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"estoril à noite"  performed by the durutti column
Recommended by kohl [profile]

this is excellent. i've never been a fan of purely instrumental tracks, but this is just too perfect. sets a great mood. almost makes you feel as if you were alone on the beach at night. melancholic, sad, almost cold. the music has a brittle, yet lingering quality which is hard to achieve and yet it is here. so, so good.

"Green Eyes"  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Chris Martin is an angel. This track is very special. A very private song about a very public matter. Namely Gweyneth Paltrow's Breakup with Brad Pit and her engagement to Chris Martin. His vow of love to her. Heartfelt & touching. This Album is very inspired!

from A Rush Of Blood To The Head, available on CD (Capital)

+  performed by coldplay
Recommended by mickthebe [profile]

A Rush Of Blood To The Head  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

aint got no home  performed by clarence "frogman" henry  195x
Recommended by olli [profile]

nice slice of 50's piano-based novelty rock n' roll. at first this sounded pretty average to me, but when the second verse kicked in, and he started singing like a girl as he'd mentioned earlier in the lyrics, i knew it was a keeper. if you hang in there for the third verse, you'll hear where the man got his nickname, too:). i'm heavily into fifties and early sixties "semi-novelty" records, so this was pretty much like hitting the jackpot.
it's the only song of his i've heard that's done anything for me, though.

  n-jeff: Heh, I put this song on this years holiday tape I did for my 6 year old daughter. Quality, cheered me up whenever it rained. I went to see him perform in the 80's in a little pub in Putney. Can't remember a thing about it though apart from it being an old style Rhythm and Blues session. The only other song of his I know (and it was a big hit IIRC) is a ballad in the style my grandmother would have loved. And I can't remember the name of it, but its not a patch on this one.
"I sing like a girl, and I sing like a frog"

  bmsmithsmith: Good choice. First heard this on the Sounds of Monsterism Island compliation. It's a great feel good rock 'n' roll number guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Autumn Leaves  performed by Coldcut  1995
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from Two A.D.: A Waveform Complicat

Billy Liar  performed by Acker Bilk  1965
Recommended by standish [profile]

Acker's trad-jazz stuff leaves me cold, but this groovy instrumental picks up a musical theme (from the 1963 movie version of the Keith Waterhouse classic) and runs with it.

from Great Themes From Great European Movies (Columbia S(C)X 3576)

Black Fang  performed by Cherry Ghost  2010
Recommended by MisterBenn [profile]

Be my midnight swimmer and I'll be your sea salt lips, be my cold-blooded killer and I'll be your fingertips.
Lyrics this good are few and far between, Simon Aldred is a genius, fully deserving his Ivor Novello and deserving of far more recognition. Get it in your ears, you won't regret it.

from Beneath This Burning Shoreline

capsized  performed by Sarah Harmer  2000
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

This song is haunting. The lyrics are about loss and are bouyed by a simple arrangement of guitar and organ.

I like this album more with each listen.

'You Were Here' is the first solo album from Ms. Harmer who is also one of the principle members of a Canadian folk/pop group called 'Weeping Tile'.

from You Were Here (Cold Snap/Universal in Canada - Rounder Records)

Clocks  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by michellegsfl [profile]

great upbeat coldplay song....

from rush of blood to the head, available on CD

  olli: no fan of the original really, but ryksopp have a pretty great remix version. (ryksopp's trembling heart mix). the electronic bassline in this version is very similar to the radio mix of "remind me" by the same band. even though i can't exactly say i'm a fan of either bands, this mix works pretty damn well.
Clocks  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from A Rush of Blood to the Head

Clocks  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Coffee Cold  performed by Galt MacDermot  1966
Recommended by brendan [profile]

I first heard this song sampled on 'The Truth' by Handsome Boy Modelling school, essentially the bones of the instrumental coffee cold, with new lyrics from Roisin Murphy (much better than Fergus MacRoy's on a alternate version of the original).

The song itself is piano based, and has amazing drumming. I am a musical goon and cannot explain it much more than that, but the song has a really nice dusty feel to it. The fact that this was sampled in a modern hiphop record and the drums remained unenhaced says a lot.

