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...The Collapse of Detective Dullight  performed by Of Montreal  2001
Recommended by two-headed boy [profile]

'The Events Leading up to the Collapse of Detective Dullight' is not a song but a narrative story, and it’s funny as hell. The off-kilter character voices of the already brilliant stream-of-consciousness plot are cartoonish enough for their own Saturday morning series. When the detectives start their investigation nothing makes sense. There’s Jell-O, serenading butterflies, file cabinets, murder, catacombs, and all the seasonings for a hilarious dream. I am usually brought to tears when Detective Slots reads from his revered exercise in free verse titled ‘The Cause of Gauze’. I will supply you with a sample:
"Oh, the cause of gauze. The Manuels have fondled many memories from my lap though each memory has its own lap and swimmers swim laps. Even swimmers have laps however and while in that condition many require a delicate gauze."
If you hear this without purchasing the actual album, 'Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimisical Verse,' then you are being cheated. The dreams of this band are as colorful as the illustrations they provide us in their album sleeves. The 'Where's Waldo' pictorial representations enrich the listening experience by engaging us in a journey deep into the frying-pan brains of these madmen. In fact, this is a perfect introduction into a very strange world of psychedelicado. Think the Beach Boy's 'Smile.' The reaction of my friends after hearing this have been harmoniously the same, 'they have to be on drugs.' The truth is Of Montreal are not on drugs, they are drugs.

from Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse (Kindercore KC064)

16 Toneladas (Sixteen Tons)  performed by Noriel Vilela  1971
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

This, friends, is the swingingest and most bizarre version of this chestnut you will ever hear. Having recently left the Cantores De Ebano (Ebony Singers), sort of a 60s Brazilian version of Sounds Of Blackness, Noriel Vilela, possessor of an impossibly deep, rumbling basso profundo capable of blowing your speakers, embarked on a brief yet fondly-remembered solo career. This witty reworking of the Tennessee Ernie Ford original replaces the country-western-pop of the original with a rollicking samba-rock rhythm and Portuguese lyrics extolling how much fun samba is, sung by a voice from deep in the crypt that swings like crazy. It stops everybody who hears it dead in their tracks and is the guaranteed highlight of any party. What Messrs. Ford and Travis would have made of it is anybody's guess, but this version refuses to die, having recently become a hit in Brazil all over again, 30 years after its first release. I've heard many, many versions of "Sixteen Tons," but believe me, this one truly runs away with the prize!!

from 7 (Copacabana)
available on CD - Samba Rock (Compilation)

  konsu: I stand corrected. It's just a matter of getting in line for some of this stuff , ya'know? Soo much music, so little time...sigh...
  Festy: So Paulo group "Funk Como Le Gusta" have a wonderful version of this also from their 1999 album "Roda de Funk". It's in the same style that Noriel Vilela did, but tighter.
  sodapop650: If you get a chance - try and track down a copy of Juarez Sant'ana's first LP it has a super-cool version of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" to complete the bizarre brazilian western covers.
a story  performed by violent femmes
Recommended by javaviolet [profile]

Wanna hear a demented story about a eloping teenage couple that gets eaten by a monster? Sure, I did too. And The Violent Femmes create a funny, charming story that will either leave you with a chuckle or a cringe.

Agathe ou Christie  performed by Christie Laume
Recommended by trebole [profile]

funny song, funny lyrics

from Sixties Girls 3 (Musidisc)

Andy's Chest  performed by the Velvet Underground  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Great song with really strange lyrics on par with Love's "The Red Telephone": "Her belly button was her mouth/and she tasted what she'd speak/but the funny thing is what happened to her nose/it grew until it reached all of her toes/now when people say her feet smell they mean her nose." Another version was recorded by Lou Reed on his "Transformer" LP a few years later.

from VU, available on CD (Verve)

Apocalypso  performed by The Monochrome Set  1980
Recommended by whoops [profile]

Come closer and listen carefully, this is the best kept secret of the so called music industry.
The Monochrome Set have changed my life and the ones of thousands (Well..maybe hundreds..ok, maybe 5 or 10). They came out of nowhere in the late seventies with a serie of singles on Rough Trade and were signed by Virgin in 1980 for 2 albums then by Cherry Red for a third one (Eligible bachelors) and by Warner for the last one (The lost week end). It is not an easy task to describe their music, it is always unpredictable, brilliant, clever and funny.

To finish, this is a quote from the cover of their second album :
"Once this record is in the house two's company and four is a party, roll back the carpet, switch out the light and dance in the glow of the firelight as the Monochrome Set provide your very own music far from the maddening crowd of the dancehalls"

Oh by the way, Apocalypso is an exquisite little song with a marimba and percussion break.

from Love zombies (Virgin)

Baby You’ve No Eyes  performed by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra  2006
Recommended by peterbruff [profile]

Available for free download from along with the rest of the album 'Midnight Finger Painter'...

from Midnight Finger Painter (Planet Groucho Records PGR-KF-01)

Bad Little Kitty  performed by Taylor Hollingsworth
Recommended by DearPrudence [profile]

So. much. Fun.

