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"call it love"  performed by images in vogue  1985
Recommended by kohl [profile]

awesome (and not exactly mainstream) canadian new wave band. quite an intro. trivia: kevin crompton of skinny puppy fame used to be in this band.
this particular song (music, vocals and lyrics) just makes you nod and say 'that's new wave'

available on CD - in the house

1969  performed by The Stooges  1969
Recommended by schlick [profile]

Iggy sings about, what else, 1969. What an awesome way to kick off one of the greatest debut recordings of that whole decade, with kick-ass wah-wah guitar playing by Ron Asheton and a pulsating drum beat by brother Scott.

from The Stooges, available on CD (Elektra)

25 or 6 to 4  performed by Chicago  19??
Recommended by kaptnunderpnts [profile]

while i don't like much of chicago's music, i like this song a whole lot. their music is often a bit cheesy to me, but this song rocks out. the guitar is awesome in it. it's a fast and furious rock and roll guitar. it single handedly makes this song. the title actually refers to two types of acid available in the 60's(?), 25 or 624. so, to imagine this song, think of a great classic rock guitar on acid.

from Greatest Hits. originally, who knows.

  borgs8: I think you're incorrect about the meaning of the song. The compound for lsd or cocaine is nowhere close to resembling 25 or 6 to 4. The song, written by Robert Lamm, is about staying up all night writing a song. (3:35 am.)
  kaptnunderpnts: You're right. The explanation I gave I heard once and took it as true. Thanks for the correction. I tend to question what I hear but I felt there was no harm in believing the acid explanation.
  allenmurphy: Actually the acid explanation is correct. LSD-25 was a popular type of LSD in the 60's. The drug known as Thorazine was considered to stop the effects of acid trip. Guess what? The number on the pill was 624. The lyrics in every verse suggest the effects of acid, spinning in his room, staring at blurry lights, etc. The question he asks himself is whether to take more LSD(25) and keep tripping or take Thorazine(624) and come down as the day breaks. Your shit has officially been ruined.
  kaptnunderpnts: Right on allenmurphy. I like the acid idea more anyways. I thought that that was a really stupid way to refer to the time. I mean, artistic and creative freedom aside, 25 or 6 to 4 is a stupid way to refer to an hour of the day. I give Chicago a little more credit than that. Let's see if someone else writes and says that it really is a time of day. I couldn't open
  allenmurphy: sorry, try again. nice to hear from ya kaptnunderpnts
A Reminder  performed by The Perishers
Recommended by Starr [profile]

Awesome band, can't get enough of them. Some pretty clever lyrics, and they've been featured in a lot of teen soaps, because their music tends to be the type you'd want to slow dance to or have a romantic movie scene with it as background music. Others good songs on this album: Pills, Nothing Like You & I, Trouble Sleeping and Weekends.

from Let There Be Morning

Afro - Harping  performed by Dorothy Ashby  196?
Recommended by Arthur [profile]

Cool in the Xxtreme !
Sixties dance jazz funk instumental from harpist Dorothy. Complete with organs, flutes and bongos it is driving classy joyful music .

The album also contains the awesome "Action Line " which is weirdly atmospheric and deeply strange

from Afro - Harping ( CADET LPS809)

All My Little Words  performed by The Magnetic Fields  1999
Recommended by brightdayler [profile]

"Unboyfriendable?" You've got to be kidding me. "You are a splendid butterfly." Seriously? Even still this song is completely awesome. You've got to hear it, because then you'll see!

from 69 Love Songs (Merge Records)

Asleep At The Wheel  performed by Working For A Nuclear Free City  2007
Recommended by MisterBenn [profile]

Epic instrumental with an awesome pounding drum track. Like The Beta Band but with a heavy dose of caffeine. It moves from shoegaze intro to full on Chemical Brothers style brain-shaking drums. This soars.

from Businessmen and Ghosts

Beng Beng Beng  performed by Femi Kuti
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

A great song for getting in the mood.Awesome music from Africa.

