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A Festa  performed by Silvio Cesar  1977
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

A smooth jazz-funk groove with Rhodes and synths playing melodically against each other. It sounds like Azymuth. In fact, it is Azymuth. Conversation, glasses clinking, a girl laughs in the distance. And Silvio's voice comes in, nice and mellow, describing what it's like to have a bunch of friends over for a get-together. Although he's one of Brazil's hippest crooners, a man who specializes in somewhat cliched yet mysteriously cool and affecting love songs, he lays back here and lets the country's greatest jazz-fusion outfit do its thing. How many romantic crooners ever do that?

from Som e Palavras (RCA)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough  performed by Diana Ross  1970
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Proving once and for all that she could carry herself as a solo artist and sing a dramatic love song, Ms. Ross slowed down the tempo and sank her emotions into this wonderful tale of unending love and devotion. The original full-length version clocks in at 6:16 but was brutally chopped down to around 3:30 for radio airplay and some of the song's most intimate words are removed. Sadly, the shorter version was featured on her box set a few years back. (what were they thinking???!!!) Get your hands on the 6 minute version and enjoy a true classic american song by a great american artist!

from Diana Ross (Motown), available on CD (Motown)

  Mister C: I agree with you, the full length version of this is wonderful, as is her full length version of Reach Out I'll Be There recorded in 1971.
American English  performed by Idlewild  2002
Recommended by Carrie [profile]

Now I understand,
Why words mean so much to you,
They'll never be about you..

Roddy (singer/writer) says that ‘American English’ is about “how ever single love song ever written is written about the person who wrote it, nobody else”.

from The Remote Part, available on CD

come away with me  performed by norah jones  2002
Recommended by michellegsfl [profile]

slow, beautiful love song..... her voice is like butter... it almost makes you feel loved

from come away with me, available on CD

Dig up her bones  performed by The Misfits
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

Dark and grim,great riffs and vocal ability. A twisted Love song.

Ever Fallen in Love?  performed by The Buzzcocks  1979
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song is awesome. It's like an anti-love song. Everybody, I think, has fallen in love with someone they shouldn't have fallen in love with at some point in their life.

from Singles Going Steady (4 Men With)

Fell in Love at 22  performed by Starflyer 59  1998
Recommended by avalyn [profile]

a wee lush love song that makes me turn into a puddle without fail. very dreamy and ethereal, and it has a gorgeous melody too... so if you're into that brand of guitar pop, you'll dig this.

from The Fashion Focus, available on CD

  konsu: Already recommended, only with olli's "mooncat style" lower case spelling... While you are there, observe if you will the ensuing religious commentary thread. One of the more entertaining on the site so far.
  avalyn: heh. merci for letting me know. i'll keep me nose to the ground then, and just watch from afar. (religious thread -- would it have to do with them being on Tooth on Nail or summat?)
Fools in Love  performed by Inara George
Recommended by mellocello [profile]

A beautifully lilting modern waltz. Bittersweet fingerpicked guitar in the background and a wonderful haunting voice, I'm assuming Inara George herself. I'd love to learn more about the artist. A beautiful song of the bitter side of love, "fools in love they think they're heroes, because they get to feel no pain, i say fools are lovers' heroes, i should know, i should know because this fool's in love again." I just love songs like this. I first heard it watching Grey's Anatomy. So I looked on Amazon at the playlist for the soundtrack and found it. Definitely a great song in my book.
She has a website: and unfortunately she just finished a tour.

from Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack

Gay  performed by Stephen Lynch  2000
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

I love this song! It is as much of a love song that a straight man can write to his gay friend. Stephen's close friend from childhood is gay so I'm sure he collaborated on this one... This tells the tale of consuming too much alcohol and losing all inhibitions "If I were gay, I would give you my heart. If I were gay, you'd be my work of art. And if I were gay, we would swim in romance, but I'm not gay so get your hand out of my pants".

from A Little Bit Special, available on CD

Haunted  performed by Shane MacGowan and Sinead O’Connor  199?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

A rock-y love song. Shane in good voice - maybe the last time he has been in such good voice, I dunno. The voices go together brilliantly.