Taylor Hollingsworth can be serious but most of the time he is just a big kid who makes fun and funny music.

Bitches  performed by Insane Clown Posse
Recommended by crystalising [profile]

Bittersweet  performed by Lewis Taylor  1996
Recommended by Latimer [profile]

Lewis Taylor is a major musical talent, and his first album stands as a landmark among modern soul / R&B productions. Imagine Prince on a roll, with the Beach Boys on backing vocals and Jeff Beck adding psychedelic guitar. He does it all. Sweet falsetto vocals, funny lyrics and a worldwide groove. You'll want more.

from Lewis Taylor, available on CD (Island)

Body 21  performed by Morningwood  2006
Recommended by BloodyRachelB [profile]

benn into this band for a while, I'm not gonna lie mostly because the name is so damn funny. but I really love this song!

from morningwood

Breakfast  performed by Mary Prankster
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Funny, fast, w/ weird stream of conciousness lyrics. Mary Prankster (a funky mix of punk, rock, and rockabilly) is in-your-face, vulgar, clever, and original. Also great live--check out for tour dates.

"I'm really stoned, and I think mom put acid in my orange juice again"

By the time I get to Phoenix  performed by Dorothy Ashby  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

The idea of a funky jazz harp rendition of this classic Jim Webb song is probably cheesy to some people, but trust me, this one works brilliantly. The opening shimmers delightfully with fender rhodes piano, strings, and a huge breakbeat. Dorothy's harp then takes over, and we move into a nice pop/funk/jazz take on the song. The relentless beat is pretty funny when you compare this version to others (e.g. the Glen Campbell hit version, also Nick Cave's classic stripped down version from 'Kicking against the pricks'), but it is really very charming, happy stuff. A similar funk/pop hybrid occurs on her version of 'Windmills of your mind' - highly recommended.

from Dorothy's Harp (Cadet)

Curbside Prophet  performed by Jason Mraz  2002
Recommended by Squince [profile]

It has very funny/interesting lyrics. It flows very well and is fun to sing along to :)

from Waiting For My Rocket To Come, available on CD (Elektra)

Deceptacon  performed by Le Tigre  1999
Recommended by Ketori [profile]

Funny lyrics. Great music for jammin' or just jumping around and dancing.

available on CD - Le Tigre

Deep Down  performed by Christy  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

I'm surprised to find I haven't recommended this song before. An enchanting piece of futuristic pop written by Ennio Morricone, this great tune was part of the score for the wonderfully stylish Mario Bava movie 'Danger: Diabolik'. Christy, who also sung on some Piero Piccioni scores, was (is?) a heartfelt 'belter', and here she sings the italian lyrics, which are peppered with English phrases, especially passionately. There is a cool echoey effect on her voice, giving the whole affair an other-worldly, underwater feel. Musically, it's a very catchy psych-pop track, with a twangy, rocky guitar. It's quite short, but extremely powerful.

from the single Deep Down
available on CD - Canto Morricone Vol. 1 (Bear Family)

  leonthedog: This "Canto Morricone" volume sent me on a frantic chase for so many things; most rewarding was the "Danger: Diabolik" soundtrack. (The movie is a hoot and quite a bargain, too.) Mina... Spaak... Miranda Martino... Rita Monico... and what about Ken Colman? "Trio Junior"??? This CD will infect you, so you'd better just go get it!
  delicado: I realize it has been almost 10 years since I wrote this - but just to throw it out there - this track really is absolutely amazing!
Don’t Rain on My Parade  performed by Japan  1978
Recommended by schlick [profile]

The band does a wonderfully eccentric, glam, new wavish take on the song Barbra Streisand sang in "Funny Girl".

from Adolescent Sex, available on CD (Ariola (US) / Ariola Hansa (UK))

Don’t Try Suicide  performed by Queen  1980
Recommended by Ozmala [profile]

A very cheerful song, with some great piano. The lyrics are funny, if you're into that kind of thing. (I am.)

from The Game

Down Under  performed by Men At Work
Recommended by Matt Schultz [profile]

It's funny

Eleanor Rigby  performed by Tony Bennett  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

What can be said about this? Long before Tony was on MTV Unplugged, he tried this misguided attempt to 'get hip with the kids'. Funny thing is, I love it. He doesn't sing this so much as emote it. It's reminiscent of some of Shatner's finer moments. I should also note that the album is worth seeking out for the uber-psychedelic cover art alone.

from Tony Bennett Sings the Great Hits of Today (Columbia)

England 2 Columbia 0  performed by Kirsty MacColl  2000
Recommended by komodo [profile]

A superb tale of wronged love and wounded pride performed with a mighty swagger, drenched in latin rhythms and horns, but with that bittersweet humour and English setting that have been hallmark's of Kirsty's whole career.

