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Desire Lines  performed by Lush  1994
Composed by Emma Anderson

So beautiful and quietly emotional as a lot of shoegazing is. One of their longest songs... it starts out with the wailing guitar melody that's repeated throughout and accented by Miki Berenyi's calm and melancholy vocals, but the instrumental parts are really the most prominent parts of the song. The best part is at around 3:53 when the guitars go crazy. the whole thing seems very representative of sadness and getting to that point where you just can't hold it in anymore and you start weeping hardcore. it's a good song... the only one that can make me cry over and over again.

from Split (4AD)

Some Velvet Morning  performed by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood  1968

Amazing and Peacefully Disturbing... a true beauty of a song.

  07 May 05 ·olli: This song was what first got me hooked on lee hazlewood, many years ago....the weirdest composition ever to be a mainstream pop hit,surely. check out slowdive's ultra spacey version, btw.
  08 May 05 ·parlop: oh, i've heard it... i still like the original best.
  08 May 05 ·Bazz: Primal Scream's version > Slowdive version.
Utopia  performed by Goldfrapp  2000
Composed by Goldfrapp

great electronic and surreal feeling song... "make him live like me... again and again..." "make his eyes see forever" It's actually about how fashion is kind of like fascism. This song really puts you in a different mood... one of a great Utopia with hints of yodeling.

from Felt Mountain

For Love  performed by Lush  1992
Composed by Miki Berenyi

"this is so real, it's what i feel. i look in your eyes and lose myself" this song is a great dream-poppy ditty about someone falling in love with falling in love... which is kind of cheesy in a sense... but Lush just does it so amazingly. I really like how this band really embraces their girly-ness and doesn't try to act like their trying to keep up with the boys as many female-led bands from their era were doing. the background vocals are amazingly beautiful as are the guitar solos. There's a nice, lush, romantic feeling received from listening to this song. the imagery from the aforementioned lyric is very nice as well.

from Spooky (4ad)

Poor Boy  performed by Shocking Blue  1969
Composed by Robbie Van Leeuwen

This song has a nice, creative intro with psychedelic sounds and such including the sitar, and then, just when you think the song is done Mariska chimes in and sings beautifully above some enticing backing vocals.

from At Home

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