Besame Mucho  performed by Lila Downs
Recommended by music2go [profile]

I am a collector of songs. Besame Mucho is one of my favorites and my favorite by far is by Lila Downs. The band she is playing with is what makes this song so great. The percussion is awesome. I am amazed that I am the first person to recommend Lila Downs as she was the singer for the movie Frida and has become well known since then. This Amer/Mex woman has several albums and to me is one of the best singers I have ever heard. I could go on and on. If you listen to the clip, it is only 20 -40 seconds and the band plays a long beginning so you may not even get to hear her voice. What a shame!

from Trazos

  FlyingDutchman1971: I will have to find this version and give it a listen. I am rather fond of the version by Cesaria Evora from the sountrack to the film 'Great Expectations' (1997)
Black on Black   performed by Heart
Recommended by Alexiathefox [profile]

Rock song with awesome guitar.

from desire walks on

Boogie Oogie Oogie  performed by A Taste of Honey  1978
Recommended by ambassador [profile]

One of the most nonsensical song title ever, yes, I know and much derided for that reason, but to quote Otis Redding when told his lyrics didn't make any sense, "I'm gonna worry about settin' the groove. I get that groove going, they don't care what I say." Boogie Oogie2 has got groove to spare, with a jazzy intro (similar to Boogie Nights by Heatwave) before that bass line drops in shakes the floorboards. Just like all the dance craze songs of the 60s, the disco era about vocals were mostly used as a counterpoint to the rhythm section. The Mizell brothers add a touch of sophistication to this female-led band (Hazel Payne and Janice Marie Johnson on bass and guitar - they're the ones on the awesome album cover) which is a step further in the commercial direction after their work with Jazz Funk kings like Donald Byrd, Gary Bartz and Johnny Hammond. This song is up there with G.Q.'s "Disco Nights (Rock Freak)" and anything by Chic in the sophisticated disco category.

from A Taste of Honey (Capitol)

brain damage  performed by eminem
Recommended by ashley14 [profile]

awesome song. period.

Cmon Talk  performed by Bernhoft
Recommended by chavezio_123 [profile]

a great song by a great artist. it's just bernhoft, his guitar, and his looper.

Dark On You Now  performed by The Ashes  1967
Recommended by artlongjr [profile]

This song is a classic of the psychedelic era, by a group that later became known as the Peanut Butter Conspiracy. I first discovered it years ago on a 1967 compilation album called "West Coast Love-In" which featured about four of the Ashes' songs. It was "Dark on You Now" that really wigged me out-it is an awesome, slow-paced, moody number that features the spine-tingling vocals of Sandi Robison and the prominent 12-string guitar of John Merrill. The song is incredibly atmospheric and reminds me of a combination of the Byrds and Jefferson Airplane when both of those groups were in their prime. It is also at four minutes plus quite long for the era. I listed this as being recorded in 1967 but it may have been waxed in any rate it is surely one of the great songs of the early psychedelic era.

I have the first Peanut Butter Conspiracy album which contains a re-recorded version of this song, harder rocking and not nearly as good. The original Ashes version was recorded as a 45 for the Vault label (which also issued "West Coast Love-In").

from Spreading from the Ashes (Big Beat)
available on CD - Spreading From the Ashes (Big Beat)

  n-jeff: I'm sure I have this on one of the pebbles "Highs of the mid sixties" series ("volume 3 Hollywood a go-go" IIRC) although I believe they credit it as "Follow the sun", I'm sure. Great summer song.
  artlongjr: That is a cover version by a band called the Love Exchange..."Swallow the Sun" is a key lyric in this song, but I really don't know what it means!
Death Angel  performed by Substantial Evidence  1967
Recommended by jscarbo4 [profile]

Classic, classic, classic....what an awesome use of keyboard technique. Written by Rusty Zoller, the song was recorded by this Biloxi, Mississippi group and has been relead in a compilation disk by Gear Fab label. See more about the group at:

Desire As  performed by Prefab Sprout  1985
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Steve McQueen is an almost faultless pop album. The first five or so tracks are quite awesome. Desire As comes in later down the album play list and it's got a lovely laid back groove. It builds slowly and Paddy McAloon's vocals are sweet. It's a nice track, make no mistake.

from Steve McQueen (Kitchenware Records)

  Mike: I love Prefab Sprout and Paddy is a great songwriter. Having said this, I do think I would love the band and their output even more were Paddy's vocals LESS SWEET! I mean, just about everything in their entire output seems to be bathed in honey, syrup, or treacle from his sugar-lined voicebox.
  kkkerplunkkk: Yes but isn't that the point of Prefab Sprout? That it was the sweetest pop you could taste. The best love song writer I've ever heard.
Disintegration  performed by Jimmy Eat World
Recommended by geopfray [profile]

How this early track never got a release on an album I don't know, but it's truly awesome (especially the drums). Just listen you'll see.

Dolphins  performed by Tim Buckley  1968
Recommended by DecemberGuy [profile]

Live cover of a Tim Hardin..I think Beth Orton & Billy Bragg have covered it as well. What can I say..the vocal on this is mindblowing. I'd heard Tim Buckley's son Jeff Buckley before..and you can tell that he learned a lot from his old man..this song has been floating through my head now for a couple of some kind of wierd somnambulent dream..awesome

from Dream Letter:Live in London 1968, available on CD (Enigma)

Dreams Never End  performed by New Order  1981
Recommended by Genza [profile]

New Order fans always love Technique. So do I. Some prefer Brotherhand, Lowlife - or the substandard Republic. But for me, there's only one Movement.

Slated by critics for sounding like a doomy post Joy Division clone - the album actually benefits from sharp rhythm guitar and sustained synth chords.

Key moment is the awesome Dreams Never End. The song thrashes around like a caged beast. And it's only brought down by bass player Peter Hook's dreary singing - but hey, I can live with that.

from Movement (Factory Fact 50)

  delicado: This track is utterly spine-tingling. I like the Technique album, but it really doesn't have the intensity of the best early tracks. It's worth noting that this track sounds instrumentally exactly like mid-80s Cure.
  zazz: erm.....dreams never end is a masterpiece for the very reason that hookies vocals are in stark contrast ....probably my favourite new order/joy division track...probably an accidental classic.
Ever Fallen in Love?  performed by The Buzzcocks  1979
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song is awesome. It's like an anti-love song. Everybody, I think, has fallen in love with someone they shouldn't have fallen in love with at some point in their life.

from Singles Going Steady (4 Men With)

Flight 643  performed by Tiesto  2004
Recommended by Wynnde [profile]

One of the most influential and awesome dance tracks of '04..and still bears playing today. Rumored to have been written during a flight from Amsterdam to the US, the title certainly supports the idea.
Rolling bassline, tight and hard kick and an amazing array of drumwork compliment a very simple and yet gracefully full-on melody (Tiesto's signature in my opinion). As with most of Tiesto's production work, an excellent track and well put together, displaying an awesome talent for a wonderful genre...Trance.

Fresh Air  performed by Cal Tjader  1970
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

I could go on at length about this awesome track, but I'll just restrain myself. Let's just say that rate this song very highly in my personal Tjader pantheon, and I have around 65 Cal albums.

from Tjader (Fantasy)

  jarjar: Uncredited backing vocals on this track are by Wendy and Bonnie, who also sang on Tjader's Auga Dulce.
Further  performed by Longview  2003
Recommended by izumi [profile]

I first heard this song on MTV, back when nobody knew who Longview were. The music (guitar, bass, drums) is great and the melody is awesome. The lyrics are simple and poetic at the same time and I get really nice images in my head when I hear this song, partly because it's very vivid and also due to the fact that they made a really cool video for it. Some people think this is a religious song just because it mentions God, but that's completely irrelevant. I can't say I know what it's about but I know it's a good listen.