Its a nice contrast with 'Fairytale of New York'. Sample lyric 'you were so cool you could have put out Vietnam'

It was originally recorded with original Pogues bass player Cait O'Riordan (forgive the spelling - I'm crap at Irish names) which I heard at the time but not since - it was on the soundtrack to Sid and Nancy

from Not on an album

  tonyharte: How right you are Matt - tis a mighty fine nugget from 10 years ago. Should've been top 5 - instead of the lower reaches of the chart (if anybody cares these days). The voice of an angel meets devilish genius in a smokey tap room near Wardour St. Sunlight and pathos in equal measures.
  mattypenny: Many Thanks for the comment Tony. I dunno how many people would feel the same way, but I really love some of the songs that Sinead O'Connor has been involved with, although I'm not as keen on all of her own stuff. The collaborations I've paticularly enjoyed: Marxman - Ship Ahoy Damien dempsey - Negative Vibes Something by Jah Wobble I forget the name of Terry Hall and Sinead - All Kinds of Everything I'll type some of these up as recommendations when I get the chance
Home  performed by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Recommended by madnessrocks [profile]

Unique love song, uplifting and fun. Love it.

If We Can Land a Man on the Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart  performed by Beulah  1999
Recommended by tman555 [profile]

Just a catchy song. It's from the Bay Area indie scene.
It starts off as sort of a love song, but turns into a conversation with the listener.

from When Your Heartstrings Break (Sugar Free Records)
available on CD - Yes (Yes)

Into My Arms  performed by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Recommended by marisofparis [profile]

A beautiful love song complete with angels and god's love... for people who normally don't go for that kind of shit.

from The Boatman's Call

Just Friends  performed by Gavin DeGraw  2003
Recommended by Waterboy [profile]

Great songs are all you need to be good and add in a soaring vocal and you have Gavin DeGraw. A beatiful love song for the 21st century.

from Chariot, available on CD

Kill My Boyfriend  performed by Natalia Kills
Recommended by MiaMockingjay [profile]

This song starts off sounding like High School Musical but don't be alarmed, as it goes on it develops a deliciously psychotic feel. This song is quite different to other songs by Natalia Kills, but it is just as good if not better. I love this song because when I first heard it I didn't know what it was called and when I heard the lyrics "I'm rolling the dice, got the wind in my hair" I thought it was another ridiculously cheesy love song but then it went "I'm gonna kill my boyfriend" which intrigued me and I am so glad I kept listening because it just gets better and better.

from Perfectionist, available on CD

Love Letter  performed by Nick Cave  2001
Recommended by Cyninglich [profile]

What needs to be said, Nick Cave writes the best love songs and this is no exception.

from No More Shall We Part (Mute CDstumm164)

Love Song  performed by Lani Hall  1974
Recommended by ambassador [profile]

This is one of those songs that really sounds nothing like any of the artists' other songs. This is off Lani's first solo album "Sundown Lady" and was produced by her husband and label executive Herb Alpert. The song is the first song on the album and sets the tone with a nice easy bass line accented by the tinkling of an electric piano. The real money is the combination of Lani's impassioned vocals with whoever (maybe Herb?) singing a simple male vocal complement during the chorus. The song is effortlessly funky, understated and oh-so-deep. I haven't played this song for someone who hasn't loved it.

from Sundown Lady (A&M 4359)

  delicado: By coincidence I picked up a compilation CD of Lani's work (a 25 year A and M anniversary disc that came out in 1987!) just yesterday, and this track and 'we could be flying' were the ones that really stood out. I'm a big Brasil 66 fan but had never picked up her albums. Strange that you happened to recommend this track today!
  scrubbles: You're right -- this is a lovely, understated yet passionate song. That male singer might possibly be Burt Bacharach, since the tune was included on a Bacharach collection.
love song for the dead che  performed by the united states of america  1968
Recommended by olli [profile]

spacy female vocal-based sadpop, perfect for cold weather and sunday afternoons. these guys pioneered this kind of music, if you're familiar with white noise,
os mutantes or even broadcast this album is your jackpot.
it's one of the more calm and mellow tracks on the albums, and one of my favourites.
absolutely gorgeus chorus, totally wide, deep string based arrangement.

