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Soul Meets Body  performed by Death Cab for Cutie
Composed by Death Cab for Cutie

Another haunting song, Soul Meets Body is beautiful. "You're the only song I want to hear, a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere . . ." I like where this genre of modern rock is evolving, it's rather unique, definitely going to buy this album and see what else it has on it.

from Plans

X&Y  performed by ColdPlay  2005
Composed by ColdPlay

My favorite song on their new album, all of which was good. I actually had the good fortune to see them when they came to Va Beach, amazing show, they opened with Square One, the first song on X&Y silouhetted by a huge light screen counting down time, it was truly amazing. This was the song on the album i had to listen to till i got sick enough of it to listen to the rest of the album.

from X&Y (Capitol Records)

*any*  performed by jack johnson

ok, go out and get whatever jack johnson you can get your hands on now! I first fell in love w/ his first album back before anyone knew him. I will admit though, that my little bro and I came up with some pretty hilarious alternate lyrics for his first big song on the radio. It took me a good while to get used to his second album, now I probably listen to that more, and then again with his third album, again, it took me a while. but he is truly great.
he started out filming pro surfing videos, and you can see where he is coming from. really chill, folksy music. good stuff

  26 Oct 05 ·rum: does that mean i'm allowed to recommend any (or every) song by richard harris?
Fools in Love  performed by Inara George
Composed by Inara George

A beautifully lilting modern waltz. Bittersweet fingerpicked guitar in the background and a wonderful haunting voice, I'm assuming Inara George herself. I'd love to learn more about the artist. A beautiful song of the bitter side of love, "fools in love they think they're heroes, because they get to feel no pain, i say fools are lovers' heroes, i should know, i should know because this fool's in love again." I just love songs like this. I first heard it watching Grey's Anatomy. So I looked on Amazon at the playlist for the soundtrack and found it. Definitely a great song in my book.
She has a website: and unfortunately she just finished a tour.

from Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack

Let Me Be  performed by Xavier Rudd
Composed by Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd is Australian, or well, Canadian but raised in Australia, or something, when first hearing him and all his Aboriginee instruments, we all thought he had to be aboriginal himself, even his accent was convincing, we were sorely mistaken. even still, all his songs have a good solid beat and he is essentially a one man band, amazing stuff. this song is nice and bouncy and great stuff, especially as an introductory song to all his other creations.

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