There are so many songs from Kirsty that I love in so many musical styles, but the "Tropical Brainstorm" album is really the best thing she ever did. She has absorbed the influences from her travels in Latin America, but the album is no pastiche, it is pure MacColl. Whilst occasionally missing its mark, it has so many fine, joyful and wryly funny moments, and, to me, all the signs of an artist entering a new, fiercely creative and joyful stage of her career.

Sadly we will never know where Kirsty's musical journey would have taken her.

from Tropical Brainstorm, available on CD

Five Colours in her Hair  performed by McFly  2004
Recommended by Issie [profile]

It's funny. It's quite catchy. It's, um, loud and happy.

  jeanette: Yeah, you gotta love a bit of McFly. And the single came out on 7" picture disc too, which shows a bit of effort.
  olli: no offense, but it sounds pretty bland to me. then again, i'm not really into that blink 182 "happy teen sunshine punk" kind of thing.
  Mike: The chord sequence is very Pet Shop Boys.
Free  performed by Sweet Robots Against the Machine  2002
Recommended by MMMp [profile]

A nice cover song as Towa Tei (SRATM) will do. I haven't heard the original but would like to. This one is in the two-step style which I am also unfamiliar with except through Towa Tei's interpretations. An excellent song. "Girly" as TT songs with vocals can be. Dancy as TT songs usually are. Commentary from some Jamaican/British type (!) and breaks down into a remix of itself toward the end - but in a very respectable fashion! -- I recently found out that this CD features copy protection, funny enough that kind of changed the way I felt about it. I want to make it clear that for that reason I can't recommend that anyone buy this album. ;)

from Towa Tei, available on CD

Fuel  performed by Ani Difranco
Recommended by Reina [profile]

A smart, funny rant -- half talking, half singing. Political as any of her music, but less angry and more mocking. Very cool. Even if you don't like Ani, this one deserves a listen.

"...all the radios agree with all the tvs, and the magazines agree with all the radios and I keep hearing that same damn song everywhere I go! Maybe I should put a bucket over my head and a marshmallow in each ear, and stumble around for another dumb, numb week for another humdrum hit song to appear."

Funny the Way It Is  performed by Dave Matthews Band
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Get a Room  performed by Jim O’Rourke  2001
Recommended by hewtwit [profile]

One of the finest songs to come from o'rourke's bacharachisation. Lovely changes, brilliant lyrics and an epic ending which is as depressing as it is funny.

from insignificance

Half Forgotten Daydreams  performed by John Cameron
Recommended by texjernigan [profile]

This track is so beatiful, and i find it popping up in a lot of degradingly funny places; its one of those tracks you hear in situations that are extremely sexy, though if you watched Nacho Libre, you might have noticed a more ironic use of the track.

  eftimihn: Terrific track, loved it for many years and was stunned to hear it in Nacho Libre.
Hawaiian Cowboy  performed by Sol K. Bright & his Holywaiians  1936
Recommended by HoboTech [profile]

Have you ever wanted to find that quintessential Hawaiian twangy song from the 30s that you dream you heard when you were 2 years old? This is the one! Frantic hawaiian vocals (which were supposedly made up on the spot) paired with twangy steel guitar make this song unforgettable.

from Hawaiian Music (Honolulu - Hollywood - Nashville 1927-1944)

I want to kiss the Bangles  performed by The Saw Doctors  199?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

Great Lost Punk Single #1

...well actually part of an E.P. called, I think, Wake Up Sleeping. I totally take on board what some other guy says about not just typing in the lyrics to songs, but these are too funny. It's a noisy, good humoured racket, 'though not very pc.

I wouldn't kiss Liam O'Maonlai,Guns & Roses or Muddy Waters.
I wouldn't kiss Brian WilsonOr his lovely yankee daughters.
And Shane McGowan is not my type Because his teeth are green and mangled
But Jesus Christ Almighty, I'd love to kiss the Bangles.

from Wake Up Sleeping EP, available on CD

Instant Hit  performed by The Slits  1979
Recommended by texjernigan [profile]

Its always funny when artists title things in that self referential way, "Instant Hit," as though predicting the public's response. The Slits know its a good track, and they know that we'll like it, and they name it that to make us feel as though our tastes are predictable. That's my theory anyway, trying to make you feel stupid for liking an enjoyable track! And it is, it's great, and I don't really like any of the other tracks on the album.

