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Desire As  performed by Prefab Sprout  1985
Recommended by Genza [profile]

Steve McQueen is an almost faultless pop album. The first five or so tracks are quite awesome. Desire As comes in later down the album play list and it's got a lovely laid back groove. It builds slowly and Paddy McAloon's vocals are sweet. It's a nice track, make no mistake.

from Steve McQueen (Kitchenware Records)

  15 Mar 04 ·Mike: I love Prefab Sprout and Paddy is a great songwriter. Having said this, I do think I would love the band and their output even more were Paddy's vocals LESS SWEET! I mean, just about everything in their entire output seems to be bathed in honey, syrup, or treacle from his sugar-lined voicebox.
  13 Jul 05 ·kkkerplunkkk: Yes but isn't that the point of Prefab Sprout? That it was the sweetest pop you could taste. The best love song writer I've ever heard.
One of the Broken  performed by Prefab Sprout  1990
Recommended by Gumbo [profile]

Only Paddy McAloon has would have the audacity to open a song with a spoken section saying "Hi, this is God here". The song that follows is not a joke, but an enormously beautiful and spiritual melodic tune. Since then he probably has quite consciously avoided releasing stuff with almost religious overtones as in this one.

from Jordan - The Comeback (CBS/Kitchenware ?), available on CD

Talking Scarlet  performed by Prefab Sprout  1985
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A song as pretty and witty as any of their better-known numbers, this also has a little more propulsion than many of those. I'm also very fond of the album it's on, 1985's "Protest Songs", which was unreleased until 1989 and wasn't one of the band's biggest sellers when the record company eventually released it after "From Langley Park to Memphis".

from Protest Songs, available on CD

Whoever you are  performed by Prefab Sprout  1997
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A gentle, easy-listening inspired song which is pretty much perfect so long as you can manage to avoid finding it overbearingly kitsch. The naively optimistic, yet sophisticated lyric is beautifully matched by the music and arrangement.

from Andromeda Heights, available on CD

Bonnie  performed by Prefab Sprout
Recommended by bobbykulprit [profile]

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