This is a great song and well worth tracking down for any fans of funk, jazz or hip hop.

from Shapes Of Rhythm (Kilmarnock Records)
available on CD - Shapes Of Rhythm/Woman Is Sweeter (Kilmarnock Records)

  konsu: I believe it's Bernard Purdie playing the drums. Possibly THE most sampled drummer in hip-hop...
Cold Brains  performed by Beck  1998
Recommended by Sulku [profile]

from Mutations

Cold Desert  performed by Kings of Leon
Recommended by DearPrudence [profile]

This song was recorded when the singer, Caleb Followill, was really drunk. It was recorded in one take and he made up most of the song as he was going... It's their best song, and one of the best songs I've ever hear.

Cold Shoulder  performed by Adele
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Cold Water  performed by Tom Waits  1999
Recommended by StAgGeR [profile]

This is a great song to listen to on days when nothing seems to be going right. In my case: when driving my blind sister around in a delapidated taxi, with broken windows, and a gas meter on empty. The best line in my opinion is: "Blind or crippled, Sharp or dull. I'm reading the Bible by a 40 watt bulb. What price freedom. Dirt is my rug.
Well I sleep like a baby with the snakes and the bugs". I love this track! Keith Richards played lead guitar and sings backing vox on this one. Their voices/styles mesh together very well. It's one of the more bluesy tracks on the record, but it's done very well...not like a lame neo-white boy blues revival thing. It's actually believable...after all, IT'S TOM WAITS FOR CHRIST SAKE! I think this is one of the more powerful songs on the record. Well...maybe a toss-up between this one and "Chocolate Jesus"...or "Hold on"...or "Get Behind the Mule" (you can't beat the lyric: "Punctuated birds on the power line. In a Studebaker with the Birdie Joe Joaks. I'm diggin all the way to China with a silver spoon, while the hangman fumbles with the noose...").'s just a damn good record.

from Mule Variations (Epitaph Records)
available on CD - yes (yes)

coming in from the cold  performed by delgados
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

Complex  performed by Gary Numan  1979
Recommended by geezer [profile]

At the time a unique fusion of cold synthetic and a warmer organic fragility,following two consecitive number ones "Are Friends Electric"and "Cars" this track revealed the enormous potential of Numan,s futuristic vision.A slow piano led "ballad" with aching cello and violin parts ,sad and beautiful and if i must say utterly pleasant.

from The Pleasure Principle
available on CD - Pleasure Principle

December Will Be Magic Again  performed by Kate Bush
Recommended by umbrellasfollowrain [profile]

This is a strange song and it hits me in a strange place. The melody is very pretty, yet complex and unexpected and there are odd washes of moog at times. It's a Christmas song and has a Christmas feeling but not the familiar fireside one. Instead it's the cold alien blank expanse of snow and that pulse of stars. Kate Bush is a genius at creating this precise, complicated emotional terrain. Also, being a genius requires you to risk making a fool of yourself and Kate Bush certainly isn't afraid to do that. She's like that eccentric high school drama teacher I never had. In this song she turns herself into the snow that falls over the white city. "Jumpin' down with my paraCHUTE! Oh see how I fall."

  jeanette: I always think that this kind of christmas song just isn't done enough. It is a great song anyway, but what makes it even better is that it has this unusual view of the festive season - that it's not just about being jolly / feeling downbeat / singing about how "so much has happened in a year" etc etc. Kate Bush of course is mistress of the offbeat lyric and it's nice that she found a way to marry it to a christmas tune.
don’t panic  performed by coldplay
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

Don’t Panic  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by thedoryfish [profile]

Fix You  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by Shes lost control [profile]

Fix You  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Floods  performed by Pantera  1996
Recommended by King Charles [profile]