Jessica  performed by Adam Green  2003
Recommended by herby22 [profile]

It seems kind of creepy at first, because the guy is talking about jessica simpson, but it is sweet and funny and it kind of captures how individuals relate to celebrities.

from Friends of Mine (Rough Trade)

Kinky Love  performed by Nancy Sinatra  1976
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A highly enjoyable song on many levels. Firstly, the words are ridiculous. 'Don't you know I understand you're a man, and you've got to have your kinky love' is pretty funny, but that's nothing compared to 'baby take me inside, and let the honey slide'. Musically, it's really rather charming as well, opening with just Nancy's voice and a cool watery guitar sound, building beautifully with some great strings. Even though I find myself laughing at the lyrics, she sounds very vulnerable and serious; her voice seems to break at certain points. All in all, this is really every bit as enjoyable as her superb 60s material.

from the single Kinky Love
available on CD - Sheet Music

  tempted: The British art pop group The Pale Saints recorded a terrific version of Kinky Love around 1990. Beautiful homage to this exceptional song!
  delicado: yeah, I'm a huge fan of the pale saints, and I actually heard their version first. I think a few of their songs are truly incredible; I'll have to recommend some here soon.
  bobbyspacetroup: Wow. This is a cool track. I played it for my girlfriend, and the lyrics really cracked her up. Anyone know who produced or arranged this track? I'd definitely be interested in other material along these lines, Nancy Sinatra or otherwise.
  joakimbo: !!! im desperate to get hold of the pale saints version of kinky love but cant find it anywhere!! can anyone help? i may have to call my boyfriend of 10 years ago to ask for a copy of his, tho i think his now wife may not approve!
  delicado: A belated response for bobbyspacetroup: the track was from a single, produced by Snuff Garrett and arranged by Al Capps. Yes, let's find some more stuff with this sound!
  Johnny Wonny: To Joakimbo .... hey Stupid ... why don't you do what I did about 14 years ago when I first heard Kinky Love by the Palesaints ... go to your Record Store and ORDER the 4 song EP ... duhhhh ... pretend there's no Kaaza and support this fabulous band that has disbanded .... Spend some MONEY for a change.
  Johnny Wonny: Delicado ... Kinky Love was originally written by Dave Ellington, for Nancy Sinatra. Once again "Bimbo" .. borrow some cash and order this EP ... you'll be glad you did. KL was the first song I heard by the palesaints, and now have everything they published. They disbanded in the late Nineties.
  Johnny Wonny: To all ... the palesaints was one of the most creative 90's British Alternative bands to ever exist, along with My Bloody Valentine, The Cocteau Twins etc etc ....
  Johnny Wonny: Just one more thing, Delicado .. you say these lyrics are "stupid" .. sung by Nancy S yes .. the palesaints version, with the gorgeous and subtle guitarwork of Graeme Nesmith, along with Mariel Barham's sultry and
  Johnny Wonny: dark voice make up the whole recipe to make this song work ... a woman and a man are in love ... they have a perhaps twisted but beautiful sexual relationship as well ... it's a love song .. NS's version is eww.
  delicado: to my namesake mr. wonny: I'm a huge fan of pale saints; bought the 12" on the day it came out. Also rather like the Nancy version; let's live and let live, eh!
  Johnny Wonny: Well .. hello ... here's some dumb Johnny/Palesaints trivia .. the first cd I ordered lasted about 2 weeks ... I was drunk, and a few cds were on the floor by my bed .. I thought one was the ashtray and ruined it. Ordered another the nest day. First heard it on CJSW (University FM).
  Johnny Wonny: By the way Kimbo, if you ever come back here, I found a site where you can order Flesh Balloon, along with anything else they did ...
  Johnny Wonny: Course you can try Ebay .... I may have spoken in haste ... perhaps these cds are no longer in print ... I bought them all up till about 1994 or 5 ... since then the band has died ...
Lolita Go Home  performed by Jane Birkin  1975
Recommended by tempted [profile]

A simple and groovy, mid-tempo easy pop tune with a nice wah-wah guitar riff and Jane B.'s trademark teen fox vocal. Everything apart from the words "Lolita go home" is sung in French. Jane B. didn't really know French and it sounds quite funny. Gainsbourg and Birkin must've had a hell of a relationship! Another classic in my dj set which again shows Gainsbourg's tremendous ability to write sunny bubblegum pop as well as arrange it deliciously.