..And dig the gentle, almost non-audible rhythm track.

from the united states of america

Maps  performed by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs  2003
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

Vulnerable, moving and heartbreaking. Karen O reigns in her vocals, and the band cuts out the noise leaving behind an incredible post-punk love song that will blow your mind. The best and most understated track on an amazing debut album.

from Fever to Tell (Interscope)

No More Lies  performed by The Moody Blues  1988
Recommended by elfslut [profile]

A beautiful love song by Justin Hayward, who has the sweetest most romantic voice in Pop Music.

from Sur La Mer, available on CD

One Man in My Heart  performed by The Human League  1995
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

Although far removed from the adventurous group that had long ago dabbled in minimilist, almost avant-garde electronics, all these years later the Human League continued to take its pop seriously. "One Man in My Heart" could have been a total throwaway, a gloopy little love song without a single redeeming quality, beloved by grannies and tweenies, gag-inducing for those outside those age parameters. But the band obviously gave the number time and attention, and thus ensured that it can't be so easily dismissed. Inserting a much sampled electro effect into the intro, creating an intriguingly intricate rhythm, counterpointing swelling, lush synths with a palpitating '70s-styled organ, layering on vocals and harmonies, and conjuring up a romantic milieu flushed with delicate atmospheres, the group produced a love song unlike virtually all typical pop fodder. The work, effortless as it sounds on disc, paid off, and this 1995 single swept into the U.K. Top 15.

from Octopus, available on CD

Orange Skies  performed by Love  1967
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

It's taking me a while to get a handle on Love. Some songs I really like, but some I just can't get engaged in. This song, composed not by Arthur Lee but by bandmate Bryan Maclean, is perhaps my favorite Love song so far. [Turns out my other favorite Love original, "Alone Again Or," is also a Maclean composition. Go figure.] This track's tone is different from what I've heard in the band's other stuff. Softer and poppier, more along the lines of my favorite tracks by Eternity's Children, Free Design, or somebody like that. I love the way the flute just sort of floats over the whole song.

from Da Capo, available on CD

Papa won't leave you, Henry  performed by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  1992
Recommended by phil [profile]

Seriously, this one is brilliant. Nick's love song to both his new-born child and the chaotic city he was living in at the time (Sao Paulo) is an utter feast for those who love language: Nick rolls off such lines as

I thought about my friend Michel
How they rolled him in linoleum
And then shot him in the head
A bloody halo like a think bubble
Was circling his head
And I bellowed at the firmament
It looks like the rains are here to stay...

I mean - can you imagine The Strokes or Kula Shaker coming up with something like that?

Meanwhile, the music - well, Nick apparently had to say to his band - 'can't you just stay on E minor?', but such is the genius of the bad seeds that they layer it expertly and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

This was the first bad seeds song I ever got into - I remember putting it on, doing something else and having to stop as I realised I was listening to something quite out of the ordinary. If you are interested, the whole album is really really good - in my top 5 ever. I know Nick hates it, but he is quite wrong to do so.

from Henry's Dream (Mute)
available on CD - Live Seeds (Mute)

  delicado: I agree, this is a wonderful track. I'm amused to find that I had misheard the lyric. I remember being corrected several years ago (by you) on 'firmament' (I thought it was vermin). My latest mistake was to hear 'pink' where it is actually 'think'. 'Think' makes more sense I guess, but 'pink' is more disgusting.
  Cyninglich: I have to admit it took me quite a while to straighten out some of the lyrics myself... especially the magnificent last lines: "And with her kisses bubblin' on my lips/I swiped the rain and nearly missed..."
Prototype  performed by OutKast  2003
Recommended by Festy [profile]

I knew nothing about OutKast, and know little more now. What I do know is that this song was from a concept album in which both members of Outkast ("Andre 3000" and "Big Boi") produced a side each. Also from what I understand, this track may not be typical of their usual stuff. I also found out that this was played to death on the radio when it was released, so this may not be a new song to many. Not being a commercial radio listener, I missed it when it was released!

