroughly good theory for sure.
Can’t Help Loving That Man  performed by Trudy Richards  1957
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

I originally came across this recording on the soundtrack to the film 'the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' and I have been thanking my lucky stars since! Taken from the rare and out of print LP 'Crazy In Love' (which you should purchase on sight if you ever come across it!) Ms. Richards throws a good swing into this exquisite torch song and brings down the house with the help of Billy May and his orchestra! I am forever indebted to the person or persons who compiled the 'Priscilla' soundtrack and led me to this great song and the original LP from which it was taken!

from Crazy In Love! (Capital T 838 (British pressing))
available on CD - the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Soundtrack (Mother/Island)

Cinderella  performed by Aqualung  2007
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Despite couple of questionable decisions over the arrangement and mix, this is an extremely good song with an excellent lyric.

Particularly good is the harmonically-driven chorus, but there are a number of subtleties, as is evident from the opening instrumental sequence.

Why does he insist on recording his voice with so much distortion? It could almost drive you crazy...

from Memory Man

Crazy  performed by Seal  1991
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from Seal

Crazy Dreams  performed by Paul Brady  1983
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

Singer\songwriter Paul Brady deals with Folk music . This song is in my opinion up to the level of Bob Dylan \Neil Young . Its melancholic but still up-beat .I like the lyrics a lot : " Tonight were gonna paint this town, were gonna drink champagne till we both fall down ,we'll find some other crazy dream -tomorrow" . Its hard to explain ,but the song moves me very much, the song is pretentious in some ways , but Bradys simple(but not dull) singing makes it not sum up as such.

from Hard Station, available on CD (Polydor)

Crazy For You  performed by Adele
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Crazy Little Thing Called Love  performed by Queen  1980
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from Game

crazy world  performed by bryon mack
Recommended by youn109 [profile]

acoustic guitar, soft sounding song but it has very strong vocals performed by Bryon Mack.
I like the song because it has a very pleasing melody and the vocals can really be felt, they aren't just heard.

Desire Lines  performed by Lush  1994
Recommended by parlop [profile]

So beautiful and quietly emotional as a lot of shoegazing is. One of their longest songs... it starts out with the wailing guitar melody that's repeated throughout and accented by Miki Berenyi's calm and melancholy vocals, but the instrumental parts are really the most prominent parts of the song. The best part is at around 3:53 when the guitars go crazy. the whole thing seems very representative of sadness and getting to that point where you just can't hold it in anymore and you start weeping hardcore. it's a good song... the only one that can make me cry over and over again.

from Split (4AD)

Distant Shores  performed by Chad and Jeremy  1966
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A beautiful piece of soft pop. Ok, it's corny - the chord sequence is kind of soppy and the lyrics are kind of obvious, but the arrangement and singing are so lovely that I can listen to this song again and again. Opening with a catchy picked acoustic guitar riff, the arrangement soon thickens with with a full orchestra. The singing is deadly serious and amusingly precious throughout the song, and the orchestral arrangement, heavy on oboes and flutes as well as strings, is anything but hip. Still, the song’s simplicity and innocence are really quite charming. I never really got into any of Chad and Jeremy's other songs nearly so much as this one, so any recommendations for similar songs would be welcome. Do me a favor and listen to this and tell me if I’m crazy to love it so much.

from Distant Shores, available on CD (Columbia)

  tempted: Oh yes, it is pure gold. I can recommend anything by The Left Banke, Scott Walker, Margo Guryan, New Colony Six, Sagittarius, The Millennium... Gary Usher from the last two mentioned was the producer on many of C & J's songs.
Don't look down  performed by Divine Comedy  1996
Recommended by phil [profile]

An outrageously ambitious number by a 24-year old - an opening awash with horns, before a ridiculous set of lyrics in which Neil goes up in a big wheel with his girl, only to meet God at the top of the revolution, whereupon he tries to argue with him. Neil is on sparkling form, crying with disgust

and the couple in the car above
well I suppose they think that we're in love

Before continuing (his eye must ache with all this winking)...