Mad World  performed by Gary Jules  2001
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

"Mad World" was written and originally performed by the popular 80's band Tears for Fears. A more mellow, piano-based cover of the song was featured in the cult movie "Donnie Darko" (Jake Gylenhaal, Patrick Swayze) as performed by folk artist Gary Jules. His version of "Mad World" reached the coveted Christmas #1 spot in the UK in 2003, despite that it was 3 years old and performed by an unknown artist.
This song is quite possibly my favorite song of all time, at least in my Top Ten, because I feel that it describes life very accurately. The chorus of the song is:
"I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had."
To me, this song is saying "Hang in there...I know life sucks on this earth, but you will go to a far better place after your death."
Depressing? No. This song helps me to carry on.

from Donnie Darko (Enjoy)
available on CD - Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets (EMI International)

  malpt: This is a rare occasion where I love the cover more than the original. A very awesome song.
Main title - Vampire Killers  performed by Krzysztof Komeda  1967
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

The perfect theme to Roman Polanski's underrated comic horror film, The Fearless Vampire Killers. With stacked vocal harmonies, suggesting the background singers at some sort of Bulgarian black mass, floating on bat wings over a very jazzy rhythm section, this song is, at once, very creepy and very funny. I have long believed that Siouxsie and The Banshees came into existence entirely due this influence of this track. (Play it back to back with "Switch" or "Israel" or "Cascade" sometime, and you'll see what I mean.) Stereolab likewise. Broadcast or Goldfrapp could do a brilliant cover of it.

from Complete Recordings Of Krzysztof Komeda Vol 19, available on CD

Motel Blues  performed by Loudon Wainwright III  1971
Recommended by magicsteven [profile]

anyone who loves emotional songwriting with inspired lyrics will be blown away by this song, one of the best i've ever heard.

from Album II (Atlantic SD8291)
available on CD - The Atlantic Recordings (

Mr. Sellack  performed by The Roches  1979
Recommended by swaltonb2003 [profile]

It's sort of your typical folk,barbershop quartet,with a couple of jazz and rock touches. The lyrics are funny and sad and just about anyone can relate to them. The Roches voices are gorgeous and the melody will stick with you for decades(believe me !).

from The Roches, available on CD

Mr.Right  performed by Mickey Avalon
Recommended by llspazz [profile]

It's just fun and a feel good goofy song.

available on CD - Hollywood

My Doctor  performed by Bruz Fletcher  1935
Recommended by almosteva [profile]

Funny double entendres from mysterious doomed gay star of the 1930's. It can be heard online at queermusicheritage or Quick wit and chatty singing style that is like Dwight Fiske or Spivy, but far more musical and accessible. Nightclub classic, a jewel of an era and style no longer heard.

New Partner  performed by Palace Music
Recommended by umbrellasfollowrain [profile]

Memory's a funny thing. Especially romantic memory.
The first time I heard this song was two days after the first time I fell in love. Everywhere I went, I sang its earnest chorus "And you are always on my mind" in my head, thinking about the one I was in love with. In the shower staring at a bottle of hair conditioner, I sang, "You are always on my mind". On the subway, trying to ignore a potential fistfight about to break out, I sang, "You are always on my mind". In the supermarket produce section, holding the perfect shape of a lemon in my hand, I sang, "You are always on my mind". I was giddy and happy and the song understood. "Hey!" the song said, "Hey!" Will Oldman sang, "I got a new partner now!"
But jacket weather set in and things grew colder and we broke up and I was miserable and I stored the CD away on a top shelf with other memorabilia of that love who's happy power was really freakin' painful for me to think about now.
Things weren't always so bleak and I got me a new love and some years later, when I listened to the song again, I noticed something about the lyrics I hadn't before. See, in reality, the song isn't joyous at all. Will Oldman is singing about a past love, a love who is always on his mind when all the time he is seeing another girl, a different girl from the one always on his mind. He can't be with that girl. He has a new partner now. What I thought was a song about new joy was a song about nostalgic loss.
I didn't see how it was possible that I had suppressed that true meaning for as long as I had, considering how often I sang the song and how much it meant to me at the time. I knew the lyrics like the back of my hand and when I listen to music I dredge up all I can get from the lyrics like I'm a devout scribe interpreting the bible.
One of the beauties of pop songs is that they take on the flavour of your life at the time you listened to them and carry that flavour on to whenever you listen to the song again, while meanwhile you're morphing and changing and discarding what songs you don't want to remember that you loved and making mixed Cd's for long cartrips of the songs you do you do want to remember. This song is weird in that IT seemed to be the one that was morphing the next time I heard it and not me, like it was a person that had changed over time that I was encountering again.
Besides which, what a fucking lovely song it is.