Starting off with the haunting echoing of steel string suspended minor chords, and quickly moving into the feeling of darkness, Floods reigns as one of the greatest metal balladry songs of all time. With a time of 6:59 (minutes and seconds), Floods deals with the internal struggle, elements of corruption, and dissolution of troubles (wash away man/ take him with the floods), that is not dismissed or watered down into a three-minute wad of sound. Pantera's pervasive composing abilities are seen not only in the length of this track, but it its bridges and structured solo set ups. Phil Anselmo delivers this song on the back of Dimebag Darrell's mighty 'steel' guitar effect, and of course the trademark bass drums and top-hat kicks of Vinnie Paul that have made Pantera so famous. The bridge perhaps extracts the greatest meaning from the song; it epitomizes itself on the power chord riff solos and Anselmo's godly muttering of "floods" (in which we can picture a Goliath or force of destruction coming in to obliterate all existence), which echoes throughout the solo. A rather dark song, Floods is characterized by its catchy guitar work (which contains a spectrum of minor and suspended shapes), and staircase wit/reflective backdrop mumbling vocals about the cold, harsh realities of life. Recommended to anyone who doubts this band's ability to do other than scream and wax metallic, Floods will not be a disappointing track. The bleak acceptance of moving onto new horizons or ways of life, leaving the old and dead behind and walking on down the road, is embodied in the ending solo, with the subtle sound of rainfall calming the listener in the end. 5 out of 5 stars for its genre.

from The Great Southern Trendkill

frozen warnings  performed by Nico  1971
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

At first appearance, its not the most appealing of combinations, that deep flat voice accompanied by the unforgiving Harmonium alone. And it is quite stark, but at the same time strangely warm and hypnotic.
The song itself has a strong chorus and there are well played hooks. Slow, dark, magnificent. And it strangely is a pop song where the rest of the EP isn't.

from Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit SFPS064)

Green Eyes  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song is great. It's delicate, and flowing and just beautiful. Chris Martin's voice is so great and perfect on this track. Coldplay at it's best.

from A Rush of Blood to the Head (Capitol)

Hang Me Up To Dry  performed by Cold War Kids
Recommended by Madelynn [profile]

from Robbers & Cowards (Downtown Records)

Here Comes the Rain  performed by Trader Horne  1970
Recommended by bubblebeat [profile]

Sensational songwriting from Jackie McAuley. Judy Dyble's sweet harmonies add a layer of delight to this joyously uplifting song. It was sunset on the Greek island of Koufonissi when I first heard this, but thankfully it sounded even better the next time I heard it (on a cold rainy day in Edinburgh).

Hospital Beds  performed by Cold War Kids
Recommended by Starr [profile]

from Robbers and Cowards

hot n’ cold  performed by basement jaxx
Recommended by licoricewhipped [profile]

this song makes me wanna throw a dance party.

Ice Cold Lemonade  performed by Death By Chocolate  2000
Recommended by djfreshmoney [profile]

There must be tons of songs that follow this format. I'll call it the 'Tequila' form. Cool instrumental punctuated by someone speaking the name of the song. There are so many songs like this I'd guess that no one could pull off this kind of tune nowadays- without it sounding hopelessly retro. But this tune does it for me. Perfect summer groover. Sound like a bedroom recording, kinda lo-fi.

available on CD - Death By Chocolate

  ronaldo: really great song. perfect for a 60s-themed party. bet everyone will dance just like the people in the background of pulp's video for 'common people'. it also sounds a lot like the archies' 'sugar sugar'.
In My Place  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

King Heroin  performed by James Brown  1972
Recommended by mr_klenster [profile]

This song is stone-cold, ultra-serious, odd, and mesmerizing. It's James Brown recounting a strange, anecdotal poem about a dream, in which he experiences the personification of heroin delivering a sermon. He rhymes accompanied by a subdued and melancholy backing band, playing lingering horn drags, and slow, lazy bass and drums. This is not your typical James Brown material, but it has an powerfully surreal and painful effect.

from There It Is

Landslide  performed by The Smashing Pumpkins  1994
Recommended by Archipelago [profile]

Okay so it's a cover song. Fleetwood Mac re-released it a few years ago when the original members get back together. Then there was the recent popularity of the Dixie Chicks version. Now, I will admit that it is tough to beat the original version.

But this one's *real* close.

This song came out of left field. From a group whose first work was primarily long, drawn-out, sometimes cacophonous chords, this song was like a splash of cold water in the face. The CD itself is a B-sides compilation that fits like a "lost chapter" to the Pumpkins early work.

Keep in mind; this is not a happy song. It was not supposed to be. That's why Billy Corgan's version stands well above the Dixie Chicks version, His voice accompanied by a solo acoustic guitar is able is capture the abject heartache of the songs words and rhythm.