Then without warning, as we approach the top
The wheel that turns us all comes to a sudden stop

This song also has the greatest cliffhanger ending in rock. Go and listen - you'd be crazy not to. THe rest of this album is brilliant too.

from Promenade (Setanta SETCD013)

Even If You Dont  performed by Ween  2000
Recommended by Gwendolyn [profile]

This is such a fun song.. the lyrics outline this crazy relationship "I was happy this mornin/ you finally got yourself dressed/ eating raw bacon/ it's okay I was still impressed" It's got a happy beat w/ piano in the background. Love it.

from White Pepper

Evol  performed by Aguaturbia  1970
Recommended by chanchoenroca [profile]

If you like psychedelic like Jimi Hendrix o Janis Joplin, you must liten to Aguaturbia the greatest psychedelic band from Chile, a real nice distortion, folk sounds, blues, crazy to the max! the real deal when you want to talk about south american psychedelic.
Totally recommenden for having a great time.

from Psychedelic Drugstore , available on CD ()

First Kiss  performed by Tom Waits
Recommended by marisofparis [profile]

Sometimes the neighborhood crazy lady turns out to be a fox under it all.

from Orphans

Fun and Games  performed by The Connells  1989
Recommended by Silly Goose [profile]

This is just a great example of the Connells, a band you can either kick back and listen to, or jump around and go crazy. This band from North Carolina never made it big, but they still keep playing their music for anyone who will listen. A great college band, only they stick with you long after college, as witnessed by the mix of frat baseball caps and balding heads at a recent concert.

from Fun and Games, available on CD ()

Going crazy  performed by Rave Nation
Recommended by kaamos [profile]

rave, energetic, positive

Gumbo  performed by Jimmy Buffet
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Originally done by Phish, but I kinda prefer Jimmy's version. Check out either one. Crazy, steam-of-conciousness (or something like that) lyrics, good beat. Weird song. But good, very good.

"Spittle is everywhere enraged...

Happy Together  performed by Hugo Montenegro  1969
Recommended by konsu [profile]

I can't believe how great this is! Really part of Hugo's best period, when he was using some of his best players, and best ideas! The track starts out with this plunky Carol Kaye like bass line, alongside funky harpsichord, and the vocal begins in his typical "choral" style. Really faithful to the turtles original, with all the twists and turns of his crazy arrangements. Check out the vocal effect on the chorus, where he runs the tracks through a Leslie speaker! Crazy stuff.

from Good Vibrations, available on CD

Head Up  performed by Deftones  1998
Recommended by Vagina Man [profile]

Deftones are a band that needs no introduction. They have been rockin the world for 7 years now, straight out of Cali. They have played with just about every band out there and have even been in a movie, The Crow 2. They are also known for covering the song Wicked by Ice Cube with another California band called Korn. Head Up rocks you from the moment it satrts till the time it finishes, if you want heavy this is it. Its not too crazy but at no point does it ever give off the immpression that it won't kick your ass. The song also has Max Cavalera (former lead singer of Sepultura and new lead singer and founder of Soulfly)singing backup vocals. If you play a sport and need a little bbost to get you in the mood to kick some ass, put this to your ears and let loose.

from Around the Fur (Columbia)

It’s Oh So Quiet  performed by Björk  1995
Recommended by Betto_Colombia [profile]

This song of this crazy girl's is really cool. She's like playing during the whole song. Very soft song but at the same time full of energy. Very eclectic, very original, very surreal, very Björk!!

available on CD - Post

I’ve Novacane Been In Love  performed by Beck vs. Doris Day  2004
Recommended by tapler [profile]

One of the more unusual mashups you'll hear. Combines the music of "Novacane" by Beck with Doris Day's vocals from the song "I've Never Been In Love Before," which is from Guys and Dolls. Pretty groovy. It works!