from Viva Last Blues

  olli: now THAT's what i call a recommendation. Im gonna have to find and soak this up now...
  olli: beautiful song. i've been a sporadic fan of will oldham related stuff for some years now, but hadnt heard this until now. thanks! hmm. on a side note, this is the 666th american release that has been recommended here. i might be a bit childish, but i was hoping that number would go to some really, really bad contemporary pop music. Hey, you can't always get what you want:)
  fjell_strom: This song was the soundtrack to my incorrigible devotion to a lovely young girl when I myself was a bit younger. I used to listen to this tune repeatedly in my tiny little newly discovered room in the immensely overwhelming new land in which I found myself during the adventure which was to last the next four years, wandering Europe by my heartstrings. This was the song. I used to drink gin martinis to it. And eat the olive. And shudder because winter had come to my little home, and she was always, at least as often as the song played, on my mind.
nimrod`s son  performed by pixies  1987
Recommended by olli [profile]

i`m on a pixies high now. thank your favourite fictional deity that they`ve still got it:) it`s always a relief when reunions actually work..
this track from their debut ep is freaky and wonderful, like most pixies tracks. the lyrics are among their best (and most coherent!)
you-are-the-son of incestuous union!

available on CD - come on pilgrim

Not Enough Bodybags  performed by Hero Dishonest  200?
Recommended by Durruti [profile]

It starts with a funny intro taken from a movie (I think). It's ultra speed hc. Very good, clever lyrics (antiwar). THE BEST CONTEMPORARY FINNISH OLD SCHOOL HC.

from Juggernaut, available on CD

Old Brown Shoe  performed by The Beatles  1968
Recommended by chris kane [profile]

Vastly under-rated. I hear Ringo was involved with the writing so I guess its his humor that I like

from Past Masters 2 (EMI)

Once In A Lifetime  performed by Talking Heads  180
Recommended by xrayspex [profile]

This song embodies life. It starts out awkward and confused and then slips into a beautiful chorus. The lyrics are funny, yet they encapsulate the beauty of life adding a bit of philosophy.

from Remain In Light

  FlyingDutchman1971: This is my favorite track from Byrne and Co. The video was quite a hoot as well. Same as it ever was.... Hey! Look where my hand was!
Oops!  performed by Britney  2000
Recommended by phil [profile]

Honestly, I really like this one. I've done a lot of thinking as to the Max Martin style (ex-poodle rocker Max is Britney's songwriter and is basically responsible for the pop zeitgeist - he also does 5ive, NSYNC, Backstreet, even Bon Jovi these days), and believe you me, there is a pretty cynical formula here - verse, bridge, chorus, completely different verse, identical bridge and chorus, breakdown, then chorus to finish. Often this is pretty bad - NSYNC's its gonna be me is the nadir - but in this one it works really well - the verses are slinky, the chorus a classic pop one and basically the whole idea of oops! is pretty funny. I can't pretend I listen to it that often but I enjoy it when I do.

from Oops! I did it again, available on CD

  delicado: Check this out (it's a 4.2 mb file).
pata palo  performed by pata negra
Recommended by frosch [profile]

its spanish gypsy-rock, great guitars and funny lirics

from blues de la frontera

peace  performed by plastics  1981
Recommended by olli [profile]

lovely feelgood song from the borderline brilliant japanese new wave band plastics. a break from their often minimalistic intrumentation. oddball lyrics, nice guitar, harmonica and extremely enthusiastic singing.
i love the way the male vocalist seems to be holding his nose while singing in the beginning of the song.

waiting for the taxi
standing in the snow white
newspapers falling on the ground
it's cold and cold and cold

new york is frozen steak
teddy bear and kitty cat
fireplace and candles
all you need is weapon

this is peace
this is funny fairy tale

green green green peace
high high high heel
inside is outside
world is nonsense

dream of the tide wave
my peace is your peace
peace by the people
peace for the peace

this is peace
this is funny fairy tale

all i see is green green
grave yard of lily white
sleeping beauty laying there
with dots and symbols

marmalade evening
fur coats and venus
venus and mighty dragon said
all you need is weapon

this is peace
this is funny fairy tale

from welcome back plastics (island)

Photobooth Curtain  performed by School for the Dead  2004
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Poppy Rocky Indie. This song is kind of funny but also kind of sad. Power-pop instrumentation with lots of harmonies. Great lyrics and melody, very cool arrangement.

from The New You, available on CD

Rats  performed by Rasputina
Recommended by xicanti [profile]

This one makes me laugh. A friend of mine put it on a mix for me, and the first couple of times through I was sure I had to be hearing it wrong. I looked it up on a lyric search, though, and sure enough they're all going to call rats fish once Friday rolls around. I find rats funny to begin with, but the fish thing pretty much cinches it.

