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Fun and Games  performed by The Connells  1989
Recommended by Silly Goose [profile]

This is just a great example of the Connells, a band you can either kick back and listen to, or jump around and go crazy. This band from North Carolina never made it big, but they still keep playing their music for anyone who will listen. A great college band, only they stick with you long after college, as witnessed by the mix of frat baseball caps and balding heads at a recent concert.

from Fun and Games, available on CD (TVT)

Yawn  performed by The Orchids  1989
Recommended by Rena Blue [profile]

One must be alone in a quiet darkened room, late evening, to feel the full atmospheric impact of this very moving tune.

Also available on the 'What will we do next' ep Sarah 23.

from Epicurean - A soundtrack (Sarah Records Sarah 611)

Brassneck  performed by The Wedding Present  1989
Recommended by lingereffect [profile]

I'm a complete sucker for jangly guitar, and thus The Wedding Present's back catalogue is a treasure trove for me. A great breakup song from a band with more than their fair share, "Brassneck" is available in two versions on the reissue of _Bizarro_ - the LP version and the single version (the latter of which was recorded by Steve Albini and is many people's favourite, but not mine). It isn't their fastest song, but the speedy, tendonitis-inducing guitar strum still leaves me slack-jawed.

from Bizarro (RCA), available on CD (Manifesto)

  16 Jun 02 ·delicado: I also prefer the album version. Oddly enough I was playing the guitar in that fast-strummed jangly style this very evening... I think the George Best album is my favorite.
Beasts of No Nation  performed by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & Egypt 80  1989
Recommended by phillphillphill [profile]

Here is a real music man from Africa who stirred alot of contraversy by forming his own political party and using his music as a weapon against the colonial british government. He wrote Beasts of No Nation in 1986 after spending 3 years in jail without being convicted. Beautiful voice!! Influenced by American jazz and Drum rhythms of west nigeria. Many consider him the African James Brown or Bob Marley, but this is not so. Find out for yourself!

available on CD - Beasts of No Nation/O.D.O.O. (MCA)

Famous Last Words  performed by Tears For Fears  1989
Recommended by Colinator [profile]

I recomend this song for a 'lower mood', aswell as the album this song appears on, called: 'the Seeds of Love'.

available on CD - the Seeds of Love

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