Which makes it a great cover song.

available on CD - Pisces Iscariot (Virgin Records)

life is for living  performed by coldplay
Recommended by morning belle [profile]


Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas  performed by Okkervil River
Recommended by Reina [profile]

So nostalgic and beautiful. It completely captures the feeling of returning to home when it's not quite home anymore. Try it you'll love it I promise.

"On a cold afternoon you can float room to room like a ghost."

Look Away  performed by Eternitys Children
Recommended by Mr. E [profile]

First of all let me say that I have been violently blindsided by this group! ...they very quickly entered my favorite 60's pop group stratosphere and have not budged from my rotation for months now. I first got "From you unto us", the singles collection which is good for what it is, but I think the best introduction to the band is the albums themselves, original ordering of songs in this case is vital to the listening experience.
I liked the singles collection OK, but my first impression was muted and okish until I noticed a couple songs later on sticking in my head for hours... picked up the first album on CD (Wondering the whole time if I should be doing this as I have most of the tracks on the comp, CD right? I like the original ordering BEST! Glad I did, no regrets at all...) and have played little else for some time...

I just got Timeless and I'm choosing one off their second album because the first album is one of the few immaculate pop albums of all time IMO and choices there are easy favorites... the second album seems to be less popular, but there are some serious gems here too and It's also a stone cold favorite...

I am choosing Look Away because I think the most distinctive sonic quality of Eternity's Children are these wonderful uplifting bouncy organ driven songs... ET have several tracks that deliver a great song, beautiful and original atmospheric production, great performances in a deeply satisfying way that is rare... This song is pure pop bliss from the opening notes to the end. I honestly can't think of a better compliment than that this song makes me glad to be alive.

For those of you who played in the band and stumble across this:
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

from Timeless
available on CD - Y (Rev-Ola)

  Mr. E: Eternity's Children. Somehow the name got messed up and I can't edit it so I'm posting this correct spelling to help the search engine.....
  artlongjr: Eternity's Children are a fantastic group...I remember when I first heard "Mrs. Bluebird" and was blown away. That was around 1985 and just last year I picked up their singles collection on CD. Thanks for recommending their individual albums, I definitely want to check them out.
  Mr. E: I can't recommend the first album highly enough ... it's a pop masterpiece... My introduction to ET was through that singles package, which is good enough for what it is, but trusty me the first album really needs to be heard in the original order with all the tracks.
  scatdaddy2002: I had the great experience of working with Mike "the Kid", Linda, and Charlie. you oughta hear linda do 5th Dimension live ot Mike kick it with a keyboard. First worked with some of them in memphis with Tommy Cogsbill. Linda was present-we were friends socially in '69 and then again with Mike, Charlie, drummer Johnny Thomasie from N.O.,sometime later. I can't remember the Guitar player's name-maybe Norman or something like that. We were doing the "B" side to a single of mine at Robin Hood Bryan's studio. All of us lived in Baton Rouge at the time and worked respectively for Crocked Fox Prod.(but this session was maybe a solo adventure with co-member of the production team, Guy Bellello [[R.I.P.]}since only he was present-who knows.) The "A" side was done at one of my sessions at American Studios, Memphis and featured the Memphis Horns, the Sweet Inpirations as female back ups, Cimmaron as writer/male harmonies. Elvis had been there the week before (recorded In the Ghetto, I think)and Neil Diamond was due the following week there in Memphis. I felt like such a nobody with life-sized pics of Elvis everywhere and everybody making their comparisons of Alex from the "Boxtops" and me. Pinning a VU meter the same way Alex did was not exactly the feedback I was looking for. Anyway, I guess I am saying we spent a little time together, I miss listening to and working with them. If anyone hears from them, it would be great to STS again. I started back playing professionally a couple of years ago and still consider them the gold standard in terms of harmony and think that the Hammond B3 has "the Kid's" name on it. As an update, Guy died an untimely death about 10 years ago and I only wish I could find Bubba Anthony if living, a sometimes ET drummer and any of that crowd. Kindest regards, Scatdaddy2002
love song for the dead che  performed by the united states of america  1968
Recommended by olli [profile]

spacy female vocal-based sadpop, perfect for cold weather and sunday afternoons. these guys pioneered this kind of music, if you're familiar with white noise,
os mutantes or even broadcast this album is your jackpot.
it's one of the more calm and mellow tracks on the albums, and one of my favourites.
absolutely gorgeus chorus, totally wide, deep string based arrangement.