I guess you could also view this as historical commentary, but I choose just to see it in a ligher way.

from Cabin Fever!

  snafkin: I always look forward to checking this site and have found some great music through other peoples recommendations. So please write something about the songs - don't just stick them on the site, sell them to me, why should I download any of these songs, give me an idea what they're about please! I think that's what the site is supposed to be about. PS Why recommend Wonderwall by Oasis? I can't believe anyone on this site won't have already heard it!
Road ode  performed by The Carpenters  1972
Recommended by delicado [profile]

The Carpenters have become like Abba were for me about 15 years ago - I can lose hours at a time just listening to their best songs with the volume up high. I actually never really dared to venture beyond my favorites from Abba's hits, but with the Carpenters I have a few LPs and recently picked up a 5-CD reader's digest set, allowing me to hear some less famous tracks by them.

This track is a bit of a revelation for me. Highly produced, early 70s. Piano-led, with strings, guitar, bass etc, and Richard providing some backing vocals. Karen's singing is beautiful as ever, although her voice sounds a bit funny - she over-pronounces words like 'goes'. The verse is plaintive and moody, while the brief chorus is funky in that glorious way tracks from the early 70s can be funky. This section is reprised with pretty sick flute playing!

In all, a really beautiful track that for me showcases all the best things the Carpenters have to offer. The band are still stigmatized by many, for reasons I'm not exactly clear on. I understand that this kind of highly produced, clean sounding music might not be for everyone, but if you've just been put off listening to them because they're not very cool, maybe give this track a try!

from A song for you (A song for you)
available on CD - Magical Memories of the Carpenters (Reader's Digest)

  FlyingDutchman1971: You are not alone in you love of the Carpenters! I am proud to say that I have every studio album produced by Richard and Karen and still play them all the time. I need to pull them off the shelves and post a few songs on here... thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  callgirlscene: I like the Carpenters too. They have a pristine flawless and happy quality that is slightly unreal. It's fascinating and yet there's a kind of tragic undercurrent in some of their music too.
Runaround Sue  performed by Dion & the Belmonts  1962
Recommended by fantasticsupremedeluxe [profile]

"I should have known it from the very start
This girl would leave me with a broken heart
Now listen people, what I'm telling you
keep away from Runaround Sue

I miss her lips and the smile on her face
touch of her hands and this girls warm embrace
so if you don't wanna cry like I do
keep away from Runaround Sue"

Half sad, half funky. A very groovy Doo Wop - track with a funny melody that makes it hard to believe that the guy is really blue...

available on CD - Dion Hits (1958-1963) (Ace)

Sticky George  performed by The Korgis  1981
Recommended by Issie [profile]

It's a funny song, it's enjoyable and quite original.

from Sticky George
available on CD - DON'T LOOK BACK: THE VERY BEST OF THE KORGIS [1979-82]

Superfast Jellyfish  performed by Gorillaz feat. De La Soul & Gruff Rhys  2010
Recommended by claudiag [profile]

A fantastic song from Plastic Beach album by Gorillaz. It's funny electro-hip hop performed with grandmaster De La Soul, irresistible.

from Plastic Beach (Parlophone/Emi)

Supergirl  performed by Stereo Total  2003
Recommended by Superchat [profile]

A quick, fun/funny, simple little song that keeps your ears awake. Supergirl... a sweet and twisted lyrical journey about finding that perfect person.

from Monokini (Kill Rock Stars)

  olli: hey supergirl! gotta love stereo total, this is one of my favourites too.
The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)  performed by Flight of the Conchords  2008
Recommended by Festy [profile]

Fans of Flight of the Conchords, who bill themselves as "New Zealand's 4th most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo", will know this track already as it is one of their most popular. Although lyrically clever and funny, I think their music writing is saved a lot by the production, to the point where the songs are very listenable and enjoyable (I wouldn't be recommending other wise, I guess). From their first widely available album (self-titled), this track is a highlight, as is 'Ladies of the World' (especially the shortvocal reprise - hard to believe it's them at times), and 'Business Time'. The second album has some great tracks also. The TV show's worth catching also.

from Flight of the Conchords, available on CD

Three Little Pigs  performed by Green Jello  1992
Recommended by falicon [profile]

This song and CD actually just plain suck, but it's one of those that sucks so bad, I actually like it. It's quite funny...

from Cereal Killer, available on CD

  Bebecca: I am pretty sure the name of this band is Green Jelly!
  Bebecca: OK I'm not sure - is it Green Jello or Green Jelly?
  falicon: It started out as Green Jello, but because of legal issues changed to Green Jelly...the orig. CD's though have the Green Jello name on them (which is what I got back in the day) :-D
Time Operator  performed by Scott Walker  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This song has a certain quality that really makes it stay with me. It's from 1970 - Til the band comes in. Clever use of the dialing tone to blend with the strings/orchestration. It's a slightly different blend from Scott's more revered work - slightly funky percussion and overtly croony vocals. Strings and a bit of trumpet. Wonderfully atmospheric stuff. Funny words

from Til the Band Comes In, available on CD

Un Posto Per Un Addio  performed by Piero Umiliani  1971
Recommended by texjernigan [profile]

