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Daphne (Laurel Tree)  performed by Kayak  1979
Composed by Irene Linders & Ton Scherpenzeel

This is one of the great chase songs that I know. From the insistent piano-based beat you can imagine Apollo getting it on for Daphne, and putting her in the sky or something, which seems to have been de rigueur for Greek gods. Kayak played guitar-and-piano-based progressive pop/rock (without anything overly long) but didn't really come together until "Phantom of the Night" in 1979 (ignore the UBL ratings, they're way off the mark). "Ruthless Queen" and the title track are very pretty and overall the whole album is excellent.

from Phantom of the Night (Janus)

The Land / Rainy Sunday Evening  performed by Ramatam  1973
Composed by April Lawton & Tommy Sullivan

Ramatam, who walked the earth in the early '70s, were an annoying '50s-influenced hard rock band who nevertheless managed to kick off their second LP with the mostly acoustic two-parter listed here. The first half is slow, slightly off-kilter and full of sharp harmonies, while the second part is the most wistfully resigned paean to lost love this side of the late John Phillips. The whole thing is string-drenched and utterly lovely.

from In April Came The Dawning Of The Red Suns (Atlantic)

The Popular Girl  performed by Martin Newell  1993
Composed by Martin Newell

Martin Newell has been writing '60s-influenced jangly pop gems for decades, and this is maybe the best example. It's a mid-tempo affair with a good beat and ringing guitars sounding like the Beatles' "Rain". Other faves: "Goodbye Dreaming Fields" and "She Rings the Changes". The CD is a compilation of his work, and includes a number of tracks by his '80s band the Cleaners From Venus, notably the protest classic "Living With Victoria Grey".

available on CD - The Wayward Genius of Martin Newell (Cherry Red)

I Never Dreamed  performed by The Cookies  1964
Composed by Russ Titelman& Gerry Goffin

A girl-group classic! It has a very interesting rhythm, which guitars, bass, piano, drum fills, and backing vocals all help to construct ... and then it changes completely within the bridge! The sound is lush, the lead vocal great and soulful. Even in its own genre this is a standout, so why it didn't become a hit is beyond me.

available on CD - The Complete Cookies (Sequel)

Picturama / The Middle Bit / Soul Surrender  performed by The Motors  1978
Composed by The Motors

The B-side of the 12" single "Airport", this seems to be the Motors' forgotten song, although Virgin is about the most clueless of record companies when it comes to re-releases and best-ofs. This 8:15 track is a rollicking piano-driven stomper which gets into the groove right away and holds it throughout. The three parts do have the same tempo but it works a treat.

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