..And dig the gentle, almost non-audible rhythm track.

from the united states of america

New Partner  performed by Palace Music
Recommended by umbrellasfollowrain [profile]

Memory's a funny thing. Especially romantic memory.
The first time I heard this song was two days after the first time I fell in love. Everywhere I went, I sang its earnest chorus "And you are always on my mind" in my head, thinking about the one I was in love with. In the shower staring at a bottle of hair conditioner, I sang, "You are always on my mind". On the subway, trying to ignore a potential fistfight about to break out, I sang, "You are always on my mind". In the supermarket produce section, holding the perfect shape of a lemon in my hand, I sang, "You are always on my mind". I was giddy and happy and the song understood. "Hey!" the song said, "Hey!" Will Oldman sang, "I got a new partner now!"
But jacket weather set in and things grew colder and we broke up and I was miserable and I stored the CD away on a top shelf with other memorabilia of that love who's happy power was really freakin' painful for me to think about now.
Things weren't always so bleak and I got me a new love and some years later, when I listened to the song again, I noticed something about the lyrics I hadn't before. See, in reality, the song isn't joyous at all. Will Oldman is singing about a past love, a love who is always on his mind when all the time he is seeing another girl, a different girl from the one always on his mind. He can't be with that girl. He has a new partner now. What I thought was a song about new joy was a song about nostalgic loss.
I didn't see how it was possible that I had suppressed that true meaning for as long as I had, considering how often I sang the song and how much it meant to me at the time. I knew the lyrics like the back of my hand and when I listen to music I dredge up all I can get from the lyrics like I'm a devout scribe interpreting the bible.
One of the beauties of pop songs is that they take on the flavour of your life at the time you listened to them and carry that flavour on to whenever you listen to the song again, while meanwhile you're morphing and changing and discarding what songs you don't want to remember that you loved and making mixed Cd's for long cartrips of the songs you do you do want to remember. This song is weird in that IT seemed to be the one that was morphing the next time I heard it and not me, like it was a person that had changed over time that I was encountering again.
Besides which, what a fucking lovely song it is.

from Viva Last Blues

  olli: now THAT's what i call a recommendation. Im gonna have to find and soak this up now...
  olli: beautiful song. i've been a sporadic fan of will oldham related stuff for some years now, but hadnt heard this until now. thanks! hmm. on a side note, this is the 666th american release that has been recommended here. i might be a bit childish, but i was hoping that number would go to some really, really bad contemporary pop music. Hey, you can't always get what you want:)
  fjell_strom: This song was the soundtrack to my incorrigible devotion to a lovely young girl when I myself was a bit younger. I used to listen to this tune repeatedly in my tiny little newly discovered room in the immensely overwhelming new land in which I found myself during the adventure which was to last the next four years, wandering Europe by my heartstrings. This was the song. I used to drink gin martinis to it. And eat the olive. And shudder because winter had come to my little home, and she was always, at least as often as the song played, on my mind.
No More Running Away  performed by Air Traffic  2007
Recommended by garminge [profile]

Sounds like:
a mix between Coldplay, U2 and Embrace.

I like it because:
it has piano in it and the vocal line during the chorus is beautiful.

from Fractured Life, available on CD

Off Night Backstreet  performed by Joni Mitchell  1977
Recommended by mojoto [profile]

If someone would have asked me say ten years ago what artist's oeuvre I would take with me to a desert island, I would with dead certainty have answered: everything by Joni Mitchell, please. I'm not so sure anymore, although it could well be that I, when push comes to shove, would still make that choice. So it may not come as a surprise now that for a long time my all time best album was one of Joni's, Don Juan's Reckless daughter, where her cooperation with Jaco Pastorius really took off, for instance on this song where she's questioning her love for a man who's new sweety has already moved in while still keeping poor Joni (assuming the song is sort of autobiographical) on the side as his Off Night Backstreet. Jaco's warm bass carries the whole song and is almost like a second voice to Joni's singing, it blends marvelously with her cold metal guitar, some nice echoey and spacy flageolets too, great additional vocals - "Backstreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!"- by JD Souther and Glenn Frey, drums by John Guerrin, subtle and tight. PS Be warned that the soundfile is quite big (500 Kb).

from Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (Asylum 701-2)

Open Your Eyes  performed by The Lords Of The New Church  1982
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

Opening with a brat beating bass and melody that is scarily reminiscent of some late 70s euro disco pathos, its only when Brian James raunchy guitar kicks in that you know youre well away from the lights of that dance floor and in the grips of a very different master. A hedonistic web of Bators beloved conspiracy theorizing, the logical successor to the Wanderers paranoia-packed repertoire, Open Your Eyes previewed a closet of horrors that embraced organized religion, the impending World Tour of Pope John Paul II, Bolshevik plots and Ronald Reagans apparent rush towards nuclear Armageddon. With session man Matt Blacks synthesizers giving the whole thing a classic rock feel that merged edgily with the bands own punkish sensibilities, it was, as always, Bators viperous lyrics that brought the whole thing into the twilight zone of pre-Internet intrigue. The 80s politicking of Margaret Thatchers Britain and Reagans cold war America pretty much ensured that both sides were far happier not having to open their eyes. A gleeful Bators was there, though, to make sure they did.

from The Lords of the New Church, available on CD (IRS)

peace  performed by plastics  1981
Recommended by olli [profile]

lovely feelgood song from the borderline brilliant japanese new wave band plastics. a break from their often minimalistic intrumentation. oddball lyrics, nice guitar, harmonica and extremely enthusiastic singing.
i love the way the male vocalist seems to be holding his nose while singing in the beginning of the song.

waiting for the taxi
standing in the snow white
newspapers falling on the ground
it's cold and cold and cold

new york is frozen steak
teddy bear and kitty cat
fireplace and candles
all you need is weapon

this is peace
this is funny fairy tale

green green green peace
high high high heel
inside is outside
world is nonsense

dream of the tide wave
my peace is your peace
peace by the people
peace for the peace

this is peace
this is funny fairy tale

all i see is green green
grave yard of lily white
sleeping beauty laying there
with dots and symbols

marmalade evening
fur coats and venus
venus and mighty dragon said
all you need is weapon

this is peace
this is funny fairy tale

from welcome back plastics (island)

pink frost  performed by the chills  1984
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

heavenly guitars, a simple bassline and bang! you have yourself a pop song.

from the single pink frost (flying nun fn cold 003)
available on CD - kaleidoscope world (creation/flying nun)

Po’ Boy  performed by Bob Dylan  2001
Recommended by Gumbo [profile]

Just when I had almost lost all hope of ever hearing a new Dylan song which, as a combination of an engaging vocal performance and fascinating lyrics, just fill you with a strange sense of happiness - he comes up with this one. While not being like a typical Dylan classic, this one has a very, very warm feel to it + vocals which I thought he couldn't produce in 2001 anymore. After the rather cold and almost posturingly melancholy "Time Out of Mind" album, "Love & Theft" was pleasantly wise and human.

from Love & Theft, available on CD

Politik  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by thedoryfish [profile]

Richmond Bridge  performed by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni  1966
Recommended by andyjl [profile]

Soaring choral evocation of a cold bright day on a busy river. From Piero Piccionis soundtrack to a Swinging London exploitation film in which an Italian eccentric encounters bikers, fox hunters and a haunted castle.

available on CD - Fuma Di Londra

rock’n’roll  performed by motrhead  1987
Recommended by angelica [profile]

pared-down gritty rock'n'roll, this song hammers away from start to finish in classic motrhead style. the lyrics are what really distinguish this track for me, however... lemmy rasps "i've got rock'n'roll / to save me from the cold / and if that's all there is / it ain't so bad", making this song a paean to his love of rock and roll above all else. no woman, no bed will tie him down... only rock'n'roll will comfort him in his old age. and at 58, he's still rockin' hard. even though he's a dirty old man and i'm slightly afraid of him... well, it still fills me with hope.

from Rock'N'Roll, available on CD

Samson and Delilah  performed by Shirley Manson
Recommended by Nori [profile]

Shirley Manson sung this Grateful Dead cover for the premiere of the second season of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles', a show on which she had a recurring role. Manson takes the country-styled song and makes it feel totally different: cold, darkly triumphant and gloriously evil in an impersonal sense.