Another score, this time by another Italian. When I looked him up, I found this site, which gives a pretty funny little blurb on the guy.

from La Morte Bussa Due Volte

wall street village day  performed by The Four Seasons  1969
Recommended by klatu [profile]

Yes, FRANKIE VALLI and the four seasons. You may be incredulous after listening to the album, as it's the concept excursion that derailed their singles chart streak. It has a nice lurching pop quality. I would put this album on a par with "Odessey and Oracle" and "S.F. Sorrow", but wouldn't that be silly? I think it was on a Rhino CD that's probably long deleted, but if you can find the vinyl with the newsprint insert intact, it makes for some funny reading...

from Genuine Imitation Life Gazette

  mabcms: Thought I was the only person in the world who knew this album (and this cut). It's an incredible musical and creative adventure. Nothing at all like the other 4 Seasons material.
We Dance  performed by Pavement  1995
Recommended by phil [profile]

I get the impression that even a lot of Pavement fans don't know this one very well, presumably because it's on a pretty duff album (wowee zowee). However, it's one of my absolute favourite pavement songs. Musically it is very quiet - it's essentially just an acoustic guitar, though the funny noises the band make are quite entertaining. However, I really love the structure: there's nothing that can be called a verse or a chorus there - he just rambles on until he is finished. It has the full extent of Pavement's lyrics - completely ridiculous, funny, and sometimes very moving. Plus, as ever, malkmus' weirdy voice is a joy to listen to. So, if you like the pavement style - slow, quirky, funny, and often amazingly beautiful musically, and you don't know this one, you should really look into it. There's a brilliant solo version of it you can get off Napster (legally - Pavement distribute this stuff) - search for "we dance acoustic" - means you don't have to cough up for the album too.

from Wowee Zowee, available on CD

  karlmort: this one has been among my fave pavement albums since it came out. this album has some stand out tracks like grounded , fight this generation and we dance. there is also a rare version of this song on a 7". it was released prior to wowee zowee.
  your_namesake: absolutely love this track. can't agree with you on wowee zowee though, i think that's a brilliant album...
We're Still Free  performed by Skeleton Crew  1983
Recommended by havadonut [profile]

The best political song ever written, "We're Still Free" concerns the famous tragedy of a Korean passenger jet shot down by fighter planes when it strayed into Soviet airspace. Yet in recounting this act of barbarism on the part of the Soviets, it also implicates the righteousness of the American side of the Cold War ("We're still free here in America"). The song sets up a chilling contrast in the singing of the two performers, with Frith crying out almost desperately against believing what the media tell us, while Tom Cora gently croons the part of the Soviet air controllers as they decide to destroy the plane. Skeleton Crew was a two-man band with both performers playing drums with their feet along with electronics and strings. Here they set a contrast between the grand, arcing lines of the cello and a homey picking of the violin that's almost shockingly sweet and funny. Critical of anti-democratic trends in the West, Skeleton Crew was criticized by fans in Eastern Europe for taking freedom for granted.

from Learn to Talk (Rift (US)/RecRec (Switz) Rift/RecRec 08/05)
available on CD - Learn to Talk/Country of Blinds (RecRec (ReCDec 512))

With My Looks And Your Brains  performed by The Mr T Experience  1997
Recommended by tapler [profile]

This is a really catchy and funny pop song. Dr. Frank is a masterful songwriter and this is among his finest efforts.

from Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You, available on CD

Wordy Rappinghood  performed by Chicks On Speed  2003
Recommended by barrythejackal [profile]

Great great cover of the Tom Tom Club song, and the highlight from Chicks On Speeds recent 99c album. Weighing in at almost 7 minutes, this is a great slab of electronica. Yes, ironic, yes, self referential, but here they totally excell their art school roots. Plinky plonky melody makes me think of the song 'Popcorn', and the nonsense chorus is like the poppier end of 60's girls with a dose of the Actionettes. Way too cool!

from 99 Cents

You Fucked Up  performed by Ween
Recommended by Kilbey1 [profile]

A funny breakup song, done in a very juvenile style, but everything you ever want to scream to your ex right after they dumped you. Sung to a woman, but applicable in all such nasty situations - the feeling is still there. Even when I'm angry, this song has me laughing. Backed by a funky rhythm that just barely turns it into a melody.

from God Ween Satan, available on CD

Your Funny Uncle  performed by Pet Shop Boys
Recommended by daniela_por [profile]

Beautiful piano-led song that can make you smile. I discovered this PSB's b-side after listening to Tom Chaplin's home-made cover.

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