Julia  performed by Ramsey Lewis  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This one really has everything, to me. I'm not a connoisseur of the Beatles's 'White album', but I'm completely crazy about Ramsey Lewis's superb LP in tribute to it. The entire album has a delicious balance of crisp beats, electric piano, strings, and subtle touches of moog, played by the album's producer, Charles Stepney. I've chosen 'Julia' to recommend because I enjoy the way it changes mood - opening mournful and slow, and then getting very funky. But the entire album is really packed with winners; other highlights are a wacky and extremely funky 'back in the USSR', a superb 'Dear Prudence', and a great 'cry baby cry'.

from Mother Nature's Son (Cadet)

  vince: Is there any way to get the whole album Mother Nature's Son on CD?
  delicado: yes, there's a Japanese CD, which you could probably get via It really is a wonderful album (for those that like this kind of thing!)
Kojak Theme  performed by "The Pop Singers & Orchestra"  197?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

One of the better records of this ilk, surely for this one, which is hard to find and is such a typically great theme. Kojak, of course, was the blowpop sucking detective played by Telly Savalas. And like the "Rockford Files", "Baretta", and "S.W.A.T.", deserves it's place in the not-so-rare groove DJ file. With the obligatory Moog sound leading the melody, it becomes instantly recognizable (and dateable). Whoever the cats are on this session are cutting some decent shit for sure. They also turn out a surprisingly funky version of the M.A.S.H. theme, as well as the three aforementioned. The crazy Peter Pan cover art is there, with cute stuff like poorly drawn representations of Alan Alda looking at a martini glass, and Gabe Kaplan's finger being bit by Baretta's Cockatoo!!

Does anyone know the composer?

from Themes From Hit TV Shows (Peter Pan 8185)

Land Of Sunshine  performed by Faith No More  1992
Recommended by SamHall [profile]

The song is heavy, complex enough to be interesting, and simple enough to headbang. The bass is particularly awesome, with slap accents throughout. Not to mention Mike Patton's legendary vocals. The song seems to be about losing your mind as you grow older. It clearly has something to do with going mad, with Patton's screaming and laughing in the background between verses.

I really like this song for the punchy rhythm in bass(accompanied fantastically with the guitar, drums, and Bottum's carnival-like keyboard), and Patton's variance in vocal styles throughout.

from Angel Dust, available on CD (Slash Records)

Lowtide  performed by O’ Death
Recommended by notthelesserajax [profile]

Ukelele, crazy fiddler. It's a boot slappin good song.

from Broken Hymns, Limbs ad Skins

Martys Tardis  performed by Venetian Snares
Recommended by sinferno [profile]

A great venetian snares track, i recommend this whole album and every other venetian snares album to anyone that can handle crazy intense dnb. One of my all time favorite musicians.

from Chocolate Wheelchair

min lön kommer 5 år för sent  performed by bob hund  ?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

sweden's crazy rockers no 1 bob hund pays tribute to the nomads by playing a version of 'five years ahead of my time' by the third bardo. i can't say that i'm into bob hund but this one's a fav of mine.

from twenty years to soon

Mississippi Delta  performed by Zack Laurence Orchestra  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Another recent rediscovery from a record I bought long ago, and another song I'm not normally crazy about. But the arrangements are too outrageously groovy for me to ignore here. I'm a sucker for beaty late 60s instrumentals, and I can forgive the lack of musical variation when the production is as cool as this.

from A taste of Zack Laurence (Silverline DJSL007)

Night Game  performed by Paul Simon  1975
Recommended by G400 Custom [profile]

One of the most mysterious, beautiful, and above all *quiet* songs you'll ever hear. It comes at the end of the first half of the album 'Still Crazy After All These Years' and is nominally about baseball, but don't let that put you off. Worth a listen if you like subtle 70s singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell or James Taylor, or if (like me) you're a fan of Red House Painters, upon whom Paul Simon's earlier work was a great influence.

from Still Crazy After All These Years, available on CD (Warner Brothers)

