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This Year's Love  performed by David Gray

This song is all about being hopeful for a relationship, even after you have been hurt many times. David Gray's whole album has this acoustic/electronic feel to it, and his voice is so soothing.

from White Ladder, available on CD

After An Afternoon  performed by Jason Mraz
Composed by Jason Mraz

Jason's guitar wraps around you caresses you, making you feel like it's carrying you down a river on a warm summer day, sun shining on your face. His lyrics are true poetry, and he can communicate so many emtions. Only Jason could sing a song where all he does is read the intrument panels on his car and still sound great. Although this guy is still unsigned, his website ( has an short CD you can order and mp3's you can download. If this guys does not make it big one day then I'll....I'lll....I don't know what, but I'll do something.

Fun and Games  performed by The Connells  1989

This is just a great example of the Connells, a band you can either kick back and listen to, or jump around and go crazy. This band from North Carolina never made it big, but they still keep playing their music for anyone who will listen. A great college band, only they stick with you long after college, as witnessed by the mix of frat baseball caps and balding heads at a recent concert.

from Fun and Games, available on CD ()

Sunshine  performed by Smoke the Prophet

Local band in New Haven, CT. Probably the only thing worthwhile there.

Holiday  performed by Fighting Gravity

College ska band...this songs just makes you want to spin in circles until you fall down giggling.

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