from Mercury (14th Floor 5046762032)
available on CD - Further

Glory Box  performed by Portishead  1994
Recommended by kaptnunderpnts [profile]

the song is one of the most sensual i've heard. it has me singing lyrics that are all too clearly made for a woman to sing. the song has an awesome beat, onto which a great, heavy, solo guitar is thrown. and beth gibbons' voice- always great- is especially great on this track.

from Dummy

  FCS: Hey man... Since you're into Portishead, I think you may also like Goldfrapp, especially "Felt Mountain" album... Try listening to Horse Tears or Deer Stop!
Hand Of Blood  performed by Bullet for my Valentine
Recommended by Handofblood08 [profile]

Fast paced, heavy, awesome. Guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

from The Poison
available on CD - The poison, Bullet for my valentine EP

Here in heaven  performed by Sparks  1974
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Just unbelievably awesome stuff!

It's a song about a suicide pact gone wrong. Amazing falsetto (and non-falsetto) vocals. Great glam production. Fantastic guitar solo at 1:40.

It's hard to choose just one track to recommend by this group, but I've settled for this one for now. 'Thank God it isn't Christmas' was a close runner up.

(weirdly, there are a few tracks by them that I would really rather never hear again in my life. Like 'Get in the swing'. Have you heard this track? I have serious trouble with it!)

Anyway, 1974 - great year!

from Kimono My House (Island)

  Mike: Sparks have indeed produced some good and some extremely bad material. I may still own - somewhere - this LP, though the most-played track on it was always "This town ain't big enough..." 1974 - yes, an incredible year which also brought us such marvels as the Glitter Band's "Angel Face".
  geezer: only Sparks could be comfortable with such subject matter there is humour in everything they do like Tryouts for the Human Race a song for sperm everywhere
I Am Me Once More  performed by Zee Avi  2009
Recommended by weaselohs [profile]

Acoustic, soulful, awesome

from Zee Avi (Brushfire Records)

I'm Alive  performed by Don Fardon  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Awesome reworking of the milqetoast Tommy James hit, using Sweet Inspirations-ish background singers, infectious bubbling percussion, rousing horns and some of the fuzziest guitar ever to appear on any Scottish person's record. An impeccable Miki Dallon production and a great example of British blue-eyed soul.

from I've Paid My Dues (Decca)
available on CD - Indian Reservation/I've Paid My Dues (Edsel)

  Swinging London: Very swinging indeed...never heard of Don...I'm gonna track him down though. Very American 1969 sound...for a Scottish guy.
  artlongjr: I thought he was English, not Scottish! Anyhow, I have two 45s by him, "Indian Reservation" and "Lola". Of course, Paul Revere and the Raiders covered "Indian Reservation" and had a number one hit. Fardon isn't well known here in the U.S.
I'm Your Man  performed by Leonard Cohen
Recommended by Reina [profile]

Leonarn Cohen has the deepest, darkest, creepiest voice ever. It's perfect for this song--a song about complete devotion. It sounds almost stalker-like. But awesome.

"I would crawl to you baby, and I'd fall at your feet, and I'd howl at your beauty like a dog in heat..."

Just Ah  performed by The Blades of Grass  1967
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Deeply awesome! It's a slightly psychedelic pop song from the late 60s. Delectable instrumentation and vocals. Strings and a bit of sitar on top of a regular guitar band. Lots of moaning in the vocal. Really lovely stuff. A compilation CD is available on Revola. It hasn't arrived yet but if it's all up to this standard I'm excited!

available on CD - The Blades of Grass Are Not For Smoking (Revola)

  eftimihn: I'd like to second that, absolutely terrific song and i must say nothing on "Are not for smoking" can match this gem for me.
Land Of Sunshine  performed by Faith No More  1992
Recommended by SamHall [profile]

The song is heavy, complex enough to be interesting, and simple enough to headbang. The bass is particularly awesome, with slap accents throughout. Not to mention Mike Patton's legendary vocals. The song seems to be about losing your mind as you grow older. It clearly has something to do with going mad, with Patton's screaming and laughing in the background between verses.

