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Each and everyone  performed by Everything but the girl  1984
Composed by Ben Watt & Tracey Thorn

Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn in the early eighties were recording the same Bossa oriented songs that made "Sade" famous, but with more talent. Eden was their first album, both had recorded songs before for Cherry Red (a UK label) but to be on a major label Gave them the opportunity to really arranged their songs. Each and everyone opens the album with magnificence.
As soon as the second album the magic was lost, EBTG was just another name on the Warner catalogue.

from Eden (Blanco y negro), available on CD (Blanco y negro)

Bass in action  performed by Tonio Rubio  1973
Composed by Tonio Rubio

French library music at its best, Bass in action is a Quincy Jones' Hummin' look a like.
One of the many buried treasure of the golden seventies.

from Rhythms
available on CD - Stereo ultra volume 3 (Sirocco)

Are you happy ?  performed by Microdisney  1985
Composed by O'Hagan/Coughlan

During the summer of 1985 Microdisney had already lost all illusions about their potential commercially speaking. This second album was not what people would called a long awaited one. Recorded in a chaotic way (the drum part was the last thing to be put on the tape), this is a true masterpiece from track 1 to track 10 and "Are you happy ?" is its epicenter.
Cathal Coughlan (who at the time renamed himself Blah Blah and claimed to play keyboards and plastic pubis)is now a solo artist and still one of the most beautiful voice in england. Sean O'Hagan have finally achieved success through the High Llamas and Stereolab.

from The clock comes down the stairs (Virgin), available on CD (Virgin)

  04 Jun 04 ·felonius: I have to agree. This is one of the most poignant, plaintive tracks I have ever heard, O'Hagan's soaring Telecaster solo launching it into orbit far above the mire of other 80's indie rock. (I think it might have been influenced by Stephen Stills' solo on 'Bound to Lose' from the Manassas album - another guitar solo to make you weep).
Samba no p�  performed by Blue Rondo  1984
Composed by D'arbilly/Jones

First of all the whole album is a mess, this track alone stands as a diamond on a pile of crap. Reminiscent of what Pigbag played earlier in the eighties, this samba oriented track is a pretty good one. Joao Bosco is credited playing pandero and agogo.

from Bees knees &chickens elbows (Virgin)

A view from her room  performed by Week end  1982
Composed by Booth, Spike & Statton

After the split of the Young Marble Giants, Alison Statton dreamed herself as Helen Merill and ended up to be the most convincing Astrud Gilberto impersonator of the eighties. A view from her room begins as a bossa and ends in a blast of percussions.
One of the true masterpiece of the first half of this decade ans it's a shame that it is not currently available.

from La vari�t� by Week end (Rough trade)

  13 Jul 02 ·delicado: By coincidence, I bought this record on Monday in a charity shop in England. I like it very much. Alison Statton and Spike toured England about 6 years ago and were excellent.
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