Novo Sabor  performed by Moacyr Marques  196?
Recommended by sodapop650 [profile]

Moacyr Marques puts the Beatles standards (circa about 1964) through the Bossa mill. Better than Os Sam Beatles (which is really Manfredo Fest) Because Marques gets busy on the old Hammond B-3. The whole LP is a winner with all your favorites (I want to hold your hand, Hard Days Night, If I Fell, and of course, Jicket to Ride - the spelling error is theirs). It must be filled with Musidisc allstars becasue the quality of the music elevates the recording above the obvious novelty value to make it a real "corker" - to use a Beatles era term). Whether or not you can ever find a copy of this I don't know - but if you do - grab it.

from Novo Sabor (Musidisc Hi-Fi 2147)

  sodapop650: Also - I don't know why, but if anybody out there speaks portugese and can translate the title, for some reason the cover of the album is a picture of a young couple on a vespa in front of the eifel tower and holding a loaf of french bread (where could they be?) but what any of it has to do with the Beatles I don't know.
  fjordlord: the title means New Taste
Obstacle #1  performed by Interpol  2002
Recommended by umbrellasfollowrain [profile]

It's manic. Snapped wires. Screaming at the boxcars as they go by. Kid listened to too many Joy Division records in high school and not only did he pick up an attraction to crazy, but he learned how to freak out to that crazy in melody as well. And freak out he does. But he'll tell you why he's freaking out, he'll make you feel it too. And turns out, he has good reason to freak out. Dude's in deep with a bad chick who's, well, she's pretty bad. He waits until the chorus before shrieking for help, "She can't read!" There are those intimate little details that make you realize he's caught in this relationship, he's in love, he loves crazy, he's not getting out any time soon. "It's in the way she pulls it." and the amazing line, "Her stories are boring and stuff /she's always calling my bluff." Sears my frickin' heart.

  executiveslacks: I wanted to hate Interpol, but simply couldn't after hearing this song.
Out Of Our Tree  performed by The Wailers  1965
Recommended by rum [profile]

Up fer listening to some snotty American teens brag about how utterly monged they all are?!... Lord, just writing that there sentence makes me want to clutch my head and groan… “well exactly, so how does no strike you?” Fair, it strikes me as fair. But hear me out. You see, these drug-addled Wailers set their braggings against a backdrop of the crankiest, mankiest rock’n’roll the wrong side of the Sonics. “Is that the tape disintegrating?”, “Do I hear the wallpaper of heaven being torn down?” No, you don’t, that’s the music. “And is that the ‘Satisfaction’ riff honk-honking like an ocean liner in a storm?” Aye yes captain, like the truest garage rockers they filch their riffs from the big leaguers (listen to that other meisterwerk ‘Psychotic Reaction’). It’s a genre that favours execution over original ideas, and man the Wailers execute that ‘Satisfaction’ riff alright. Yes, sir, by the end there’s black smoke billowing out like burning plastic. “…And I can hear a…a wicked organ swirling around in the cacophony. It sounds really big, like it was recorded in a church, you know like that Belle & Sebastian track… ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’?” …well, yeah… I suppose…

“Still these lyrics though…? I cannae bear kids, ANYONE, recounting their drunken, drugged, whatever, adventures out on the town. ESPECIALLY when every other word is ‘crazy’. I thought psychedelic drugs were meant to expand your mind?” Well, yeah, I agree, but like when you listen to any other drug-addled teen, your brain just switches them off after a time, “out runnin’ around/seein’ every crazy sight… ma na na na ma na ma ma!” At least until the chorus, when the kids notice you drifting, and jolt your slumbering brain by bellowing in your ear, “HEY! We gotta be… OUT OF OUR TREE!!! OUT OF OUR TREE!”… Yes, yes, it certainly sounds like it.

  n-jeff: I really, really must get this. Just on this recommendation.
  Gnasher: Yeah, this really is great. I'd think of something more imaginative to say but I just pulled my brain out through my ears and beat myself about the head with it.
Peaches  performed by The Presidents of the United States of America  1996
Recommended by Zissy [profile]

it's a fun just crazy out there feel good song.

