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Shacking Pop  performed by Janko Nilovic

Yet another testament to the genius of this much slept on wonder. I have yet to hear an Janko Nilovic song without an initially intriguing introduction, incredible structure, and amazing breakdowns. Shacking Pop is not one of Nilovic's most complex, however the throbbing bass, raging fuzz guitar, and clarity of the drums make this a winner.

Misty Canyon  performed by Sven Libaek  1970

What can one say that hasn't already been said about this much sought after library track by Norwegian composer Sven Libaek? It's elegant, replete with cool tones, beautiful arrangement, and the feeling of longing. I've listened to this song countless times, and the mist still gives me the chills.

  15 Apr 04 ·delicado: Yes, it's a really lovely track with a delicious arrangment - love those vibes and the relentless beat. I had been wondering why the lower-register melody sounded so familiar to me (the one played by what sounds like a distorted horn section, and then by a saxophone). I figured it out today - it's very similar to the tune in the bridge of Bacharach's 'What the World Needs Now' ("Lord, we don't need another mountain"), except that it's played over a very different chord sequence.
  18 Apr 04 ·mr_klenster: The two songs definitely do share similar tonal shadings. I was at a loss, trying to describe the Libaek song, it's quite a strange, haunting tune, but you've made a great observation.
Dining Alone  performed by Carla Bley

The balance of beautiful, introspective lyrics (which are mostly spoken rather than sung), and lonely instrumentation combine to create a top-notch stunner. As a whole the album Dinner Music is a very eclectic and interesting assortment of songs. I wish "the lights wouldn't turn low and it wouldn't be time to go", but the way this song captures the feeling of yearning and melancholy is absolutely perfect.

My Little Girl  performed by Bobbi Humphrey

Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi, you play the flute like a surreal fantasy. Every note is an escape to a distant land and journey into emotion. There are so many beautiful songs by Bobbi Humphrey that you can't just choose one, but I've selected this song because it seems to be an exploration of the human experience. Many of Bobbi Humphrey's songs seem to interpret the experience of a specific temporal and geographic locale, eg Harlem River Drive, San Francisco Lights, Spanish Harlem, Jasper Country Man (which are all wonderful), but this is a song that all can relate to and relish in.

After The Dance (Instrumental)  performed by Marvin Gaye

I don't know if this has already been recommended. When you think Marvin Gaye, it's the gut-wrenching, highly emotive vocal style and incredible lyrics that immediately come to mind. This song is curious, yet not unique to Marvin in that it manages to capture those same Marvin-qualities in a purely instrumental track. The vocal version of this song is great too, and I don't mean to imply that the vocal version is somehow inferior, however the vocal and instrumental versions leave me with completely different emotional impressions. The vocal version is so much more overtly full of desire and pure lust, the instrumental version by comparison feels so much more uncertain, longing, and subtle. For me, it's the subtlety and grace of this instrumental version that make it so compelling.

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