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Is this the life  performed by Cardiacs  1988

Cardiacs have been described as: fairground music; punk rock; prog rock; beautiful; frightening; deadly serious; total euphoria; ugly; sexy; avant-garde; pop genius; totally genuine; disturbing; uplifting... All I can say is this song has one of the maddest guitar solos I have ever heard!

from A little man and a house (ORG Records ALPH 007), available on CD

  07 Mar 02 ·n-jeff: God I hate the Cardiacs. I'm so Wacky. I'm so Zany. Wacky! Zany! Wacky! Zany! Wacky! Wacky! Zany! Zany! Thats all I have to say.
  21 Aug 02 ·dragonsulk: What rubbish, you havent paid attention at all. So much of it is about fear, pain, courage, the humour is gritted teeth in the face of sadness. Bit too subtle for you, eh? Too much like real life?
  03 Sep 02 ·n-jeff: I had the misfortune to have to spend an hour paying attention, christ, 20 years ago. That was quite enough, thank you. Subtle? No. Real life? Maybe they appraoched the real life feelings of my 4 year old on a chemical high after too much squash and her toys taken away. Maybe they've evolved. I hope so, but I'll bear a grudge for that gig.
  17 Jan 05 ·jack kane: the nme orthodoxy would have it that the cardiacs are somehow putting on an act. far from it - the reason their music is so powerful is that it's dredged up from the fearful chaos that lurks just beneath our feeble psyches. cardiacs haters fear this chaos, and their fear is projected as resentment, leaving them unable to access the music of britain's greatest band.
Yawn  performed by The Orchids  1989

One must be alone in a quiet darkened room, late evening, to feel the full atmospheric impact of this very moving tune.

Also available on the 'What will we do next' ep Sarah 23.

from Epicurean - A soundtrack (Sarah Records Sarah 611)

Summer Overture  performed by Clint Mansell  2000
Composed by Clint Mansell

Taken from the film soundtrack 'Requiem for a dream'

from Requiem for a dream (Nonesuch Records)
available on CD - Requiem for a Dream (Nonesuch Records)

Everloving  performed by Moby  1999

I am a massive Moby fan, but this has to be my favourite piece of his music. The album version fails to do the arrangement justice. But most beautifully done 'Live on TV Jools Holland' this recording is unfortunately only available on 'Moby Play The dvd'.

from Play, available on CD

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