I'm not sure what attracted me to the song first off. Perhaps it was how sparse and basic it seems, perhaps the humour in it ("stank you smelly much" - real lyrics in this love song), or perhaps the "behind the scenes" audio, like Andre's dicussion with the engineer. Why would he leave that in, I wonder. Is it a theme that runs through his side of the album? Anyway, a soulful and beautiful, if not strange song which I heard on a compilaton called "Strange Soul" put out by Albion Records.

from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (LaFace Records 82876 50133 2)
available on CD - Strange Soul (Albion Records)

Self-conscious over you  performed by The Outcasts  197?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

Great Lost Punk Single #2

This is a really good poppy, punky love song. Like a butch-er version of the Undertones, or a more cheerful Pistols. Much like the Undertones in fact - also from Northern Ireland, but with not as many great songs. But this one is fantatic.

from Self-Conscious over you

Shake And Crawl  performed by House Of Love  1990
Recommended by john_l [profile]

My favourite House Of Love song, it's a mid-paced typically guitar-drenched track with an insistent percussive backing and that low ostinato guitar riff with the little flourish in it. It has lots of minor chords which give it a rather gloomy feel (like many of my favourite songs). Actually their later song "Feel", which was one of the '90s best, could be "Shake And Crawl" slowed almost to a literal crawl ...

from The House Of Love (2), available on CD

  Genza: I liked the House of Love - and 'Christine' is a genre-defining classic. But like many of the other sub-Valentines clones (Chapterhouse, Boo Radleys, etc.), I thought some of their tunes suffered from being slow and uneventful. Like you, I love minor chords - but I think other bands did that multi-layered guitar sound better. But hey, it's just my opinion and all that.
  lobo: The House of Love were brilliant and way ahead of their time, not to mention sadly overlooked in the pages of pop music history. They were hardly "Sub-Valentine Clones" - the band's sound dates back to their origins in 1986. The members of My Bloody Valentine were struggling to define their sound at that point (they were still working through their goth phase!). Guy Chadwick was a masterful songwriter and Terry Bickers was the preeminent guitarist of his time. Nobody knew their way around a stack of effects pedals better than him. Best songs: Safe, Christine, Destroy the Heart, Loneliness Is A Gun... This band's music is nothing short of superb.
She Loves You  performed by Ted Chippington  1986
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A dour but sincere take on Liverpools finest,Mr Chippington narates this love song in the third party promising a female friend that if he see,s her love he will indeed tell him that "she loves you".Teasingly short and breezy set to lounge core backing,if the irony is missed it could sound twee or contrived but its sincere delivery endears the listener and involves him or her in an ongoing domestic upset .A unique approach to one of the most optimistic love songs of all time

available on CD - Vinyl or MP3

Sing To Me  performed by Boo Hewerdine  2006
Recommended by redkez [profile]

A glorious and beautiful epic of a song, that swoops and soars from verse to chorus, sung in Boo's trademark bittersweet voice. If the world was a fair place, this song should have been a massive hit single and brought Boo the mass recognition that he deserves but that has always just elluded him.

from Harmonograph, available on CD

Skunky Love Song  performed by Bracket
Recommended by Zissy [profile]

from 924 Forestville St.

song of the siren  performed by this mortal coil
Recommended by marisofparis [profile]

This plays during a very creepy/hot sex scene, go figure, from David Lynch's "Lost Highway". The song isn't on the soundtrack and I had to hunt it down seperately.

The mixture of the female singer's flowing voice with the slow guitar, following a step behind, is soothing and gorgeous.

It is a love song but one of sitting lost and alone "at the breakers" waiting for either love to return or to "lie with death, my bride"

Song to the Siren  performed by Tim Buckley
Recommended by stoneworks [profile]

My favorite love song, or at least in the top five. I first got hooked on the version by This Mortal Coil sung by Elizabeth Frazer, and I really couldn't choose absolutely between the two. I listed Tim Buckley because he is the originator (though it was actually written by his one-time musical partner Larry Beckett). It's also now got a specially deep meaning for me because my wife and I walked down the aisle to it.