See You Soon  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by tartpops [profile]

Definitely one of my favorites by Coldplay. Very calming and emotionally powerful- about love, in general.

shiver  performed by coldplay
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

  Mike: Great review, though I personally can't agree with everything you've put as I have a strong preference for Natalie Imbruglia's version.
  eftimihn: Nice one, Mike! ;-)
Sleep  performed by Godspeed You! Black Emperor  2000
Recommended by mardikas [profile]

A long track (23 min) with orchestral sound. About the album: "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven is unusual in being structurally and conceptually closer to a symphony than a conventional pop or rock album. The four tracks are composed of internal movements, with different sub-titles, that fade into each other. The whole album is instrumental, except for sampled voice inserts, and starts with an almost orchestral crescendo somewhat reminiscent of Ravel's Bolero." ( <- basically the same goes for the track.

I like it because of the dark and powerful feeling it conveys.

from Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Speed of Sound  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Stone Cold Yesterday  performed by The Connells  1990
Recommended by john_l [profile]

This is a fairly straight-ahead rocker with a well-defined beat, which some have called the Connells' best song. My favourite thing about it is that snaking guitar line which lies in behind the vocals in the first verse, and then starts to repeat an octave higher in the second, but quickly changes direction. Very inventive! It reminds me of the shorter guitar line that leads into the chorus on "Upside Down" from their previous LP "Fun and Games".

This LP seemed to see the band influenced by grunge and moving in a direction featuring a harder guitar sound, but I don't think it was an improvement at all, and I do have most of their CDs ...

from One Simple Word, available on CD

Swallowed in the Sea  performed by Coldplay  2007
Recommended by lockhart_philitup [profile]

Sound is suttle in the beginning- (a mute organ is playing)and rises gradually. Voice is insanely calming.
The song has so much meaning and it just makes you think about what's out there and it'ss my fav song write now. It's kind of a love-song- but it makes me think more?

from X & Y
available on CD - X&Y

The Scientist  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

I've been a huge fan of the UK-based "wuss-rock" band Coldplay since their debut album "Parachutes." One night, as I was watching a much-anticipated episode of my favorite TV show, "Smallville" - an episode called "Rosetta" guest-starring Christopher Reeve - I heart the heart-rendering chords of lead singer Christ Martin's piano and thought aloud "Hey, that's Coldplay!" I hadn't yet heard that song, so I surfed onto a "Smallville" fansite to check the title and found that it was called "The Scientist" from Coldplay's most recent album "A Rush of Blood to the Head."
"The Scientist" is a song that will remind you of being in love - more likely, of being in love with someone who doesn't love you back or with someone whom you pissed off and doesn't want to be around you anymore. It's basically the most perfect song about unrequieted love. It is beautiful and haunting, as many of Coldplay's songs are. Give it a listen. You won't regret it.

from A Rush of Blood to the Head, available on CD

The Scientist  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from A Rush of Blood to the Head

The Scientist  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by lhirsch92 [profile]

The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful  performed by Jimmy Buffet
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Jimmy Buffet...need I say more? But I will. Jimmy Buffet is hilarious...and listening to his music always makes me feel like I'm laying on some tropical island drinking pina coladas. This song is no exception.

"The beer is too cold, the daquiri's too fruitiful..."

The World is Outside  performed by The Ghosts  2007
Recommended by Issie [profile]

I love this song ! I heard of them a little while back now but I never really got into them - until i heard this song! It's catchy and its got a good rhythm to it- I have been looking for a great song like this for ages!! I recommend it to you if you like bands like Keane and Coldplay! its a great song so listen to it its on youtube!