I really like this song for the punchy rhythm in bass(accompanied fantastically with the guitar, drums, and Bottum's carnival-like keyboard), and Patton's variance in vocal styles throughout.

from Angel Dust, available on CD (Slash Records)

Let’s Make Out  performed by Does it Offend You, Yeah?  2008
Recommended by BloodyRachelB [profile]

awesome electro-rock group! good for if you're working out, going out or just want to dance around your house in your undies lol

available on CD - You Have No Idea What You're Getting...

Light Flight  performed by Pentangle
Recommended by WarPool [profile]

Very awesome band! They didn't achieve as much fame as Jefferson Airplane but they certainly are as good. The songs are all heavily bass driven and the voice of the lead singer is very soothing and moves along very well.

from Basket of Light

Little Room  performed by White Stripes
Recommended by CaitlinSpelledWrong [profile]

It's a short but extremely sweet song. It's speedy and fast and awesome. I can't explain this song but it's great.

available on CD - White Blood Cells

los angeles  performed by bethany sharayah
Recommended by licoricewhipped [profile]

this girl makes awesome music. you can find her on

Master of Puppets  performed by Metallica  1986
Recommended by gorflux [profile]

Master of Puppets is a fast-paced, heavily-distorted thrash metal song. I like it because it's beasty.

from Master of Puppets

Metal Warriors  performed by Manowar  1992
Recommended by rum [profile]

'Metal Warriors' is Manowar's call to arms, a joyous rallying cry to all the "Brothers of True Metal" of the world. Stand tall and proud, they implore, for the magic of the metal has brought you here. The power within each and every one unites them, and to exclusion of everybody else ("if you're not into metal, you are not my friend!"). Anyone that tries to suppress their might will be met with fearless defiance, "we don't turn down for anyone, we do just what we please!". And they live and die metal, and will not tolerate fakes and frauds and softies, "heavy metal, or no metal at all, wimps and posers, leave the hall!" rings out the epic chorus, "heavy metal, or no metal at all, wimps and posers… go on get out!"

So, anyway, put your reservations aside and head out into the streets to find this one, just this one*, awesome, thumping Manowar track. Spinal Tap were playing for laughs, this however, is frighteningly real.

*although 'Achilles, Agony, and Ecstasy in Eight Parts: Prelude/I. Hector Storms' their 30 minute interpretation of Homer's Iliad is certainly worth a listen.

from Triumph Of Steel (Warner 7567824232)

Mi Querido Amor (My Cherie Amour)  performed by Cristian Castro  1994
Recommended by RCA76 [profile]

I love this Spanish version of the Stevie Wonder classic because it the new instrumentation. It is still very Stevie Wonder with a new, latin flair. The vocals are absolutely amazing, this guy can really sing.

from El Camino Del Alma, available on CD

Miss Murder  performed by AFI  2006
Recommended by xroughstuffx [profile]

Just an awesome feel to the whole song

from Decemberunderground

Nao Tem Nada Nao  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

WOW! 3 fat composers ( Marcos Valle, Joao Donato & Deodato) join forces for one groovy track. Awesome keyboard work from Bertrami of Azymuth. Mesmerizing,sexy and funky.

from Previsao Do Tempo, available on CD

  n-jeff: Very pleased to say I saw Marcos Valle perform this last night. Thats a great set of names to drop "Heres a song I wrote with Eumir Deodato and Jao Donato". Very cool. And a very good song, he handled the keys himself live.
And thanks to everyone whos namedropped Valle on musical taste, as I otherwise would have missed out on a great gig!

  ambassador: this track was a reworking of Donato's tune "Batuque" from his album with Deodato, called "Joao Donato" or Donato/Deodato on the original LP. Basically, Marcos Valle liked the song and decided to add lyrics. Funnily, the way that Donato/Deodato was recorded each of these famous composers added their parts seperately starting with Donato's keyboards, then Deodato's arrangement and then marcos took that and reworked it with lyrics and azimuth as his backup band. one of my all-time favorite tracks.
No,No,No  performed by Dieter Reith  197?
Recommended by K Pucino [profile]