from Peaches [Single]

Sad and Crazy  performed by Photo-Poetic  2007
Recommended by drjonez [profile]

Chill and cozy. Kind of epic. I love it

from unknwon (?)

salamanda palaganda  performed by tyrannosaurus rex  1968
Recommended by penelope_66 [profile]

i cannot think of another group that so effectively uses loopy, poetic nonsense to create the feeling of being completely and totally in love! if you ask me, t rex is the best "love" music there is. and not in the typical cheesy way. he's also a rock 'n roll god! this song gets my head spinning every time. bolan's superhuman vibrato voice paired with rythmic bongos, acoustic guitar, pixiephone and all sorts of crazy percussion. this whole album is great, but this song has me at the moment.

from prophets, seers & sages the angels of the ages, available on CD

Son of Mr Green Genes  performed by Frank Zappa  1970
Recommended by Samuel [profile]

Early Zappa. This song is a masterpiece of instrumental songwriting. If you like crazy horn lines, kickin' guitar solos, and a late sixties (although the record was done in 1970) feel, you'll like this.

from Hot Rats, available on CD ()

Sophisticated Side Ponytail  performed by Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
Recommended by melpomenex [profile]

This is a really wacky song, but I love it. It's by a little-known band. Check out the music video (I found it on Vimeo). It's as crazy as the song!

from Glistening Pleasure

Teenage Wristband  performed by The Twilight Singers  2003
Recommended by dyfl [profile]

Enormous, gorgeous, hard-rocking (what a silly phrase) song about hedonism/surrender/desperation/"goin' for a ride." Like "Born To Run," "Baba O'Riley," and "Let's Go Crazy" thrown in a blender and soundtracking a black-and-white indie film.

available on CD - Blackberry Belle (One Little Indian)

Villains  performed by Nothingface  1998
Recommended by Vagina Man [profile]

Villians is another one of those songs that sticks in your mind and has you bobbing your head without even realizing it. The hard crunching guitars sink to the bottom of your soul, and just as you feel yourself grooving the crazy vocals come together with the unbelievable drum beat and form a rythm that just screams MOSH!!! Although the song is amazing the mixing is what brings out its strength. At each second you feel yourself connected to the song then it changes up and goes slow, and in a few seconds builds up to a beat that gets you so pumped you feel like fliping tables. If you ever need a song to get out some aggresiion I definitely recommend this one.

from An Audio Guide to Everday Atrocity (Mayhem Records)

When Dreams Turn to Dust  performed by Cathy Dennis  1997
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Cathy Dennis' music is predominantly rubbish. As UK residents know, she is now the writer behind much of the teeny crap that fills the top 40 singles chart every week. But When Dreams Turn to Dust shines like a beacon amongst a fog of blandness. I bought the single for 50 pence from a charity shop in 2000. I thought I'd paid too much. I was wrong.

I was out of work at the time and looking for a job. Dennis' masterpiece is the sound of those crazy job-search days - there was a good two week period when I listened to this song continually. Hard times economically - even tougher times on the turntable...

The song has a king of warped Beatles/Byrds quality. And an amazing minor chord chorus. To top it all, she shifts the whole chorus up an octave in the final eight or so bars and kills the listener with a repetitive and insistent refrain.

Convinced by its majesty, I then bought one of her dance albums from a car boot sale for £1. Never has money been so well intentionally spent and inevitably wasted.

White Sky  performed by Vampire Weekend  2010
Recommended by daniela_por [profile]

Crazy pop song. I smile everytime I listen to it.

You’ve change  performed by Billie Holiday  1958
Recommended by mattias [profile]

I've been absolutly crazy about this song ever since I first heard it on the radio. It's from the great Lady in satin album. A very sad song, some of the last she recorded, and many people said that she couldn't sing anymore. Her broken voice is perfect for this song

from Lady in Satin

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