  MoeShinola: You know, Damon And Naomi's live double-disc is called Songs To The Siren. It's quite beautiful.
  prufrock68: Wow, that's very interesting that you chose that Buckley song to accompany your wedding ceremony, since I've always associated it with a love that cannot be possessed, a helpless's a beautiful song, but very mournful to my ears.
Te Quiero Tal Cómo Eres (Just The Way You Are)  performed by Jose Jose  1977
Recommended by RCA76 [profile]

This is an "excelente" version of Billy Joel's version of "Just The Way You Are". This album was recorded in 1977, beginning his era with BMG/ Ariola records. The executives, happy to have a performer like JOSE JOSE, provided him with the best musicians, numbers and producers of the time. Included in this album are 2 numbers by Mexico's greatest: Juan Gabriel ("Ya lo pasado, pasado" & "Ahora No !"). Among others credited are Napoleon ("Lo que no fue, no sera"), Adan Torres("Almohada"). Of the 10 numbers included, 7 were top ten hits in Mexico, Colombia and the U.S. Leaving disco to other performers that needed to launch their productions to the international market, Jose Jose's album is just pure old-fashioned latin love songs, songs still heared today.

from Lo Pasado, Pasado, available on CD

Tekno Love Song  performed by CocoRosie  2005
Recommended by brightdayler [profile]

So I know all 'serious' critics think CocoRosie suck, and yeah--some of their songs kind of do. But I want to know whose writing isn't desperately awesome and incomprehensible some of the time, because I know mine often is. This song sounds like it is broadcast from another planet when the Little Prince is the night DJ!

from Noah's Ark (Touch and Go Records)

The Hardest Part of Hurting Is The Hope  performed by Scott Gibson  2003
Recommended by wattsup [profile]

This is the last tune on the disc "Make REady" by Scott. It is a gorgeous slow love song with a killer refrain and title; "The Hardest Part of Hurting Is The Hope". It features Scott's voice as well lap steel and acoustic guitar. They fit together so well--it is like they are a single performer. It is a great finish to this wonderful disc. It makes me want to start the song all over again [I think I will--grin!].

from Make Ready (Hayden's Ferry B0000A4G4H)

Together  performed by The Kin
Recommended by sarcasticaXY [profile]

It's a mellow love song, that makes me feel quite calm. It's one of my all-time favourites, first heard on TV show 'Moonlight'.

Try try try  performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
Recommended by Mastrangi [profile]

A modern love song! The videclip is gorgeous!

Volcano  performed by Damien Rice  2003
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This track is so beautiful. I love songs that combine male and female voices, and this song is just so moody, and slow and perfect.

from O

  michschmello: this is my favorite song on his album. based on some of the music you should check out the portishead dummy album. recommended tracks: roads, numb
Wanderlove  performed by Claudine Longet  1967
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

I always like Claudine Longet's whispery, French accented voice, singing cutesy little love songs with all the dreamy passion of a girl decorating her school notebook with detailed drawings of unicorns and flowers. But she sounds even better when performing a darker, vaguely forboding song like "Wanderlove". The gentle string arrangement and subtle sitar flourishes are the icing on the cake. Wherever you're going, Claudine, take me with you.

from Claudine, available on CD

white demon love song  performed by the killers
Recommended by ashley14 [profile]

Willow Tree  performed by Thomas J Speight
Recommended by daniela_por [profile]

This happy love song was produced by Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quinn, two members of Keane. It's really nice. Speight's voice is not powerful, but it's sweet and very well used in this song.

from Willow Tree

You Will Remember Me (Detalhes)  performed by Roberto Carlos  1981
Recommended by RCA76 [profile]

This is another one of those latin songs that was translated to English for the benefit of those that never heard of Roberto Carlos or his original version of this very popular song (Detalhes). It is a beautiful yet tragic love song. I prefer the original, although this version's orchestration and vocals are very similar to the original.

from Roberto Carlos '81, available on CD

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