"Hammond Explosion"-Dieter Reith
German Hammond Organist
There are brilliant funky breaks and Hammond sounds on this awesome record!
Record Cover is visible on my website:

from Hammond Explosion (Bellaphon)

NTF  performed by illScarlett
Recommended by TheGreatCoolEnergy [profile]

-Very Melodic in a way, with an exciting yet mellow tune and some very nice sounding instrument work

-Just an awesome sound to listen too

ominous man  performed by the verve pipe
Recommended by complacentbasement [profile]

actually, everything they do is awesome, i guess i'm just listening to this song right now and it's grabbing me... in naughty places... and i like it...

from villains

On Impulse  performed by Animals As Leaders  2011
Recommended by Chucknasty [profile]

Octaves, Finger picking awesome

from Animals As Leaders

Political World  performed by Carolina Chocolate Drops  2012
Recommended by schlick [profile]

The Drops re-imagine this Dylan tune from his No Mercy release as an awesome, old-fashioned fiddle hoedown.

available on CD - Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International (Amnesty International)

Poxa (Pôxa)  performed by Evandro Marinho  2001
Recommended by RCA76 [profile]

I love this song, it reminds me why I love Brazilian music. Its very sexy, sultry and classically bossa nova. There about 50 versions, but this one I enjoy a lot. Any other recommendations?

from O Som Do Barzinho vol. 6, available on CD

Rock You Like A Hurricane  performed by The Scorpions
Recommended by mattishere [profile]

old eighties rock. totally awesome.

Say What You Need To Say  performed by John Mayer
Recommended by kingfred [profile]

It's awesome

Skinned  performed by Blind Melon
Recommended by Gwendolyn [profile]

the intro to this song is on a kazoo. the rest is guitar and awesome lyrics.. "i'll make a shoehorn out of your shin" ... my only complaint is that this song is too short

from Soup

still Dre  performed by Dr Dre
Recommended by maverick27 [profile]

Has an awesome bassline and lyrics are really good too.

  eftimihn: Ummm what i always wondered about: At what university did mr. dre graduate to get his dr. degree?!
Suzy  performed by Caravan Palace
Recommended by Gimpsters [profile]

I just found Caravan Palace a while ago. They're amazing! They play a mix of gypsy swing and dance techno with some jazz thrown in there and a little bit of hip hop sprinkled over top.
This track is great because it showcases all their influences. Also the guy scatting over the song is awesome!

from Caravan Palace, available on CD

Take Your Time (Coming Home)  performed by Fun.
Recommended by wunderxfunk [profile]

Great instrumentation, evocative lyrics, awesome closing song

from Aim and Ignite

Tekno Love Song  performed by CocoRosie  2005
Recommended by brightdayler [profile]

So I know all 'serious' critics think CocoRosie suck, and yeah--some of their songs kind of do. But I want to know whose writing isn't desperately awesome and incomprehensible some of the time, because I know mine often is. This song sounds like it is broadcast from another planet when the Little Prince is the night DJ!

from Noah's Ark (Touch and Go Records)

Telescope Eyes  performed by Eisley  2003
Recommended by malpt [profile]

This is an awesome song all around. I dig the lyrics and I especially love soft voice with the contrasting guitar sound.

Now, this here is a young, local band consisting four siblings and a friend. I highly recommend that you check them out. You will not be disappointed.

available on CD - Laughing City-EP (Warner Brothers)

The Day We Left Town  performed by Magnet
Recommended by fitzpatrick [profile]

Awesome song

The Magician’s Birthday  performed by Uriah Heep  1972
Recommended by Darke Soul [profile]

Title and final track from the awesome 1972 album. Very imaginative music. I think the song makes the biggest impact being heard after the rest of the album!

from The Magician's Birthday, available on CD

The Pilot is Dead, Don’t Worry I’m a Make-up Artist  performed by Munn Til Munn Metoden  2010
Recommended by thennis [profile]

It is an electronic piece from an underground duo from Norway.
The reason i like it is because it has a different and fresh sound.