Warning Sign  performed by Coldplay  2002
Recommended by FoolScribe [profile]

One of my favourite tracks off Coldplay's second LP, this song is definitely not "Clocks", but that's a good thing. This is a slow track, one that's good for listening to on a rainy afternoon when you're feeling lethargic, or in the dark when you're feeling pensive. The guitars and percussion on this one are plaintive and comforting at the same time; the lyrics are plain and simple, yet full of meaning; and anyone who has heard Chris Martin sing and has run out and bought a Coldplay album won't be turning this track off.

from A Rush of Blood to the Head (Capitol)

Way Form 3 (If You Ever)  performed by Elegia
Recommended by Mr Tom [profile]

A slice of unbelievably sweet, lush electronica from Elegia. An insistent, original, clattery percussive line and the most enormous heart-rattling sub underlie a sparingly used, sweeping string riff and a vocal which you can't quite make out--I think that's to the good in this song, since Elegia are no Paul Simon--except in fragments. It's sung with strength and melancholy, perfectly structured and as moving as any six minutes I know.

available on CD - Megasoft Office 98 (F Com)

We're Still Free  performed by Skeleton Crew  1983
Recommended by havadonut [profile]

The best political song ever written, "We're Still Free" concerns the famous tragedy of a Korean passenger jet shot down by fighter planes when it strayed into Soviet airspace. Yet in recounting this act of barbarism on the part of the Soviets, it also implicates the righteousness of the American side of the Cold War ("We're still free here in America"). The song sets up a chilling contrast in the singing of the two performers, with Frith crying out almost desperately against believing what the media tell us, while Tom Cora gently croons the part of the Soviet air controllers as they decide to destroy the plane. Skeleton Crew was a two-man band with both performers playing drums with their feet along with electronics and strings. Here they set a contrast between the grand, arcing lines of the cello and a homey picking of the violin that's almost shockingly sweet and funny. Critical of anti-democratic trends in the West, Skeleton Crew was criticized by fans in Eastern Europe for taking freedom for granted.

from Learn to Talk (Rift (US)/RecRec (Switz) Rift/RecRec 08/05)
available on CD - Learn to Talk/Country of Blinds (RecRec (ReCDec 512))

Weakened State  performed by Sarah Harmer  2000
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

'Ballsy' is the only word to describe this song. Yes, 'ballsy' like all of Liz Phair's songs...'Weakened State' is hard and aggressive which makes it stand-out from the other tracks on this outstanding album.

from You Were Here (Cold Snap/Universal in Canada - Rounder Records)

  Stian______: Uhh , I really really like this one ,lots of energy , and it feels very -honest- and heartfelt.Gotta check out more of her.
where is my boy?  performed by faultline
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

featuring chris martin.
what it would sound like if radiohead and coldplay collaborated. don't count on it.

  konsu: It would sound like "Radioplay".
  cleanfun: hmm, i think Coldhead would sound fun. =)
White Car in Germany  performed by The Associates  1981
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

Post-punk "pop" at its most gorgeous/baroque/bewilderingly extreme - and the perfect introduction to the God-like genius of Alan Rankine and the late/great singer Billy Mackenzie. A four car-pile-up between Roxy Music (circa "For Your Pleasure"), Bowie (circa "Heroes"), Scott Walker's "Scott 3" and Kraftwerk's "The Man Machine", (with King Tubby and Shirley Bassey acting as ambulance attendants), this song is both empty and lush, creepy and hilarious, ice-cold and almost embarrassingly emotional. I have loved/lived/died by this song for almost two decades, and I still can't begin to tell you what its about. It's like something from outer space - like so many of the greatest pop songs are.

from The Fourth Drawer Down (Situation Two)
available on CD - From The Fourth Drawer Down (V2)

White Shadows  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by Shes lost control [profile]

X&Y  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

X&Y  performed by ColdPlay  2005
Recommended by mellocello [profile]

My favorite song on their new album, all of which was good. I actually had the good fortune to see them when they came to Va Beach, amazing show, they opened with Square One, the first song on X&Y silouhetted by a huge light screen counting down time, it was truly amazing. This was the song on the album i had to listen to till i got sick enough of it to listen to the rest of the album.

from X&Y (Capitol Records)

Yellow  performed by Coldplay  2000
Recommended by izumi [profile]

I don't think this song needs an introduction because love or hate Coldplay, most people should know this song by now. It's their most famous anthem, and is a truly beautiful song. The melody and harmonies sound amazing, and Chris Martin's vocals are really outstanding. The lyrics are really cool, and the guitar/bass sound great as well. And as I type, I'm 3 hours away from seeing them live at Crystal Palace! ^_^ Five out of five.

from Parachutes (Parlophone 5277832)

Yellow  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by nicolebaker [profile]

Yellow  performed by Coldplay
Recommended by lhirsch92 [profile]

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