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dry drunk emperor  performed by TV on the Radio  2005

This song makes me want to be a proud american. It's definitely the finest antiwar song I've ever heard. It perfectly sums up my feelings about the bush administration and it conjures up the revolutionary spirit that must have been swirling around before the birth of our country.
That being said, I'm not usually that drawn towards protest songs per se. But this one grabs my attention with its drumcorps-like rhythm and its chanted vocal delivery with many layered voices. The guitar work is incredibly moving dynamic and textural. The meandering flute soloing echoes the lyrical call to "grab your fife and drum!" and then carries the song off into the sunset.
Of course, the lyrics are the most mind-blowing element when you pick them apart. After two poetically scathing verses describing the idiocy of empire, the third verse imagines the unapologetic uprising of the people. I highly recommend downloading the lyrics and getting familiar on that level. Powerful song!!!!

from released as single (Interscope)

Song to the Siren  performed by Tim Buckley
Composed by Larry Beckett

My favorite love song, or at least in the top five. I first got hooked on the version by This Mortal Coil sung by Elizabeth Frazer, and I really couldn't choose absolutely between the two. I listed Tim Buckley because he is the originator (though it was actually written by his one-time musical partner Larry Beckett). It's also now got a specially deep meaning for me because my wife and I walked down the aisle to it.

  01 Dec 07 ·MoeShinola: You know, Damon And Naomi's live double-disc is called Songs To The Siren. It's quite beautiful.
  22 Jul 08 ·prufrock68: Wow, that's very interesting that you chose that Buckley song to accompany your wedding ceremony, since I've always associated it with a love that cannot be possessed, a helpless's a beautiful song, but very mournful to my ears.

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