Its actually quite awesome and if you like their music is actually up for free download!

from EP Vol.1 (Sellout Music)

today  performed by tom scott and the california dreamers  1967
Recommended by norfy [profile]

had this on a tape for ages and have recently found a japanese copy of the cd on impulse-awesome jazz/soft/easy vibes straight out of the free design school of harmonies-today [ a jefferson airplane cover i believe] is a jazzy/psych number that makes me half close my eyes and dream of places far away and times past-i would recommend the rest of the album too-all soft pop and sitar jazz...mush better than his fusion nonsense [bar the theme to starsky and hutch] from the 70's.the album is called the honey suckle breeze and is a revelation.

from the honeysuckle breeze, available on CD

under the influence   performed by eminem
Recommended by ashley14 [profile]

this song is awesome too :) i absolutely love his atitude of i dont give a fck if u like me :) its basically just a fck u song haha

Uninvited  performed by Alanis Morissette  1998
Recommended by CaitlinSpelledWrong [profile]

I love this song! The lyrics are awesome. I can totally relate with the lyrics(in most of her songs I find that I can). If your an Alanis fan you should hear this song.

"Like anyone would be
I am flattered by your fascination with me
Like any hot blooded woman
I have simply wanted an object to crave
But you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight"

available on CD - City of Angels Soundtrack

Unity  performed by Operation Ivy
Recommended by samert69 [profile]

sick song. awesome lyrics. awesome message. sick song.

Up On The Hill  performed by Mark Burgess and the Sons of God  1994
Recommended by john_l [profile]

Ex-Chameleons leader Mark Burgess released this CD in '94, which was supposed to be demos, but his "demos" are superior to most acts' finished products. This particular song is very gloomy, in two parts, and the second half has ghostly backing vocals (very likely synthesized) which recall those in Terry Stafford's '64 hit "Suspicion". There is a cello snaking around throughout, not to mention a banjo (!), and the acoustic guitar backing sounds muted. The lyrics seem to be critical of religion ("Yes I'm a fool, A fool not a rat, I have no fear of the cat"), which makes it the kind of song one would wish to have played at one's funeral. Mark Burgess has more talent in his little finger than most phoney chart acts have in their entire persons!

And by the way, the Chameleons' "Strange Times" LP is awesome!

available on CD - Zima Junction (Pivot)

Viva Bobby Joe  performed by The Equals  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Who'd have guessed that Eddy "Electric Avenue" Grant had been in such an awesome psychedelic pop band? I'm not entirely sure what this song is about (Sex? Racecars? Paper towels?), but I do so love it.

from the single Viva Bobby Joe (Fontana)
available on CD - Viva Equals (MCI)

Who Am I  performed by Will Young  2006
Recommended by Izzy [profile]

I like this song because of it's awesome lyrics nad it's catchy tune.

wide to receive  performed by morrissey
Recommended by fourdoublefour [profile]

Like "Lost", written by Spencer Cobrin. Haunting melody, just discovered it. This guy Cobrin has some secret and awesome talent, come on up man and lets see what else you can do.

  kohl: yeah, it's quite a grower. off maladjusted if i recall correctly. and who'd think morrissey would ever give us an 'internet' song?
Wild Horses  performed by The Sundays  1992
Recommended by genebean [profile]

This song has a folk-based sound on guitars and pop melodies. Its an awesome song for those who are into slow music. Those of you who are familiar with The Sundays can understand the sweet voice of Harriet Wheeler.

from Blind, available on CD

Xanadu  performed by Electric Light Orchestra featuring Olivia Newton-John  1980
Recommended by nicegeoff [profile]

Arguably one of the greatest pop songs of all time. The title song from the 40's meets 80's musical film disaster, Xanadu. The Electric Light Orchestra provided half of the soundtrack (the only part really worth listening to) and it's really good.

from Xanadu

You Enjoy Myself  performed by Phish
Recommended by weaselohs [profile]

Jammy, Awesome Guitar and lots of different rhythms...even better live.

from Junta

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